Weekend Coffee Share; Keeping Busy!

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new). Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us!

This last weekend came and went like a whirlwind for me and I so wanted to participate in the Weekend Coffee Share and decided to call this the weekend wrap up. At this point it may be a little late to offer you coffee and for me it is lunch here. Can I get you some Ice Tea? or maybe some lemonade? I am a tea drinker and prefer tea over lemonade, or maybe we can mix it and make it an Arnold Palmer!! I ate breakfast so it will have to be lunch, sandwich with potato salad for me, can I make you the same? Sounds yummy. πŸ˜€

I wanted to share some photos as I always do and I also am going to just go through my weekend and the fun I had as you know I am always mixing it up with my crafting and horse back riding. The first photo is of a project I am working on for my sister. I am thinking of making a bunch of these as gifts as they stitch together easily and I am so happy I finished one! On to the second one, after I tie up and stitch in the ends! They come in a pair! SO FUN! πŸ˜€

Finger-less mittens. I know it’s Spring now, but they will come in handy this next winter!

I also finished another baby blanket for my nephew and his wife. Their baby is due in May. Here is a photo, look familiar? I made the same one for my grandson, only I chose a different blue so no two are alike, that’s how I roll! I have to personalize them. This baby blanket stitches up fast. So fast I may make more in different colors and sell them at the local craft fair!

I used a baby blue for baby Teddy (my grandson). I Love this too! Lots of boys this year adding to the family tree!

I stitch at home in the afternoons before I have to sleep. Since I work night shift I need to have some down time so I crochet while I watch some TV. Usually I am watching recorded cooking shows, I am really into them and like the competition shows the best. I feel like an old lady saying that, but oh well, I’m probably an old lady! HAHA! I watch other shows too…. some news but that gets old after awhile and there’s other recorded drama shows my hubby and I watch together. Holy smokes, how did I get on that subject! So silly. On to my weekend, and I really wanted to share a few photos from my trail ride. πŸ˜€

My best friend on Gracie, the chestnut and I am riding Miss Chloe and ponying Zack!

We were heading back to the barn when another best friend was heading out and saw us and stopped and took a couple of photos of us coming in and I am so thankful for these photos as I am terrible about asking someone to take them of me riding! AND we have our masks on too, so it will be our photos to look back on during a pandemic! CRAZY DAYS! Our friends at the stables call each other pony sister’s, so Thank You Jane, my pony sister for these wonderful photos. ❀

Zack looks like he’s thinking, are we done now? We went for a longer ride so I think he is tired!
I gave Chloe a bath after my ride this weekend! She is SO SWEET!!

After our ride I cleaned up Zack and put him away and then gave Miss Chloe a bath. I really need to give Zack a bath and am waiting until it warms up this week. By Thursday it will be in the 90’s (32 Celsius) so I will give him a bath then as he takes longer to dry. His coat isn’t as short as Chloe’s and I would like it to be nice and warm for him since he is a bit older.

As I wrap this up I have all these thoughts running through my head. I usually try hard to write my blog with a theme, whether it be my horses, or my family or sometimes just my crafting. I think I’ve mixed my crafting and horses often as I do take the most photos of these two things. I am finding that my mind is kind of all over the place, probably because our every day lives are a bit tenuous, and that is probably an understatement. I want to stay positive and keep this post about the weekend, I think you all won’t mind. πŸ˜€

Aren’t they just ADORABLE! ❀ ❀ ❀

These two brothers are just amazing to me. How can you not say – AWWW! Sending my hugs like these two kitties, from my house to yours!

Happy thoughts, Happy Loving Cowgirl,


15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Keeping Busy!

  1. That was just all so awwwww. I love the coloured masks whilst riding yas look like a really friendly horse gang. hahaha. I love the knitted gloves, its Autumn here so they would be handy (haha get it handy sorry) right now. the baby blanket is sweet. The snuggle bugs in the last photo just adorable, thanks for the smiley share. Have a great rest of the week.
    lunch sounded great whats for dinner?

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    1. Thanks so much for having lunch with me as we got caught up from the weekend! The colorful masks have grown as my sister sent some to me that I’ve shared that she sewed!! How about chicken pot pie for dinner!! Yummy to the tummy! β€οΈπŸ˜‹

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  2. The fingerless mitten is a beauty as well as all of your work. Is it really supposed to be in the nineties? I am glad that California had some rain.. Enjoy the rest of your week..Chicken pot pie sounds really good.

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    1. Thanks kindly!! And yes, it’s been unseasonably cool the last few months and so we have been enjoying it as much as we can because the heat is coming!! I’ll make a few chicken pot pies to share with all! πŸ₯°πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰

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  3. Those two cats are divine! I enjoyed this post as it covers many aspects of your life. I love the photos of you both riding in your masks and you ponying Zack. I might be able to pony another horse with Biasini but it would have to be a horse he liked. And Arnold Palmers! I LOVE THEM. I always get them in Florida. Stay well Diana!

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    1. Awe, those kitties are a treasure!! And thank you for enjoying Arnold Palmer’s with me today! Yes, it has to be a horse they like that’s for sure and am glad they enjoy each other’s company so I can pony. I was so afraid to be out on the streets with them like this but it’s worked out GREAT! Many folks pony horses around here and so I told myself, you can do this too!! I’m glad I finally have a photo that captures us together!! Take care dear friend and I hope you will be able to get to the barn soon!! Praying for a lift in restrictions soon! 🀠❀️

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  4. The fingerless mittens look like a definite hit!!!
    For us winter is coming
    Temperatures getting cooler…. But what i also really think is an awesome idea is like a blanket but with sleeves so you can use your phone or read a book with your hands remaining cosy lol


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    1. My hubby has a blanket with sleeves, called s snuggle blanket! Lol πŸ˜€ but I’ve never thought of making one. Hmm, that is something I might do! Thanks for the like on my fingerless mittens. They are really comfy. I need a pair for myself! 🀣πŸ₯°πŸ‘


      1. Haha, that’s EXACTLY right! Like a backwards robe!! Kinda silly looking but hey, whatever floats your boat! Lol πŸ™‚ and I try not to laugh when hubby uses in the winter time! Hehe!!

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  5. This was such a nice post. I enjoyed seeing the riding photos. I don’t have many photos at all of me riding, even though that is something I’ve been doing for close to 40 years. So I know what you mean. LOL. I spend less time on my blog now, as I am usually away from home 12 hours/day during the week. I do so love the weekend coffee share, getting together with my friends πŸ™‚ Thank you for your friendship. ❀

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    1. Thank you so very much dear friend!! Isn’t that the way, not very many photos of us riding! I wish we could have a ranch together!! Dreams! ❀️🐴 This last week I’ve been soooo busy and I’m down to trying to write a weekend coffee share and then a Smile post each week. I missed the smile post last week. I totally understand how long your days are and am grateful you can fit our visits in on the weekends!! Thank you for your friendship too! ❀️❀️❀️


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