Reflections, Smiles and Horsey Fun!

A view across the hills where I live in California!

I decided to label this post “Reflections” as I have been thinking a lot about how this year is almost half over. Next week will be June 1st and I know I can say for everyone, what the heck happened to this year 2020? I think it is a big WOW! and it almost feels like we are all in a movie and someone will come along and say “cut, that’s a take!” I think this because I am a big movie buff, to think we are living history when they look back and pick apart all the good and the bad ideas or things that happened during this pandemic. I think we are already seeing the looking back part within these last few months as we start pulling ourselves back into reality, or hopefully back to some normalcy. As I am writing this my hubby is saying let’s eat lunch out in a restaurant! Something that we truly miss even though its been great to eat more at home, something we should keep doing going forward. We lead very busy lives, so this all has been a real eye opener to slow down and reset, at least that is how it feels and hopefully we saved many lives in the process. ā¤

I don’t think “normal” will be back. I think we will have a new normal, something akin to what it was but I believe there will be many changes that will stay with us for a very long time. Some of these changes I believe will benefit things like the normal flu season that always comes and goes, as one would think this last flu season got snuffed out a bit with all the social distancing and closing down. I pray we get the schools going again , sooner than later and I know this is a HUGE subject so I am only going to touch upon it by saying let’s all get back to work (carefully) and let’s get this country up and running again. I want to be able to look for a job in Arizona so that I can move my family there one day, sooner than later if possible. (I do believe it will be at least one more year, praying for next year to make this happen!)

As I reflect, I want to thank all my new followers and all my blogging friends who follow my blog. šŸ˜€ This has been a journey of sorts for me starting with what is blogging? I thought I would just write short stories, I suppose this can happen with wonderful photo prompts that I want to engage in someday from fellow bloggers. I feel like I have a yearning to mold my blog into what it’s titled My Life – And – Horse Stories. I stray sometimes from my model, and struggle with my brand sometimes. I am learning as I go and I have met some wonderful, beautiful, kind, amazing – really super fun people. I thank you for all your comments and I have grown as a person writing and sharing my thoughts with ya’ll. You make me humble, and very appreciative. Thank you for reading all about my reflections today, it makes me smile so much so I think I will use this as my smile post this week!

Let’s switch gears to HORSES! YES! My passion, my muse they truly bring me such joy and happiness. I have recently moved them to another boarding facility in our horse town, it is across town and they have settled in nicely. It has been a month since I moved them, my how these weeks have flown by. We have been enjoying the trails, as I ride Chloe and pony Zack riding with my girlfriend on her horse Gracie. Chloe is 16 years old this year and doing GREAT! So happy with her as she has a bad back leg with an old stifle injury (this would be her knee). I can tell she has little to no pain in it any more which is wonderful. Zack is the white horse, he is 25 years old this year. He is starting to really show his age as gravity draws down on their top-line (this is where they sometimes start looking sway back) and they lose muscle tone. I am trying to keep him active and moving. Gracie turned 28 years old this year. She has been really showing her age, but is doing good.

I take so many photos of my horses. They look forward to my company as much as I look forward to theirs. They truly like getting out and about with me and since I have moved them I always take them out together. I want to start separating them a little bit more. They are herd animals and so it is very natural for them to be near each other and do things together. They do call to each other if you take one too far away, this is called herd bound and it is nice if you can take one off the property say with a friend without the other going nuts, as they wonder where their stable mate went too!! Chloe is not herd bound as much as Zack. Since they have each other and I do not go to horse shows, there isn’t a great need to break them up and make them be apart other than riding just Chloe without Zack is a bit easier… I’m getting really use to taking them together, so its all good.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I always welcome your thoughts and I just had to share mine as I like to reflect now and again.

Reflecting Grandma Cowgirl,

~Diana ā¤

12 thoughts on “Reflections, Smiles and Horsey Fun!

  1. It will be interesting to see what the new normal is like… I have often wondered what it would be like to live in a place completely devastated by a natural disaster or war, where you are stuck with it. What would “normal” be? This is so, so much smaller in individual effect (not minimizing people’s real loss!), it is just so much more widespread – instead of a town, state or region, it is the world.

    Anyway, glad the horses are doing well. How old do horses usually get? 25 and 28 seem old, but I don’t know. Even 16 seems old!

    I hope you have a great week šŸ™‚

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    1. That is very interesting, your thoughts on what a new normal will be like and very true this is so much more individual and is affecting everyone differently in certain ways. (I too, don’t want to minimize real loss, I know what it’s like). And to think world wide, hard to imagine sometimes!

