My Weekly Smile; Rain and Crochet!

Rain, lots and lots of rain! It is pouring outside right now and I am enjoying the sound of the rain as it comes down on the roof. BUT rain and my outdoor activities do not mix that well. My horses don’t mind but I mind the muddy mess that happens when it rains non-stop. We need rain. Here in California they have been saying we are now in a drought. We were out of drought after last years deluge of massive amounts of rain. But it doesn’t last long when you have a dry winter. I guess winter is coming late! I can’t complain too much, I have a love/hate relationship with rain. What do you do when it rains? or when you have inclement weather? I catch up with things around the house which includes my crochet projects. Oh yes, my smile this week is for the rain! After all, who wants to be in drought status?

9 days of rain! Wow, I wonder if it will rain all these days? We see the forecast change daily as I’m sure many places do. I had to post this before it changed!

The other reason I’m smiling for the rain is even though I have a personal love/hate relationship which directly involves my horses, outside of the horses I just absolutely LOVE the rain and all that it brings. It will bring beautiful spring flowers, maybe we will see some California poppies bloom again this year. Last year was a record bloom all over our hills. It was absolutely beautiful and we do not see these huge blooms every year. I know we really need the rain, so I wonder if the weather report will hold true? We will see! 😀

I also wanted to share on this smile my projects that I have been working on since I am spending more time indoors because of the weather. So I have two things to smile about this week, why not! It is fun to share what I am working on and a few things I have completed.

I am making another baby blanket only I’m using a teal blue. Something a little different than the blanket I made for baby Teddy.
I just made the Jawa, the other Star Wars characters welcomed him to the group! 😀

My nephew and wife are due a baby boy in May so I have time to make another Sweet Dreams blanket. I thought I would use a slightly different blue so it would be unique and be a little different for me when working on it. This pattern is really fun to make and goes together really quickly. I’m thinking of making more with different colors, like pink and lavender. I was thinking I could sell them at our local craft fair that we have in town. I have already sold these Star Wars characters there, so I will have to make more of them as well. They stitch up quickly too, especially once I have made them and I have made many of some characters. I’ve lost track of all the Yoda’s I have made. Haha, he is popular!

We make a BIG DEAL of weather here where I live. Love all the clouds!!

Thanks for visiting my smile this week. What makes you smile? Anything happening in your world this week. I really enjoy sharing and I am going to get busy with my crochet and will be visiting my horses even in the rain and make sure they have a dry spot under their shelters. I will buy some shavings which help soak up any wet areas and helps keep a dry area for them. They don’t care, but I care and us crazy horse people have to do what we can. I hope you all have a great week!

Smiling in the Rain,

~Diana ❤

15 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Rain and Crochet!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments!! I just Love sharing and my crochet projects are really, really FUN! Especially all the Star Wars figures!! I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan! ❤️🥰😃

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      1. I was at a small store and bought my niece some crochet pot holders and coasters! The set was amazing and I hope she likes the coasters – but they had no Star Wars items – haha – so cheers to yours even more
        And thanks for sharing your smile – I was reminded that Trent’s idea was to share smiles and it works !

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      2. Awe, I bet she’ll love them. I have this great pattern I make for gifts for crochet pot holders! Great gifts!
        Hmm… I need to make even more Star Wars and get them out there! Lol😃 Trent is AMAZING! Love all he does for the SMILE posts!! ❤️

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  1. Glad you can use the rain-time for your crocheting. On the bright side of that 9 days of foretasted rain, most of the days are like 40%%, so possibly not that bad… I do hope, that you do get some spring flowers out of it all! Have a great week 🙂

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    1. Yes, it may not rain on those days with 40% which may mean I may be able to trail ride! Lol – Love spring flowers so hopefully they’ll be blooming big!! Thanks for visiting and have a great week too! 🤠

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    1. Hahaha! Yes, thankful it ended up not raining today. Beautiful out actually, but more storms tomorrow and especially Friday! 🤣🤠🌦️⛈️
      (Am thankful for the creative people that make and write out patterns for those Star Wars figures!) 😉


  2. We have been trying to keep up with walking, despite the rain. It’s supposed to get colder by Friday. I have just finished shredding a big stack of paperwork. What a chore, but I can smile now. You sound energetic and enthusiastic. That’s wonderful and yes, I believe in encouraging ourselves..

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    1. Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL comments. Yes, I am such a procrastinator, don’t stick to plans or actually goals I may set for myself, so writing like this helps me stay motivated! So weird, but it works. And I get really excited to share with you all! 🤠😉❤️

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  3. We seem to be on a rain break now but the past month was very rainy… I hate mud, but hey how do you dance in the rain without a little mud?

    The star wars “thingies” are super nice!!!!

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    1. Awe, thanks B! I just Love making those Star Wars little thingies!! 🤗

      Glad y’all got some much needed rain. It’s still raining here, so MUCH water and mud! Lucky I got some rain boots for Xmas this last year as I’ll be wearing them a lot here!


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    1. Thank you kindly Kellie! I have 2 small books that are Disney crochet books written by Lucy Collin. They are easy and super fun to make if you crochet. Once I made one, the rest went together pretty fast. I’ve made many characters and given many away! Some as gifts and some to friends just because they are so cute!! I’m glad you like them! 😀❤️

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