Weekend Coffee Share; June 26, 2020

Welcome to my coffee share, can I get you a strong cup of coffee? or maybe some tea? I am having ice tea as I am getting an early start to this weekend and its rather warm out so ice tea is very quenching right now. As this week ends I am realizing it has been 2 months since I moved my horses to a new stables. I live in Horse town USA (It really is what our small town is proud of with over a hundred miles of horse trails all over town). There are a ton of stables, too many to count but that being said I had decided to move across town to a bigger place with more amenities. I can’t believe 2 months have passed! WOW! Time flies!

The horses have settled in really well. I did have one little hiccup with the hay I chose for Chloe that she ended up not liking. This new stables offers 5 different types of hay. She has lost some weight which isn’t a bad thing as she’s a big girl, but I think she was getting an ulcer from this hay and so I had them switch it out with what she is use to and she is much better now. Zack I didn’t change any hay when I moved him so he is doing well and I like his weight. Chloe may gain weight, I don’t want her to get too heavy as they can get something similar to diabetes called Insulin resistance which can cause many metabolic problems. Zack has this Insulin resistance, so I have to watch his weight and what he eats. It makes me very happy to see them thrive and enjoy where they now live. πŸ˜€

I have to say that I personally have settled in as well. I had many regrets after I moved the horses leaving many friends and I found that change is hard. I think change is harder than we think and sometimes we just want “normal” back, even if that normal had some underlying emotional strain. I had some issues at the old stables, some things that happened in the past that left some wounds. Wounds do heal, but I just felt that it was a good time to try something new and change things up and boy, that’s exactly what my girlfriend and I did, changed things up! We are finding our groove and a new routine. I am enjoying our new stable digs! ❀

I have one last thing I need to accomplish and as we get into July I want to go out on the trail by myself with both my horses. I have only gone out on the trail with my girlfriend and her horse Gracie at this new stables. I have confidence that my ponies will be just fine together without my girlfriend, and it’s important to me that I give this a try as there are days my girlfriend is working and I LOVE the trails so I need to get out there and my world will be complete. Just a goal I would like to complete sometime in the near future. They needed time to get use to all the new things out on these trails on the other side of town. My horses have had plenty of time to settle in, and I am settling in too!

I usually try and have a segue into the next subject, the photos will have to do as I really wanted to share the kitty photos. The boys are the ones that are probably in baby Teddy’s bassinet more than the baby, aren’t they silly and my family in Arizona provides me their photos. These kitties live there. Duchess and Dinah are with us and they are the best girls. They are sisters and the boys are brothers for those who are new to my blog posts. I’ve posted many photos of these kitties, they bring us much joy and happiness! Thank you for visiting and having coffee or tea with me today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

~Diana ❀

24 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; June 26, 2020

  1. Love the photos of the cats. I grew up in a household with many indoor cats, and it was marvelous. So loving and playful and inquisitive! And the horses. When I was little, there were horses just across the back fence. Memories…Thank you for them!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

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  2. I so enjoy your photos and updates Diana. it’s wonderful that your horses are settling in nicely. I know how upsetting it can be to all parties if they are not comfortable in a place. Your town is a wonderful town. It does seem like the perfect place to own a horse in. Thank you for the ice tea. It was just perfect. In have been drinking a lot of both ice tea and ice coffee this week. Every day this week have reached the 90’s. VERY unusual. Next week is going to be in the 80’s, I am looking forward to that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ve been out in my garden this morning taking photos for a coffee share, it will be up soon. ❀

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    1. Hi Maria! I’m so happy you enjoyed my photos and enjoyed some ice tea with me this weekend. I forgot about ice coffee, I enjoy that too! πŸ˜€ And I can’t believe how hot it’s been for you there, holy smokes, in the 90’s is really hot I think especially if you do not have any air conditioning for some relief. Do you have air conditioning? I’m thinking an older farm house type house would not, but you say it’s to be cooler next week. I hope you don’t reach that heat level very often this summer since it’s very unusual!

