Weekend Coffee Share; A Very Busy Week

Thinking about my Grand babies every day! I can’t help myself, he’s my lead in to my coffee share!

Welcome to my coffee share where we share the weeks happening or what we will be up to this weekend. I have had such a busy week, I think I am getting busier instead of what most people have been doing and that is staying inside and probably fighting boredom. I am not trying to defy the staying at home orders and those that follow me know that I am a essential worker and work full-time in a Veterinary Lab and I own two horses. So I am always on the go and I enjoy my gardening too! Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I just had to share baby Teddy again, to be able to hold him in my arms, oh my, just thinking about that makes me sad (because I’m so far away) and joyful all at the same time! Love you grand babies!! Missing Alice, my grand daughter too. ❀

I have so much to share! I have my tiny garden which is in containers this year and I am having really good luck and so far nothing is dead and things are flourishing. I am going to share some photos as I should get tomatoes and hoping for some bell peppers too! I am really excited.

I got help this last week with weeding. My hubby gets out there with his weed wacker and boy, he makes tedious work go much faster by using this tool. He has a nice gas powered one which he tackles all areas where we have tons of weeds that grow. Then I tend to the roses with pruning and I water too. At this time we don’t have too many things growing that need watering. We use to have automatic timer watering but that was back when we had a front lawn. We are definitely conserving water since the lawn is long gone. We are going to landscape eventually with a water friendly decor. Not sure what that will be, or when this will happen, haha, something on our to do list for our house!

How’s your coffee, need a refill? I forget for some it may be dinner time, but then I know many that drink coffee with their dinner! I would be drinking ice tea with my dinner, speaking of dinner I need to figure out what’s for dinner? I digress, I really wanted to share my busy week with all the horse back riding I’ve been doing. πŸ˜€

I have been asked by a really nice horse woman at the barn I left recently to help her with her horse. She is around my age and new to riding (hmm.. I keep forgetting to ask her background with horses, I must ask her the next time we meet) but needless to say she has had some scares, falling off a time or two and has some fears and does not feel confident especially riding the trails. NO PROBLEM I tell her, I will help you gain confidence and tackle your fears!! She has hired me to ride her horse and give her lessons. I am taking on more, but it is something I am very passionate about, HORSES!

I am having a ton of fun riding this pony. This photo was the first day I rode her and after this day I lengthened my stirrups as they are rather high for western, I had to ride her “English style” in the western saddle. The horsey people who follow me should understand. I think I will just write another blog post about my horsey fun and training, and giving lessons to this super nice lady who just wants some help with her horse. She wants confidence and I told her I would love to help her. The little extra money I will earn will go directly to my horses, their grains I buy and shavings for their stalls. It will mean some extra time out of my days off but worth it I think!

I keep so busy, if I am not at work which is night shift, at the stables most mornings, tending my garden mid-afternoon, I am probably crocheting before I head to bed! I need to fit in sleep on my work days but some how I manage. I Love crochet and my daughter bought this yarn and it is fine so I can make these pretty place mats. When I visited my daughter last weekend we went online shopping and she found this yarn in pretty pastel colors. Perfect for her house and I may need to make some for my house too! I’ll have to buy more yarn! FUN!

I’ll finish up by saying that I am enjoying our beautiful Spring weather. We have had only one heat spell where the heat spiked and now it is much better. We have had mild heat this month and I am very happy about that. I was able to visit the ranch and ride out on the trails today with my girlfriend. I’ll close with a couple of photos of my silly horses. Fun, fun, fun! I hope you are having a good if not great weekend. I’ve so enjoyed having coffee with you and sharing my busy week and am getting in some relaxation this weekend!

Happy Grandma Cowgirl!

~Diana ❀

27 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; A Very Busy Week

  1. What a treasure of a start to your blog. The potted garden is looking so pretty. To boost someone’s confidence you are the perfect choice. Love the high stirrups in the western, in my younger days we used to play jockeys & put our stirrups up way high, I have no doubt there were some very banged up angels looking out for us & the poor horses. Pony kisses right back at ya’ll. .

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    1. Thanks so very much as it’s truly sad the trainers that this woman has been to that just beat her up emotionally, telling her how bad she was, there’s some terrible horse trainers out there. She needs help but I’ve seen worse riders!! Appreciate your kind words! 😍
      Hahaha, I’m with you there and back in the day those ponies, horses and us had guardian angels!! Never got hurt, maybe those horses and ponies loved us more than we knew!! I’ll take those pony kisses!! ❀️

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      1. This sweet lady told me of a few clients at the crazy trainer she was at and the abuse was so bad they did exactly that! Gave up and sold their horse. So very, very sad! πŸ˜₯

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      2. Awe, I like that “grandkidlets” hehe!! Aren’t they just the best!! Here’s to hoping we both can see them sometime soon!! ❀️ And I’m so happy you enjoyed my coffee share and it is a very good kind of busy! πŸ˜€πŸ₯°


  2. That is great that you can help that lady with her horse. It is nice for you and the horse will benefit from a confident rider. And the shorter stirrups, yup, I get that one. If I am taking Biasini out for a gallop on the forest loop I shorten mine a bit. And that’s in a dressage saddle! That little baby. I want to reach right into the photo and kiss those cheeks. Oh my! How many happy memories of babies that brings back to me. Thanks Diana. enjoy your weekend.

