My Weekly Smile; June 30, 2020

I can’t believe three weeks have passed and in my head it seems like maybe just a week maybe two at the most have gone by as I’ve been meaning to get my smile post written. I did take a bit of a blogging break, just needed to clear my head and before my eyes the weeks slip by. I mentioned I injured my knee in another post and I now know that it is most likely from riding my horses. I am having to take a break from riding the next few weeks as it heals, so I am working a lot on my crochet project. I am smiling as I see some good improvement on my knee. I think its just a ligament sprain.

I am also wanting to thank you all so very much for liking and following my blog! I received this the other day, I thought a rather random number but since I don’t look or track these things on my blog it was a nice surprise! 😀

This is the first time I have received this congratulations and again, it is ALL OF YOU that made this possible. I just think it’s a funny number! Why not wait until I hit 1,500 Likes? or give me a congrats at 1,000 Likes? BUT This put a HUGE SMILE on my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Ya’ll made my day! 😀 😀 😀

I am more than half way through this baby quilt. I thought I would share as it makes me smile. I think it looks pretty in pink for a sweet baby girl due in September. It is so fun to create these projects and I can do them pretty fast.

These are very small tea roses. I have two tea rose bushes and this one finally bloomed like crazy this year. Its a much more vibrant pink than the other tea rose which is a lighter gentler pink. I do not have any more blooms, kind of missing my roses. I am waiting for my tomatoes to ripen. I will go check on them after I finish this post. I think they are just starting to turn red. I read that I can pick them before they are totally red and they will finish ripening on my counter. I don’t want a bunch of bugs to get them before I can pick them. I just have one tomato plant and I think I can manage eating all the tomatoes it provides! I am smiling all the way to my bounty of salads I will be eating in the near future! Haha, does that even make sense? 😀 What makes you smile? Thank you so much for visiting my smile post this week!

Feeling good about sharing and smiling!

~Diana ❤

15 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; June 30, 2020

  1. I hope your knee is better soon. I’m sure you miss riding. Yes, 1337 is such an odd number. I think I read about the significance once, but I don’t remember anything about it. OK, I Googled it, and there seems to be a LOT of confusion, but at least this one is slightly humorous: Anyway, pretty roses. and a very nice quilt, which is, I assume, the project you are working on while not riding. Anyway, have a great week!

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    1. Too funny!! that was a fun link and I’m glad she did all the research as I sure was curious if there was a meaning and she is hilarious. Thanks for sharing and yes, that blanket is my work in progress! 😀 Have a great week too!!

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  2. That is a funny number, “snaps to you” (legally blonde 2, sorry). I think the likes should be called “the snap cup”. I hope you can be riding again soon, how do you go at work with your knee, can you sit & rest it? I love the blanket. Will you be able to visit the family when the baby is born? the roses are so pretty, Have a wonderful weekend ahead..

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    1. I like “the snap cup” haha, I had someone share a link about that funny number. I’m thinking it’s some computer nerdy thing, thanks for the likes!! My work is a fair amount of standing and walking but I wear a support wrap which helps a ton. Probably won’t be able to see the family when baby is born, eventually some day but at least they’ll have the blanket. I so ENJOY the making of these gifts. ❤️ Have a wonderful week too! 🥰


  3. I like all of your likes.. How nice to get acknowledged.. Encouragement these days goes a long way. I am a fan of pink.. What a pretty blanket and those dainty roses are sweet.. We picked strawberries recently.. big smile and I finally made a decent mask. It turned out cute and that made me smile again. Oh boy two smiles in a week.. I am just kidding. The yellow finches that visit our backyard and the blue jay that took a bath recently made me smile too. He splashed around quite a bit. It’s so very fun to watch wildlife and observe nature. Makes me feel content.. Have a wonderful 4th of July. I will be counting my blessings and my oldest will be celebrating his 47th bd.

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    1. I Love all your smiles!! 😀 Picking strawberries, YUMMY! Watching all the birds especially taking baths, wildlife is so fun to watch and makes me smile too! I’m so HAPPY you enjoyed my smile post this week. So WONDERFUL reading your kind words and so fun to share with you and am glad you shared too. Have a wonderful 4th and Happy Birthday to your oldest! 🎂❤️


  4. Hahaha that’s a really odd number, literally 😂😂
    Congratulations!! WP does this little thing off reminding you even when you don’t follow the stats when you reach some milestones its a pleasant feeling.
    Glad your knee injury is mostly harmless
    And another weekend begins already sometimes time flies

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    1. Thanks B! I should pay more attention to my stats. One day soon I’ll investigate more but it was a rather random nice surprise! 🤣 I’m really happy my knee is really healing nicely too. I am giving it lots of massages with a nice topical cream that has some natural aspirin in it which is helping tremendously! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Time flies is an understatement sometimes! 😜

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