Weekend Coffee Share; My Tiny Garden

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new). Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us!

Welcome and how are you today? I am having a nice cup of morning coffee with my oatmeal and english muffin with jam. I have bananas too, would you like to join me as we finish out this weekend and this month? Yesterday was my son’s birthday, and wish I could have been in Arizona to bake him a cake! That would have been divine but it was not in the cards and with all that is going on totally understandable. I miss him very much. I also miss his wife and 2 children too, so much my heart aches but we stay in touch as much as possible. How’s your coffee? or would you rather have some tea?

Before I get into my tiny garden photos my husband and I had an interesting conversation last evening. He got a call from a very good friend of his in Arizona and they asked him to ask me if I would be interested in living on 37 acres in Williams, Arizona? He explained that they were looking for themselves when they realized this is also horse property and wondered if I wanted to have a horse ranch there! WAIT, WHAT? I told my husband YES! This is just all thoughts from our friends, but they are thinking of purchasing the land. It would be 2 1/2 hours from my family there, much closer than where I am at here and the weather there is wonderful because it is higher elevation. It is only 35 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona which is a bigger city and I could find work there. Oh my, this is only the first conversation but if it were to come to fruition, it would be a dream come true. Enough land that I would have my own trails to ride on with my horses!! I just had to share, it may not happen. Maybe talking about it will get the ball rolling in that direction. Maybe?

On to my teeny tiny garden. But this tiny garden sure brings me big smiles! I believe I will get a few tomatoes and bell peppers. So far so good!

I will be doing some gardening work this afternoon and prune my roses and spray them for aphids. I use a mixture of a couple of drops of dawn soap in a spray bottle with water. It doesn’t hurt the plants but really gets rid of those darn bugs. We have an over abundance of earwigs this year, and have seen a fair amount of lizards which are eating those bugs. The roses continue to bloom and I believe once I prune them I will get some new growth with more blooms in the coming months!

My explanation of the above photo is enough. I will say though that when I placed the plants on her patio table she told me she would probably kill them. I almost said, well at least you have a photo of them to enjoy! Hehe, these are rather hard to kill, and so hopefully she will have some success with them. If not, its all okay. She is doing really good, and I am so excited to hear where her next assignment will be. She will be moving at the end of this year.

My son sent this and he set one of the brothers in a little sit up chair they bought the baby. I thought it was adorable and he said he sat there for a few minutes! Silly Kitty!

Those brothers are just the best cats and to me very comical. I know I have shared some really wonderful photos of them, sleeping together is just so cute. When he shared this photo it made me laugh, its just too funny! He looks rather content even though he did not stay long in there, he is so mellow! I really enjoyed sharing coffee with you today. I really can’t believe it will be June tomorrow. The time sure flies, and I am looking forward to the summer but praying we don’t get too much heat. It can get pretty darn hot, but I think we will be okay until July. Have a great week!

~Diana ❤

11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; My Tiny Garden

  1. OOOO! Williams, it is so nice there! We would of almost been neighbours if I would of kept my property in AZ. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. ❤
    Your garden is coming along very nice. Beautiful photos 🙂 Thank you so much for this positive coffee share.

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    1. I had a feeling we would have almost been neighbors in Arizona!! I’m missing that, but totally understand your move back home. I think I would have done the exact same thing and you’ll have a beautiful homestead there I just know it!! I’m keeping fingers crossed and saying a prayer as this truly would be a dream come true to be able to have a ranch there in Williams!! Thanks for enjoying coffee with me this morning, and your kind comments, so FUN to visit!! ❤️🐴😀


  2. Ok, loved the garden photos, roses are beautiful, ok, Yeh wait, what, I’m trying to not get too excited for you, but “OH MY CRICKEY”, what an awesome opportunity, all that land to play with & have as many horses & as much garden as your heart desires & closer to your family. I do hope it works out for you. I’m very much a come along for the ride kinda friend so I’m trying not to canter around the loungeroom for you right now.
    The cat is hilarious, maybe your son has a little too much time on his hands. hahaha

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    1. Thank you for the “OH MY CRICKEY” !! YES! Wouldn’t it be AMAZING! Can’t imagine all that land but will keep y’all posted on what happens next!! You can canter around any room and come along for the ride dear friend!! You make me kiddy, so FUN. And yes, my son does have a little time on his hands, haha! Thanks for having coffee with me today! ❤️🐴🐎😀❤️

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  3. Arizona ! A ranch property! That would be exciting. Your garden looks like it is doing very well. I also use the soap spray for aphids. It works! That cat photo is hilarious. Have a good week ahead Diana.

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    1. Thanks so much Anne!! I don’t know if the ranch property will come to fruition, but that’s what dreams are for! I’m so glad I discovered the soap spray, so easy and works so well! Have a great week too, and that Kitty is so silly!

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  4. The blooming flowers are lovely…
    you are right about it being difficult to “kill” such flowers I have a similar pot plant which I sometimes forget about and then guiltily flood it with water in compensation hahaha
    Tha cat made me laugh, silliest thing I have seen all day… it actually sat there all proper like whats going on here hahahah

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