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    1. It’s amazing what a few rides and one lesson has done for this kind lady. She told me I’m her hero, I’m humbled at that thought but she’s been so frustrated trying to find someone knowledgeable to help her and it’s my pleasure to be able to do that for her…. It’s making me think maybe I’m not too old for a new career?? Horse trail trainer! Haha, I think I’ll just help a few but not make it into a business. 🐴 And those cute cheeks, I want to kiss them too… He’s such a cutie patutie that baby Teddy! Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ❀️

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      1. You do make sense! I wish I could dedicate more time in this possibility. For now I’ll just help one at a time and see where it leads! I know I could help many, just don’t know if it would be enough to stop working my full time job! You are so kind and encouraging!! πŸ₯°πŸ΄


  3. This sounds great Diana. I’ve never been in the horse training business officially either, but helped a friend once or twice. I bet this will be a positive experience for you. It osunds like it. Maybe a new friend in the making as well πŸ™‚
    I’m so happy for your gardening joy. How wonderful! Here the days are not very warm yet. I’ve learned many things about gardening in this region this spring. From one extreme to another πŸ™‚ I’m happy that I’ve chosen container gardening as well. Best of luck for your new week, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    1. Thanks so much Maria! I can’t afford to quit my current job to try and do horse training full time even though it’s kind of a dream of mine. I just keep pushing it aside and will just help like this, where I can and when I can. This sweet lady is very flexible with her time which helps me immensely with scheduling our rides!
      I’m keeping fingers crossed with the container gardening, so pleased so far!! I hope warm weather will stay for you so you can grow outside in abundance or as much as you can this season!! πŸ˜€ Have a great week ahead!! ❀️


  4. Hi Diana, I love reading about your different activities and see your photos. Looks like your week went very well. How wonderful that you’re helping that lady to gain confidence with her horse riding. Thank you for your coffee share. Have a wonderful Sunday and upcoming week!

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    1. Thanks for having coffee with me Natalie! It makes smile to know you enjoy reading about my horse adventures and all the extra stuff I do too fill in my days! Have a wonderful week ahead too!!


    1. Hi Gary, it’s a blessing for sure!! I didn’t know the horses were going to get so busy! I’m thankful this kind lady friend, she’s so sweet is so flexible. I’m hoping the extra help I’ll be giving her won’t stress my schedule too much. Thank you for having coffee with me today!! Enjoy your week ahead! πŸ˜€β€οΈ


    2. Hi again Gary,
      I don’t know why but I couldn’t leave a comment on your coffee share, so strange? I could like it but there was no place for me to comment. You usually show up on my notifications, but this coffee share you didn’t. I clicked on follow you again. I’m not very tech savvy, but wanted to comment on your garden, which is looking good! Just wanted to let you know cuz I wanted to comment and couldn’t!! Take care my friend! πŸ˜€


      1. Hi Diana. ugh, that was my fault. On my page, I forgot to check those 2 little boxes to allow comments and pingbacks (which I don’t understand yet). Thanks of for letting me know. I fixed it, but may not have noticed except for you.. Also, I post coffee shares first to the shared page and then I send out a post to let my followers know it’s there because ‘posts’ don’t automatically go out to followers. I haven’t done that yet but will now. I wanted to get all the other posts read and have been busy in the yard.

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  5. I am sure you could run circles around me.. I feel like a slouch now.. Well I haven’t been a spring chicken for a very long time.. I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm.. Gardening keeps me peaceful, walking is keeping us healthy, and the cats keep us entertained. We had some huge rain clouds earlier. Interestingly, is that a word? It hardly rained, but we have had sprinkles off and on for days. A few warmer ones and now a bit of a cool down. Your plants look nice and healthy. We had one plant called a Hellebore get covered with aphids. I wonder where they hide out at.. lol! Unfortunately our plant looks terrible now. She was looking strong and healthy. Your grandson is darling.. Thank you for the update..

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    1. Awe, thank you for your wonderful comments! Interestingly is definitely a word and I’ve used it often and your weather sounds wonderful with a bit of rain here and there. I have roses that get aphids and a good easy way to kill them and not hurt your plant is take an empty spray bottle and put a couple drops of dish soap in it and fill it with water. You then spray the soapy water all over the plant. I had to apply a few times, but it’s AMAZING! No more aphids!! Or very little. I’ll need to spray mine again here soon as I want to keep them aphids free. I use dawn dish soap! Safe and effective!! Your plant should come back if you spray those aphids.πŸ˜‰
      Thanks so much for visiting, that little baby Teddy is a cutie!! Have a great week! ❀️

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