      It’s funny you mention my town as the perfect place to own a horse. I’m in horse heaven here because I have a good job to be able to afford my horses and since you know my town it’s rather unique and I know if someday I move away my horsey life will never be the same. I suppose that’s true no matter where you live, but I will say am I actually staring at the place I should stay? Hmmm… It’s been an incredible 15 years of horse heaven as I walk the trails and enjoy every moment! ❀️ I’m just not very wealthy to buy a horse ranch somewhere else. Things I will miss is this incredible horsey town if we actually move. Lots to consider. πŸ€” As we try and make these life decisions! I want you to know that you my dear friend are such an inspiration to me as I’ve virtually have followed you around the world. ❀️ I can’t wait to share coffee with you at your house later this morning! Hugs! β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™β€οΈ

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      1. Thank you for your kindness, reading your reply made me smile πŸ™‚
        There is a lot to consider when it comes to where to live for all the sides of your life to succeed. It seems like in those places where wages are decent, the cost of living is more expensive. If I would purchase a house in the city I am working I would be in debt for life, wether outside the city it’s a completely different story. I think it’s part pot the good things in life to not know everything, to not know all the moves you are going to make, and all the wonderful people that is going to touch your life in some way. ❀

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  3. I love the sound of your horsey town. Kempsey where we are used to be the horse capital of Australia & our council was trying to reignite that, we had camp draughting comps, pony clubs everywhere, Equita (I think that’s what it was called its been a while, lol)sales & comp people would travel for miles to come buy & sell horses best atmosphere. We have trails around here not official trails but tracks we’ve discovered & made over the years so much fun. I should post some picks & stories. Of course love the cats, they look so soft & squishy, so funny the position they get into. I do hope you can continue your horsey ness wherever you move to.

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    1. Thank you dear friend! That’s really AWESOME that Kempsey is a horse capital, and yes, sometime when you get the chance please share some photos and stories!! 🐴🀠 I’m so happy you shared coffee with me today and enjoyed my photos including those silly soft, squishy kitties!! ❀️ And yes, wherever we end up moving too, I hope I can find the same horse type town or area! πŸ˜€


  4. Hay can be tricky. We just started to get 2020 hay this week and the barn manager will take two weeks to introduce it bit by bit to the horses. I have not heard of hay causing ulcers but if she does not like it and is not eating then her empty tummy could be getting some ulcers. Horses! Love the kitty photos.

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    1. Yes, you are correct that the hay wasn’t causing ulcers, she stopped eating it and was slow at eating it for over a week. The hay is called teff hay, and she was only getting this in the mornings and a different hay she likes at night, and she has lost a lot of weight. Last weekend she was a bit colicky and I had to feed her my hay pellets which she ate like she was starving. She would not eat her breakfast which was the teff hay. I don’t know for sure if she has an ulcer, but I know it’s easy for them to get them when they don’t eat. She’s much better this week. Crazy horses! Love them so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the kitties too! Have a wonderful week! ❀️


  5. I’m so happy your horses have settled in nicely at the new stables. I love horses so much too. My in-laws have three that stay at their home. Anyway, I’m so glad Chloe seems to be liking the usual hay and hope she won’t gain too much weight. I’m so sorry Zack is already insulin-resistant. Hoping the same won’t happen to Chloe.

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    1. Thank you so much Astrid for you wonderful kind comments. Fingers crossed Chloe doesn’t develop insulin resistance, keeping her exercised will help and she’s almost 10 years younger than Zack. They are both doing really well which makes me very HAPPY! ❀️🐴🀠❀️

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    1. Thank you Gary! Thanks for visiting and I’m sometimes wondering how we got so many animals, haha, but we love them all! One day hopefully we will add the grandkids to the mix! ❀️🀠

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  6. Thank you, Diana, for your coffee share. I’m glad you and your horses have settled in your new place in just two months. I think it would take longer for me to settle in a new town. Your cats are adorable. I look forward to seeing more photos when you go on trails with both Chloe and Zack. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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    1. Thanks so much Natalie for visiting and I’m happy you enjoyed my coffee share. So many animals! Haha, and I can’t wait to share my trail rides! Have a great week ahead! ❀️🀠🐴

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