My Weekly Smile; April 29, 2020

Welcome to my weekly smile!

I have a lot to smile about as this week is half over and last week I was so busy I was not able to write my weekly smile. So this weeks smile will include what I was working on last week. It has been a whirlwind of events as my girlfriend and I have moved our horses to a new stable in our horse town in Norco, CA. While we were preparing the stalls at the new stables we needed some shade cloth that we put up in front of the stalls to help shade and keep our shavings from blowing away when it gets windy. While at Lowe’s I decided to buy some plants/veggie starts to plant in my containers. I am so happy I finally was able to get my tiny garden planted, so I have two things to SMILE about this week! YAY! 😀 😀 😀

My veggies if they survive and the bunnies don’t jump in and eat them!
Pretty flowering perennial’s in another container!
My third container I put a Calla lily and Iris. I will split them up as I have a fourth container if it gets too crowded for them.
My tea rose, so beautiful!

I Love to garden partly because I am outdoors and I am a neophyte learning as I go with gardening and just try the best I can and sometimes I have a green thumb, and sometimes not so much. I try to fit so much into my busy schedule – working full-time – owning two horses and dogs, cats a house to clean – oh my, I am getting tired thinking about it all! Then I add gardening which takes care and some love or it will not do well. It so makes me smile when I go out and see the flowers bloom and/or the tomatoes grow! I will keep you posted now and again on how my tiny garden grows!

They are enjoying a turn out at the new ranch!
My girlfriends horse Gracie and behind her Miss Chloe walking around and checking things out!
Zack enjoying his new digs!

We were able to spend as many days as we needed to fix up the new stalls at the new ranch. We moved some railroad ties to the front of the stall with some shade cloth to help keep the shavings on the ground from blowing through the pipes and out into the aisle or another stall. We will still lose some shavings probably but this will help keep a lot in our stalls. We get winds here that are very strong called the Santa Ana Winds! So it was worth all the work we put in and am grateful the stalls were empty so we could work on them. We moved a week early after putting in our 30 day notice where we were, mostly because my girlfriend and I were able to take extra days off of work. (We are essential workers in the medical field).

We moved because my girlfriend really needed more shade for her horse as she has aged, she has some sun sensitivities and with my two horses I should be able to save a few dollars. I wanted to help her out and this place is a nice place and sometimes it is just nice to change it up! I Love the stables I was at, there are always pros and cons at any facility and I will not go into all of that here. I think sometimes a change is needed, enough said on that subject! We now need to give the horses time to settle in and they are doing just that! ❤

Miss Chloe is such a good girl and I am so blessed to have her, love her so much!

Thank you for visiting my smile and I hope you are all doing well. I am so enjoying my tiny garden and my horses as they get acclimated. I like how they can look out over their stalls at this new place! The old place is nice but the pens have a link fencing that they can’t look out over the doors or fencing. It’s just a nice change and they can even scratch each others back if they wanted too. I hope you all have a great rest of your week!

Happy Gardening Cowgirl!

~Diana ❤

12 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; April 29, 2020

  1. linda macdonald

    Are the horses new digs far from where you are. That’s so nice you have someone to share your horsiness with. Busy busy, your potted plants look great, sounds like you need some bunny pots as well just to give you more to do. haha. Be well my friend & have a great up coming weekend.

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    1. Thank you dear friend!! ❤️ I live just over a mile or 2.6 kilometers from the new stable which is North West of town from my house. The other stable was the same distance from my house but different direction North East – so I’ve moved from one side to the other and I was able to ride my horses from one stable to the other. That being said I just have so much horsey stuff (I need to go through it all and organize the tack room this coming weekend!) And am so grateful I have my best friend who is my grade school friend, we’ve known each other since elementary school share our horse passion together. We are truly blessed!

      And why I decided to plant on the same weekend I moved stables was crazy, but it’s all done and now I just need to water and hope things grow. It’s looking good so far! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. It’s very big, open stables! I do love it and there’s almost always a breeze in the afternoon which will help keep them cool in our very warm climate! Thanks for your kind comments on my tea rose, the photo turned out beautifully! 🥰❤️


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  3. Looks like a nice place. I think horses are more work than dogs, but I could be wrong, never having had a horse. On the other hand, Katie is a lot of work and she’s a dog who weighs only 20 pounds! So I should probably be quiet and just sit down. 🙂

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    1. Haha! No worries, it is a nice ranch. I often think of my horses as giant dogs. Mine love attention and are very spoiled. I think both dogs and horses can be a lot of work, but it’s joyful, fun, rewarding work. If you get a horse to trust you, since they are prey animals they are AMAZING! But then I have horses running through my veins. I Love dogs, the relationship so rewarding…. My current dogs are more attached to my hubby. So it’s all GOOD! 😀 Thanks for your wonderful comments! ❤️


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