Walking, Invigorating!

On my walk this morning. The sun comes up over the hill and illuminates the buildings, it may be too hard to see, so far away. As I look at this photo, I can see Catalina Island! Pretty cool! I am looking towards the Pacific Ocean.

Many folks are exercise guru’s, so motivated that they do not need much prompting to get out there and exercise. I’m the type that procrastinates but once I get going I really enjoy the exercise, it is so invigorating that I know once I keep up my walking schedule that I actually look forward to it no matter what the weather. I do not have a gym membership, and there is a simple reason why. I own horses! Haha, they are my gym membership as I really would rather spend my money on them and try hard to stay fit and active outdoors. I am also including with my walks, lots of stretching and yoga. I think any little bit you do is better than nothing, what do you do for exercise? I know many run (I’m envious) but I’m just not a runner. And I know many do the gym and I think if I didn’t have horses I would definitely join a gym! πŸ˜€

Haha, trying to capture the sunrise here! Love the sun rising up over our local hills! ❀
My temps for today. I am going to get my gloves for my next walk! My hands just get so cold but otherwise I am loving the cool mornings! ❀
YIKES! The wind is coming today. My girlfriend and I are hoping to get in a trail ride before the wind this morning. Trail rides and wind, not going to happen.

As I get ready for my day I am enjoying this weather. It has been a mild winter for us here which I have to say I am enjoying immensely. I am sharing my walking partly to keep myself accountable. I can’t believe how much I can procrastinate, and so this helps me stay motivated. I enjoy sharing my walking expeditions, even though they are small and in my neighborhood!

I am praying the strong winds stay away long enough to fit in a trail ride as my best friend is off today and the wind is coming. We can’t ride in the wind as it is dangerous. We have a lot of palm trees around the streets on the trails. If a palm frond fly’s off in the wind they have spikes on them and you do not want to get hit with one and they are usually huge! Also, the horses can be very spooky in the wind, although our horses are seasoned trail ponies, anything can be blowing around so of course it is just not safe.

SUNRISE in my neck of the woods!

I will close with my sunrise photo. It sure puts a smile on my face and am so happy I went out on my walk this morning. I hope you all have great day and week!

Walking for health and well being,

~Diana ❀

7 thoughts on “Walking, Invigorating!

  1. Horses are the best workout ever for body & soul, good on you for walking as well. Great pics The sunrise is beautiful. We don’t ride when its windy either too many trees. Its so funny I’m sitting here in humid sticky heat with all the windows open & the fan on while your trying to stay warm. Doesn’t take much to amuse me, I think I need to get out more.lol

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    1. Hahaha! You make me giggle!! I have gone to doctors who ask me if I exercise and I say of course, I ride horses! They stare at me and say, no – I mean exercise like walking, running, go to gym…. Sheesh, I just shake my head as they have no idea all we do with horses! I’m lifting and moving 50 lb bags of grain, raking stalls, etc… I know you know all we do… You know I would love to fill their ear! But I just sigh, hence why I try and walk. I think it helps clear my mind too! Lol – I hope your heat subsides soon! Stay cool my friend! πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. I Love hearing from you Anne! I’m glad you enjoyed the sunrise! And thank you, once I start fitting walking into my schedule the more I look forward to it. It’s amazing how that works! β€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

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