Weekend Coffee Share; Days off are wonderful!

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new). Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us!

Welcome, can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I am enjoying my coffee with some oatmeal and english muffin that I make on my days off. DAYS OFF! Oh how I love weekends and days off. I do have this weekend off, but usually my days off are split up and working night shift I actually like it this way. But I just worked a very long stretch covering for vacation, so I am extremely happy to get this much needed R&R. I am doing the things I love which is tending to my tiny garden and my horses. I love to walk but am taking a rest from walking around my neighborhood because I have injured my knee. I think I tweaked it riding a friends horse. I have been helping a lady with her young horse who is a very nice ride, but she is bouncy and I think I am out of shape and this made my knee a bit swollen and sore. Darn, I am getting old!

I was at work this last week and I tripped but didn’t fall down, my foot got caught on a wire I walked over (I know, not too smart but it was behind my big chemistry instrument and I just didn’t lift my foot up high enough) darn it all, I jerked my leg and pulled a tendon coming from my knee! UGH! so I have been taking care of it with hot and cold compresses and slow stretches and it is much better today. I just need to take it easy and not over do it as it heals! Sorry to go on so, I do not get injured often and I can’t stand to sit around so I am up and moving taking Ibprofen for pain and inflammation.

I was going through my photos and this was taken a couple years ago. I wanted to share because I do not share many photos of myself with my horses. I have more I took this weekend I will share.

I had FUN with my horses and my camera! You know I just can’t help myself as I enjoy their company so much. It truly is my therapy, these horses just help ones well being in so many ways. I think animals in general are therapeutic but these gentle giants have an intelligence that is so amazing as we have this relationship and understanding together as we get up on their backs and view the world from their point of view. They walk us all over our trails, since that is mostly what I do is trail ride and enjoy the weather and the beautiful days on this Earth. I wish I can thank them, and I do the best I can by providing them bedding for their stalls and nice meals to munch on each day. I enjoy grooming them and getting their coats to glisten in the sun. They mostly enjoy the grooming, Chloe enjoying it more than Zack. He has thin skin I think as he doesn’t enjoy it as much as Chloe! Silly ponies, they just melt my heart. ❤

How is your coffee or tea? Can I get you a refill? I hope you are all having a great weekend. I feel like I can just go on and on about my horses. I also think often of my family and will save those photos for my smile post this next week. I will just dedicate this post to my weekend fun. I am also crocheting a lot finishing one project and starting on another. My crochet is another relaxing thing I do to unwind and get my mind on to the creativity of my projects. Crochet is very rewarding in many ways! ❤

Thank you for sharing coffee with me today. The reason I get photos of my horses with their tongue out is I feed them treats after I ride. These are small pellets that are made for them and they just LOVE them. I have been buying treats that have alfalfa and raspberry flavors, I am not sure what all are in the treats but they smell wonderful. They love them and after I feed them they literally lick their lips over and over, YUMMY! So when I take a photo, it’s turning out to be pretty easy to get a photo with them sticking their tongue out! HAHA! I just love it and I hope you enjoy seeing my ponies this weekend.

Crazy horse loving girl!

~Diana ❤

22 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Days off are wonderful!

  1. Sorry about your know. I just realized I don’t have the pain in my right knee. Probably because I wasn’t pushing my limits when I first fractured my wrist. I know it will still give way if I twist it in the wrong direction, but it’s great news.

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      1. Awe, thanks for the offer!! I’m trying to keep moving and finding stretches are helping a lot as the tendon and muscles get so stiff. You are an inspiration and I think you are fine going to the gym with all the precautions and everything. I go to work 5 days a week. I think we will all be GOOD! ❤️


  2. Glad you had some relaxing time with horses and garden! I hope your leg gets better. From what you said, a combination of the two things? Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week, and that it isn’t too busy!

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  3. Thanks so much Trent! And yes, my knee was swollen and sore, then I tripped and pulled some ligament running up the top of my thigh from my knee. I don’t know all the names of the knee parts, but it’s getting better. Am hoping it heals without a doctor’s visit. Praying for a nice work week!


  4. I hope you heal fast! Not fun at all to trip. I so enjoy your selfies with horses. I went through my Facebook albums yesterday, and found a number of selfies with horses from the past ten years. Maybe that would be a great post 🙂 Maybe? Enjoy your days off. You deserve them.

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    1. Thank you!! Praying it heals up quickly! 🙏 And YES! Love the selfies with the horses! Please share them, would love to see what you have!! And I had a wonderful weekend. Here’s to a better work week ahead!! 😁😉👍

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    1. Yes! I’m frustrated I tripped as it was doing better before that happened! Darn it all, it’s all bruised pretty good and I am praying it will heal up without having to go the doctors! Not that I don’t like doctors, just hope and pray it’s nothing serious, like knee replacement stuff. I think I’ll be good to go in a few weeks!! Thank you kindly Moumita for stopping by and I’m glad your knee is better! 😃❤️ Diana

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  5. You took my daffy duck trip & trip & trip scene too far. lol. Nothing more frustrating than any injury like you say if your not that way inclined it is the most frustrating thing ever. We use Comfrey cream, it is known as the joint knitter. Helps with the pain as well. Love all the horsey pics so much fun. I hope you heal quick & ready to sing “back in the saddle again, Out where a friend is friend”

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    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip on the Comfrey cream!! I’ll go pick up some as my whole knee and up into my thigh is messed up. I have this huge bruise too! That cream sounds WONDERFUL! I looked it up and can’t wait to try it as I know it will heal faster with something topical. Love herbal remedies!! Yes and dang that daffy duck, trip & trip is not fun! YIKES! Thanks so kindly dear friend! ❤️


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