Weekend Coffee Share; Babies 2020!

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new). Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? It’s been a busy week!

Welcome to my coffee share and I have an announcement to make, I am a Grandma again! YES, my grandson came early this last week and what a crazy week. I also am noticing that I am writing this on 2/29/2020 leap year! 2020 is truly an exciting year as in my family there are many babies due this year. My Niece had her fourth son two days before my grandson was born and this grand nephew? I think he would be to me? was born on my oldest sister’s birthday 2/25! EXCITING! Everett is the son of my niece and two days later on 2/27 my grandson Teddy was born. I AM SO EXCITED! I may explode!! HAHA! I JUST LOVE BABIES! ❤ ❤ ❤

We had made plans for my youngest son who is in-between jobs to fly out this last Thursday evening to be in Arizona to help with my granddaughter while they are in the hospital delivering baby Teddy. My oldest son had planned this time with the help of doctor visits, Teddy wasn’t due until 3/9 so they thought this last week would be a good week to get brother out there to help. Around 7am mom’s water broke! OH NO! she is going into labor and my son isn’t going to arrive until that evening to take care of Alice.

So it was decided that he drive out (5 hour drive) as his ticket was basic economy, the cheapest and there was no standby option. He would have to buy a whole new ticket which was pricey. He made it in time to pick up Alice at the hospital and take her home. Teddy arrived 5 hours later. What a crazy week!!!

Welcome Theodore “Teddy” David to this world! 7lb 1oz birthday 2/27 ❤
Love these two SO MUCH! Photo taken before Teddy arrived in the hosptial!

So EXCITING! Such a great time for these young’ins. I remember those days, being pregnant and giving birth to some wonderful children and now it is their turn. I labeled this post as babies 2020 and one of my sisters has 5 grown children and they are all married with kids, but 4 are not done growing their family’s. The oldest has 3 girls and won’t have any more. How is your coffee? or maybe you are sipping some tea? I am trying to take in this last week, it’s like pinch me, grandma again!

I thought I would run down the list real quick. I already mentioned one niece had her 4th son on 2/25. My nephew’s wife is due 3/21 with a girl, and the next nephew’s wife is due 5/25 with a boy. Then there is one more niece due sometime in September and we do not know yet the sex so I have some time for home made gifts. My best friend has made baby crochet/knit items to help share with all these babies and I will make another baby blanket and baby hats to go with more baby booties. OH MY, so many babies this year! My oldest sister has a spreadsheet she keeps updating and sends to us and this family is blooming!! She will be busy updating it this year! 😀

Completed baby blanket for baby Teddy! I will make another with a different blue for niece or nephew. Maybe I will make two, it would look cute with purple yarn too!
Kitty thinks it is a nice blanket too! KITTY -follows me all around!
Here is booties and baby hats for a girl or boy. My best friend knitted the booties from my Mom’s pattern. My sister knows how to knit these booties too. I don’t knit, only crochet. Need to mail these out soon!

Thanks for visiting my coffee share as I am just so incredibly proud and very happy my family is growing and that everyone is happy and healthy. My youngest son will stay and help out for a few weeks and then come home. I’m so curious how my granddaughter is going to feel with a new baby in the house. She was the only one for the last 4 1/2 years, now baby brother will take time away from her! I know this will be very good for her in many ways. I am so excited for my son and his family. We are still working on moving to Arizona but the planning and figuring everything out is very daunting, never giving up on our dreams. Just need to take things one day at a time and keep plowing away on our goals. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 😀

Excited, grateful, proud Grandma!


19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Babies 2020!

  1. Congrats Grandma! Such great news.
    I knew you were a baby person, but all these new family members must have you pegged in over-stimulation pretty much around the clock.
    I don’t recall, but did I share my three baby stories with you? We have 3 kids and I wrote a small item for each of them. If you don’t recall reading them, I’m pretty sure they would leave you smiling. You are, after all, a baby magnet.

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    1. Thank you Gary! And yes, so it seems – there are babies everywhere around me! Lol – and I do love them so. I will check out your stories! Thank you kindly for the easy links! ❤️😉💙


  2. Congratulations!!!! This is awesome Grandma! How exciting ❤ I can feel that your heart is overflowing of love and happiness. This is wonderful! Your personal gifts are beautiful. I still think of, and see (with the eyes of my mind) the things my grandma made for me and my sister.

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    1. Thank you so MUCH dear friend! Yes, my heart is overflowing! I’m so happy it brings back fond memories of your grandma too.❤️ I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! 🥰❤️💙


  3. Congratulations! There are few, if any, things in life that can bring as much joy as the arrival of a newborn healthy baby. Your knitting and crochet gifts look wonderful and will be keepsakes for years to come.

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    1. Thank you so much my dear friend!! It truly is a special time. So blessed when everyone is healthy! And my Mom and all my sister’s really helped me with my crafting. I don’t know if I would do all I do without their guidance and inspirations! Thank you! ❤️🥰


  4. Oh my crickey how exciting, I’m so happy for you all. What a beautiful baby & I love the name Theodore. I love the surprise of not knowing when their actually going to arrive & how a tiny little person can turn everyone’s world upside down & make you run. Sounds like you better get knittin up more of those beautiful blankets, so snug. Congratulations to you all, what truly blessed babys to be born into such a beautiful family.

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    1. Oh my goodness!! I just Love the Aussie in you as I can totally hear your Aussie accent when you write!! 🤣❤️ LOVE IT! And thank you dear friend for all you kind, WONDERFUL words!! I’m beyond EXCITED!! Those cute puffy cheeks. I can’t wait to see him in person, that little Teddy already has my heart!! And yes! Lots of knittin to do! ❤️😃👍😃🥰💙

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  5. congratulations Diana, looks like 2020 is the year of the babies !! The family is growing, you mentioned a spreadsheet are you doing some sort of digital family tree ( which reminds me that I actually meant to do one as well but kinds forgot about it)
    I see you finished the baby blanket in time, I remember when you shared a picture of it as a work in progress
    Have an awesome week, one day at a time

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    1. Thank you so much dear B! ❤️ My oldest sister (I think of her as the matriarch of the family since my parents have passed!) She has taken on the family tree in spreadsheet’s. Logging everything in her computer and then sending to us when she updates. She’s been doing this since the 90’s I believe, (to me, like forever! Lol) so not sure what update we are on, but there’s been many! 🤣 And 2020 will be her busiest year thus far I think! And yes, I was going to share my finished baby blanket in a smile post, but baby Teddy came early so he got my weekend coffee share attention!!! 🥰💙


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