My Weekly Smile; May 20, 2020

I am smiling at these beautiful flowers!

Welcome to this weeks smile post. A very nice horse woman bought me these beautiful flowers as a thank you, but there is a story behind the thank you. It was a very busy week last week and at the beginning of the week, I was at the barn and I helped save a horses life. I’m so very happy he is A-okay, but he was in a lot of pain when I arrived at the barn.

Horses can get very sick called colic. This horse was in a lot of pain, and with help from friends and the owner a vet finally arrived and thankfully he survived and is looking great today. I am smiling at a great outcome and what a sweet thing for her to buy me these flowers as a thank you. Certainly not needed but I do LOVE them. Sure made me SMILE! As last week went along, it thankfully got better but was very busy and it is busy this week too and the busy place is my work!

I am glad we are busy because it is job security. We are so busy that we don’t have enough people employed to get the work done in a timely manner. This causes many departments including mine to get done later and later causing over time which can be frustrating. I’m sure things will settle down, and/or they will hire more help. It’s ironic that a month ago when it was really slow we worried about lay-offs and now we need more help! Go figure…. I am thankful and blessed, as I smile all the way to the bank. I pray for all who are unemployed.

I also have to be thankful because I am getting really use to my hair color. I know this is random, but I use to color my hair (I did it myself, no salon because I’m too cheap) but I’m finding I like it and actually have some natural highlights! Haha, that is making me smile! Hence why I included a photo of myself. I definitely have low lights or dark under color and I am getting some gray hairs. I feel like I have earned them! 😀 😀 😀

I am smiling as I went through my things at the barn. I am taking these photos home and never showed them to a friend there. I ended up taking these photos and sent them to her, so silly. I have a photo album of all my jumping photos I need to find. I think I packed it away. I hope you enjoyed my smile for this week. Helping people and their horses and trying to stay sane with a busy amount of work – at work – and smiling with memories!! What are you smiling about this week?

Happy smiling Cowgirl,

~Diana ❤

19 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; May 20, 2020

  1. I am sure helping with that horse was reward enough, but the flowers are very nice 🙂 Yes, I am thankful for job security as well. I might complain about working, but glad I am doing it! Great photos of the younger you doing the jumps with your horse.

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    1. Thanks kindly!! Yes, flowers weren’t necessary but appreciated! And am glad you enjoyed my smile post this week. Sometimes I miss that horse jumping!! Need the right horse to perform like that and mine can’t as they have issues with their legs. Someday maybe I’ll show again. And if not that’s okay! 😀

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    1. Awe, thank you Kellie! Yes, I’ve been coloring it myself for years. My Mom use to be a beautician and I would give her perms back in the day. She taught me a thing or two. And yes, I don’t mind the grey hairs, I think of them as a kind of badges of honor, little tiny ones! Lol 😉

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  2. Colic is every horse owners nightmare! I’ve been through it a couple of times but fortunately it always resolved and did not need surgery. I have not colored my hair for at least a decade. I like it in the streaky grey that is my natural non color. Those are fabulous photos of you jumping! WOW!Very nice indeed. Good form both you and the horse!

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    1. Awe, thank you Anne! I did not win a ton of classes but my horse was very photogenic and thank you for your nice comments on form. Means a lot to me coming from an experienced horse woman like yourself. ❤️ I rather miss Hunter’s, jumping in my youth was a blast!! And yes, so happy the impaction colic for that horse ended with vet intervention but no surgery. I’ve dealt with many colics with both of mine too with no surgery thankfully! ❤️🐴🐎❤️

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  3. Love how focused both you & your flying equine are, great photos. How great is it to have moments like that to look back on, I love trippin down others memory lanes… I haven’t coloured my hair in years, often think about it, you do great doing it yaself. It is so nice your being appreciated for your kindness. I taught a young girl to ride & now her Mum is one of my best friends, well family really,(we adopted each other). Make sure you find some time for yourself this weekend after your busy working week. smiley face, rainbow, flying unicorn, love heart.

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    1. Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL comments!! Memories are the best, having photos to go with them even better!! And how wonderful you taught lessons too, and gained life long friends! ❤️ Horses can be that way, bringing people together! 🐴 I’m relaxing this afternoon and hoping to have a lovely weekend, you too sweet friend!! 😍 (Love the word emojis! I should do that when I’m on my computer as I don’t have the emojis on there like on my phone! 🦄🌈💜)

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  4. I am so happy the colic episode went fine! Colic is scary! I’ve experienced a few, and seeing the incredible pain in the eyes of this poor horses haunts me when I think about it. So happy you were there to help. The flowers are beautiful! What a nice gesture. Made me smile too 🙂

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    1. He’s a lucky pony! I’m so thankful I was there that day. He was being fed Bermuda hay which tends to lead to these impaction colics. Although there are horses that do just fine on that hay, I would not want to take the chance. He’s now being fed a different hay. This new boarding facility offers 5 different kinds of hay (you pay extra depending on what hay) never been at a place with that kind of variety. Thanks so much for visiting my SMILE! 🤠🐴🥰

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  6. wow those are some awesome pictures looks dangerous and exciting !!!! I dont know anything about jumping fences with horses but that looks like excellent form, once upon a moon hey

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