My Weekly Smile; Jan. 22, 2020

An early rose bloom! 😀

I went out for my walk this morning and saw some early blooms on my roses and thought I would share. I have posted before my rose blooms and although I love how pretty they are what I love the most is the smell. Just LOVE rose, definitely one of my favorites. This put a huge smile on my face as it is still winter and yet some of my roses are blooming! They have loved the rain we have been getting and the cool weather. My smile today is just enjoying another day off. I so look forward to my days off, who doesn’t right? My days off are split which is okay with me as I work night shift so it works out working a few nights and then getting a day off to recharge. I’m happy with my schedule! What makes you smile? Is there anything special happening this week? or maybe just enjoying your day?

This is my tea rose which is getting a few blooms.

It’s been very cool the last few weeks with temps barely hitting 60 degrees. For us here in Southern California, it is nice and cold. It gets down into the 40’s at night with cloud cover and down in the 30’s when the clouds are gone. The morning dew is here and with all the clouds and rainy weather its such a nice relief from our many months of sun and heat. I took a few photos on my walk this morning. I love the clouds, haha, we do not get clouds as much as sun in this part of the world. 😀

This is heading down the hill to my house. So wintry out!
The sun rising and illuminating the clouds. So pretty and silvery grey!

I am enjoying my day off so much. I am seeing the sun shining in the front yard now that it is rising and that puts a smile on my face. The high today will be 65 degrees and I just looked at the 10 day forecast and starting tomorrow it will be in the 70’s and by the end of this month the high will be 80 so it is beginning to warm up.

I also wanted to post an update with the kitties as they are doing excellent! They are so happy and they have settled in so nicely. I am really happy about the transition and am very thankful they have adjusted and find us enjoyable to be around. They will follow me around the house, so cute. They play with the kitty toys and let us know it is time for breakfast or dinner! Their meows are so cute, and they rub on us and let us rub and scratch their chins. Happy kitties! 😀

Tried to get them to look at me, they are so adorable as they love laying and sleeping together!

I want to thank Trent for hosting the weekly smile! Thanks for visiting and smiling with me today! Have a wonderful rest of your week.

~Diana ❤

10 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Jan. 22, 2020

  1. The roses its times like this smelly blogs would be great, we have a few rose varieties the pale pink ones always seem to have the stronger smell. just beautiful. Its so nice you have beautiful mountain views & big open sky to enjoy. haha is that the cat bed in the back ground that they’re supposed to sleep in, they look like such characters, so cute. Love your weekly smile.

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    1. Haha, I wish we had the ability to smell or taste things. I’ve seen some great cooking blogs too! My pale pink roses definitely have the stronger smell too! And yes, that is a cat bed in the background. My son gave it to me and told me the all grey Kitty, Dinah loves her bed! So we keep moving it around and she’s only slept in it once. So far that’s it’s spot for now! Lol 😃
      I’m so happy you enjoyed my smile, that makes me SMILE!! 😄


  2. It’s supposed to be really warm here tomorrow, maybe even up to 40! 😉 Cool that there are roses blooming in the winter. Last year I saw one blooming in the winter on Cape Cod, which was just odd! I’m sure it’s been too cold this year. Have a great week 🙂

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  3. AWE!! You are the best, so sweet. I feel like we know each other as some of the best people I’ve known are horse people!! You’ve made me SMILE!! Thank you kindly! 😃🥰


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