Weekend Coffee Share; Summer is Here!

She is clothed with strength and dignity
and laughs without fear of the future
                                                    ❤ Proverbs 31:25

I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee reflecting back to all the summers that have come and gone. Boy, has there been a lot of summers. Haha, I am getting old (but feel young) and don’t really want to count them all but I will say I usually have really fun summers. We live where in the summer it gets a bit hot but honestly, you can’t beat the weather here in Southern California. There is no humidity and we are close enough to the ocean that the nights cool off really well. There is a lot to do in the summer if you have the time. I am not retired, so I have to take vacation days to enjoy any extra days off to explore or enjoy weekend retreats. 😀

As I am finishing my coffee, may I get you something as we sit outside enjoying the cool morning? We are still in June and so we usually get a lot of marine layer that rolls in and keeps us cool. Us locals call June “June gloom” Haha, it is very welcoming as it is the last of the cool weather as we approach July. I am feeling more confident each day I see all the tomatoes growing in my container. I am watching a lot of Youtube videos learning lots about tomato gardening. I didn’t realize there is so much to this to get the best out of your plant and fruit! I have grown before, but my plants were tiny with barely any tomatoes. I am learning a lot this year!

I think it is fun to learn about gardening. I think container gardening is a great way to start, plus I don’t have to worry about gophers and I do not have any other critters that climb into my containers. My girlfriend who lives in a different area, about 15 miles from where I live planted veggies in a couple of containers last year and once the plants started to sprout up (she started with seedlings) something jumped into her containers and ate everything that she tried to grow! Maybe ground squirrels? She never saw the critters but needless to say she gave up after several attempts. She ended up giving me her containers. She is having better luck with fruit trees! How is your coffee? or can I get you something else? The sun is still not out, very overcast today.

I loved crocheting these pretty pastel placemats for my daughter. They are like doilies all connected only not as tiny as real doilies. They will be cute on her table in her apartment. I also am starting another sweet dreams baby blanket and this time it is for a girl! I just love this pattern and it stitches together quickly and I LOVE seeing how it comes together in a different color. So many babies this year!! This really eases my stress being able to create and make all my crochet fun creations. I thought I would share my latest projects.

I must say as we sit and chat enjoying this cool morning that my emotions and thoughts are all over the place. We are trying to figure out the best way to move to Arizona and oh my goodness, this is not going to be an easy thing to do at all. I find myself feeling anxious because this all takes time, and I feel like a little kid wanting answers and decisions right NOW! But that’s not how this is going to work, we need to take it one day at a time. SO I waffle back and forth with, screw this idea, this is HARD – to I can’t wait to move to where cost of living will be better and I will be close to family and friends in AZ and feeling excited. Holy Smokes! I need to think about our future as we age! Shoot…. I find the process frustrating. And that’s all I will share about this subject right now. Thought it would make me feel better sharing, haha, its just tough to know what will be best for us and our future. On to what I know makes me smile and keeps me sane! 😀

Chloe and Zack running lose in the arena for exercise! Pretty ponies!

Oh my goodness! This day is so exciting! I FINALLY figured out how to upload a video! I am so silly. I have been trying and trying and finally found on the editor I am using the video icon. I take a lot of videos so ya’ll beware! You might being seeing a lot more of these. I have trail rides to share too. I get so EXCITED over silly things but I have been wanting to share videos of my horses for a very long time. (I am embarrassed to say how long, haha, I’m so happy I finally figured it out). I hope it plays correctly when I publish for everyone. All I can do is try and see if this works!! YAY!

Thanks for joining me for coffee this weekend. I showed you my tiny garden and enjoyed sharing my craft projects. We then chatted about the future, what is in your future plans? And finally we drove just over a mile to the stables as I turned out the ponies! I had so much fun with ya’ll!

Have a wonderful weekend!

~Diana ❤

14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Summer is Here!

  1. Hi Diana, I too am anxious to leave California but wow – it’s going to be such a pain to manage 20 + years of stuff in this house where our kids were mostly raised and the roots are deeper than I care to admit.
    Once you have it figured out — please tell me how to do it.

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    1. Oh Gary, that is definitely one of our problems. Very deep roots. It’s likely I’ll be blogging about it a lot since it’s always on my mind so you may see how this unfolds as we work out all the things we need to work out to make this happen!! Stay tuned!


  2. I loved seeing Chloe and Zack trotting and cantering about in their paddock. They both look very well. I understand your flip flopping about the move to AZ. Moves, especially big one, are intimidating. I have moved from the West coast over to England and then back to the East of Canada. I flip flopped about those moves but in the end they were the right ones and I have no regrets. So have courage . You can do this.

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! It truly gives me relief to hear about all your moves and you really moved far!! And you survived and have no regrets! So encouraging!! I will keep my head together and work on this and march forward and create a plan! ❤️
      I’m also glad you enjoyed the video! Yay, it worked!! I’ve struggled with videos, gave up on them and thought I’ll try one more time!!


    1. The cost of living in Arizona is soooo much better than California!! This is encouraging, and it will be much easier to retire in Arizona!! Thank you Susie! ❤️


  3. Chloe and Zack are so well cared for. They look so happy, thank you for sharing the video. I enjoyed it very much!
    I understand the frustration when you want to have answers and the universe tells you to wait and see. It’s so much in our human nature wanting to find out about the next step. I think it is good to dream and have goals as long as we treasure the present. I get the feeling that you treasure the present. Thank you so much for the coffee.

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed the video! So fun to share!
      And thank you dear friend, I love how you describe the frustrations. The universe is telling me something and I think it’s so good to have our dreams and to just be patient while working on these dreams. I’m learning, and need to take one day at a time. 😍 I’m so glad you can join me for coffee! ☕❤️🐴


  4. Thank you, Diana, for a lovely coffee share. Is that an iris in your first photo? I’ve seen some pretty purple and yellow irises in my neighbourhood. Your tomato and bell pepper plants are looking great. Well done with your crochet and horse video. Chloe and Zack look happy and healthy. Good luck with planning your move to AZ. You’ve got this!

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    1. Thank you so much Natalie for the encouraging words with the move. I need to just breath and take one day at a time!! Yes, I think that’s a type of iris but am not sure of the name. I’ll have to find out! I’m so happy my video share worked! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️🐴


  5. I’m so behind haha, Love the video, its funny to watch if they do this before a ride & you look at them & think please don’t do that while I’m on you & their completely chill when you saddle up. lol. You are so talented with your crafty stitching just beautiful, do you stitch quicker if your stressed & thinking about moving. I hope you’ve had a great week & the weekend ahead is stitch, plant & pony fun.

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    1. Oh no worries!! Good to hear from you any day! I always make sure they don’t have any extra energy before I ride. I can tell when they need a turn out and usually make them trot around before a ride so that we all have a nice calm ride! Silly ponies! ❤️🐴 I didn’t ride on this day, they just felt really good! Lol 😀
      And I stitch in my free time and probably stitch more to help relax any anxiety I am feeling! 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve been having to tell myself, relax and just take one day at a time! Things will fall into place eventually. Thanks for visiting with me and I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! 🤠❤️

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