Weekend Coffee Share; Hawaii Travel FUN!

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new). Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? I’ve been very busy traveling!

Above is Hanalei Bay, Kauai and I can say that it has to be one of the greenest places I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I know many people have visited and I am so very happy I can say I have finally been to Hawaii! I have a lot to share, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and I’ll go through some photos. I took so many, I don’t want this to be a zillion photos so I’ll choose carefully. I can’t believe how busy I’ve been. My sister came to town from Idaho and she was here to see her son and help take care of my horses while I was away on my trip. She stayed long enough for us to enjoy many trail rides before she headed home. Hence why I’ve been away. It’s been a whirlwind of travel, visiting and then getting back into the groove of life! What has been happening in your world? I am hoping you are having a wonderful week into this weekend! 😀

My view from my window in Kauai. I am in the jungle, so it seems. What a beautiful place!
My daughter booked a movie tour where we road a bus to all these incredible sites where many movies have been filmed. The tour guide was amazing! A lady on the tour bus graciously took this photo of us, so kind!

It’s funny but I have it in my head about how long I want to write my posts and about how many photos I want to share and I stick to this kind of guide I’ve created. I know I don’t need to be exactly the same from post to post but I am struggling a bit as to how many photos and how much to share! Kind of silly really. I know you can read much faster than I can write and here I’ve just written a paragraph of nothing! But it weighs on my mind. So bear with me as I gather my thoughts. I think this will be one of my longest posts with probably the most photos. I think I will keep sharing and labeling the photos with a sprinkle of words in between. How is that coffee? need a refill? I also have shared on other social media and so this for some will be a repeat of some of my photos!

This is on Poipu Beach, the other side of the Island. We stayed in Princeville. We had dinner here and it was great to travel almost the whole Island!
I just LOVE this photo of my daughter and I
Beautiful ocean, beautiful daughter!
The falls behind us, I can’t remember what movie was shot here. There has been close to 100 filmed here and ads and TV shows too!
The weather is amazing here, super sunny and beautiful one minute with clouds rolling through hourly with rain! No wonder it is so GREEN! Another movie stop at this jetty.

We then traveled from Kauai to Oahu. It is a very short flight and oh what a different Island! It reminded me of California where I live to be honest as there is a lot more people in Honolulu, definitely more traffic than Kauai. We went and ate at Restaurant 604, with a beautiful view of Pearl Harbor bay. Even though traffic was worse on this Island, it was not as bad as CA traffic and we went to the Dole Plantation, the North shore for amazing shrimp lunch and a Luau on the West side of the Island. We went to Waikiki beach and ate a breakfast at Cinnamon’s, an amazing restaurant with the best pancakes and Eggs Benedict! I need to go on a diet, I ate so much and had such great food! 😀

My first ever bloody Mary. They are famous for their’s so I had to try it and I didn’t know it was spicy. I enjoyed it actually! This is at Restaurant 604!
Sipping my bloody Mary watching the sunset! Gorgeous!
Waikiki Beach, where we ate at Cinnamon’s! YUMMY!
Food truck lunch that Guy Fieri visited on his TV show Triple D (I’m a huge Food Network FAN!) The food AMAZING! Lemon pepper shrimp and Garlic Shrimp, at the North Shore.
Experiencing our first Luau! Great food and great entertainment. We did SO MUCH in 5 days!

I have decided to dedicate another post to Pearl Harbor and the photos I took there instead of cramming everything into this single post. We had such a blast, and I have to thank my daughter from the bottom of our hearts for this absolutely WONDERFUL vacation. It was much needed and she did an awesome job planning everything. We owe her so much, just indebted to her generosity and her LOVE for travel. She makes traveling even better as it is her passion. I so enjoyed everything we did and I am also very grateful she doesn’t mind keeping the traveling short. I know we could easily spend 2 weeks in Hawaii and visit other Islands but with my horses and work I find it difficult to be away much longer than 6 – 7 days at one time. This time away was PERFECT!

Saying Good-bye to Oahu, Hawaii!

Thank you for visiting and having coffee with me today as I reminisce about my travels. I had so much fun sharing, I hope you enjoyed. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Traveling Mom, Wife


12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Hawaii Travel FUN!

  1. It looks like a wonderful, wonderful time Diana. I so enjoyed these photos, and the lines you’ve shared on Facebook. I am so happy for you hat you got this experience. I have a wonderful memory from going to Honolulu with my grandma as a 14 year old. It was a real adventure. I relived it with your beautiful photos. The green is amazing. Thank you!

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    1. Awe, I’m glad it brought back fond memories. Thank you so much for enjoying with me, I feel like I get kiddy like a child, overflowing with Joy! 🥰😃❤️


      1. Wow looks like it was quite the experience its definitely a beautiful place.
        Also matching places to the movies that have been shot there skid add a dimension to some movies and I would totally rewatch some movies simply because I saw where it was shot and bragging rights that you know what… I was there ha!

        Have an awesome week.

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      2. Thanks so MUCH for visiting!! And YES! The tour guide printed a list of all the movies so we can check them out and watch. There are a ton of really old movies at least old to me, like from the 50’s and 60’s. It will be fun to check them out one of these days! One of the most famous films was Jurassic Park – not so old and it’s sequels. So that’s pretty darn cool! 😎👍
        Have a great week too! 😉


  2. Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing I was excitedly anticipating your Hawaii holiday Snaps & chat. It looks so beautiful, gold stars & smiley stamps to your daughter & your Sister. It sounds like the perfect life, a little horse riding, a little traveling, mixed with a little dining with a beautiful family. Love the funky birds on the railing they look like they have party hats on.lol

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting and am so happy you enjoyed the photos and all! I can’t complain, and feel very fortunate to have this life and family! ❤️ The minute I opened the door to the patio, those little party hat birds flew to the railing!! Maybe there’s been folks that have fed them? Perfect for a photo at least! Lol 😃

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  3. Hi Diana, what a great time you all must have had. I think you are going to be sorting and resorting and enjoying photos for a long time to come.
    Thanks for sharing and I’m very glad you are back safe and sound.

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    1. Hi Gary, thank you so much for visiting and yes, I already have in my head a few more shares with many more photos! Haha, that’s what happens when you vacation and you love taking photos and then want to share them!! Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️😃


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