      So definition a 16 year old horse is considered a senior horse, so she is more than half way thru her life. And the 2 older ones are elders and considered very old. Horses today can live up to 35 years, I’ve read some even older which is extremely old! That’s the medicines and doctors continuing learning (feeding products you can buy to help the aging horse) has extended their lives almost by double. So we keep them moving and comfortable and love on them like big dogs as they age! ā¤ļøšŸ“

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  2. Thankyou for sharing I Love reading a little of your life. Ya so awesome. With all the tape on the shop floors does feel like a movie/stage set, I often feel like breaking out in song & dance when I’m out now. One day I’m going to forget where I am & start, I just know it. lol. You look like your getting pro at riding leading & taking photos, haha. Your Zac is the same age as my Danny, actually they are very similar in colouring & height as well. I can imagine that Zacks mane glows in the dark like my Danny’s? It is a little mind boggling to think what will life be like in even 5 yrs time. I hope & pray we are all still blogging & sharing & caring. I hope you enjoyed ya lunch out. Keep finding time to chillax give them ponies a pat for me & have a most excellent rest of the week. ( :

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    1. That would be something if you or others broke out in song and dance! Kinda fun to see, like those singing flash mobs! šŸ¤£ I’ve never witnessed one but seen videos, they are fun to watch! Haha! Probably will be a really long time before flash mobs come back!
      You should see what I do on the trail, taking a little risk dropping my reins on Chloe on the horn of my saddle, and taking Zack’s lead rope and going around the horn once while I take out my phone for photos! I figure worse thing is I’ll drop my phone, so I’m very careful. I try and pick a spot where I know they are usually very calm šŸ˜‰ thanks for your wonderful comments!! My practice is paying off on the trails!! Yes, Zack’s mane is very white but never checked to see if it glows in the dark? Probably! Lol and that’s cool your Danny is the same age, hope he’s doing well! I know I want to continue blogging for well, ever! So I believe we will be sharing and caring for a long time to come! And YES!! Lunch out today was a breath of fresh air!! A little normal is back! Sorta, every other booth empty. It was all good! I’ll give my ponies a pat for ya, bless you dear friend! Have a wonderful week too! ā¤ļø

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  3. Your horses look fabulous for their age. As for the new normal…. we are a lot farther from being back to any normals up here in Ontario. I can ride again as golf courses and stables have been allowed to open but with restrictions. We still have no restaurants open for anything other than take out. Stores that can open to the street ( not a Mall) are open but number of shoppers are restricted. But it will eventually come back. However I have learned that travel medical insurance companies will not insure travellers for Covid. This will continue until there is an effective vaccine. So our winter in Florida will not happen I think most Canadians will be staying home this year due to this.I hate the cold and I love being in Florida with my horse and competing so I may be pretty grumpy next winter. I always enjoy your blog posts Diana and seeing you out on the trails with your horses. I also love the photos and news of your family. Give Chloe and Zach a pat and perhaps a bit of carrot from me and Biasini.

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    1. Zack and Chloe will definitely enjoy a carrot treat I’ll share with them from you and Biasini! I thank you kindly dear friend. ā¤ļø And my heart goes out to you and many others that won’t be able to travel this next winter. I know and can imagine how much you are going to miss the show season there and to be able to get away from the bitter cold for a few months. šŸ˜„ Rather sad, and understandable. I’m not sure when an effective vaccine will come about…. Hopefully sooner than later!
      Thank you for the encouraging words. I absolutely love blogging, I do enjoy writing and sharing even though sometimes I think I’m just repeating what I wrote last week. I’m happy to hear I’m not too mundane or boring! Every trail ride is different, just like every day even if it is in the slightest way. You warm my heart and make me SMILE! Thank you! šŸ˜€

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  5. I agree. I think we will have a new normal – even at schools when they do re-open. I am a teacher and we are currently waiting on what these norms will be. I suspect online teaching will be a part of it – and lots of disinfecting.

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    1. Yes, I can’t imagine having to reimagine school and I have to thank you for being a teacher! Bless you and all you do for all the young minds in this world! I hope and pray school won’t be too difficult to get back up and running smoothly. Probably be some bumps in the road – and yes- lots of disinfecting!

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  6. I agree we are living history, though I suppose we always are. But this is something that will show up in history books 100 years from now, and in medical books too. I am curious how the whole thing will be portrayed. Nowhere near as crazy as it actually is, I’m sure.

    Your horses are beautiful!!! Such a big commitment to take care of something so big and that lives so long. I’m sure they are glad they have you and you them.

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    1. Yes, we are always living history but you get what I meant as this is really something! And I’m curious too now that you say, how this will be portrayed in say 100 years, Interesting! Darn, we’ll never know!

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about my horses!! ā¤ļø I try not to think to hard on the commitment in owning them as it is a very expensive hobby. (I sometimes, not often šŸ˜‰ feel guilty because the money I spend could be going into savings. Then I think I can’t take the money with me, so I enjoy every day I can with them!) I love them so much, they DEFINITELY share that bond with me as we both look forward to seeing each other. I’ve had horses all my life so they are like family to me!! It’s a LOVE I’ve had from a very little girl. I truly feel blessed having these BEAUTIFUL horses! ā¤ļøšŸ“

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