My Weekly Smile; Jan 15, 2020

What makes you smile? I so enjoy sharing and I have to thank Trent who hosts the Weekly Smile!

I woke up this morning to very thick fog. There is a storm moving in and 70% chance of rain Thursday night with fog and clouds all day today. A gloomy day and am hoping this fog will lift a bit so I can get a trail ride in today. I do love a change in weather and am enjoying a hot bowl of oatmeal with my coffee as I cozy up to work on my crochet blanket. Oh wait, this isn’t a weekend coffee share, it’s my weekly smile! I am smiling because I have mostly finished my baby blanket for my new grandson coming soon!

A VERY foggy morning. It is so thick and usually burns off pretty early. I took this at 9am and as I write this it is still very thick and am hoping it will burn off by noon!

I had to share a photo of the fog. It usually does not hang around much once the sun comes up and I know there is plenty of fog around for all in most areas of the country. It just makes it feel more like winter here since we do not see much variance in weather changes where I live. Haha, I find little things fascinating, as I go on so about the fog. I suppose it is giving me a good excuse to be lazy and just cozy up here in my warm home!

I am all done and this is the back of my blanket. I have to sew in all those yarn tails! Once sewn in to hide them and snip them off so nothing comes undone – then I will crochet a border!
This is the almost completed blanket. After I tie off all the ends in the back I will crochet a border! This is my SMILE for this week! πŸ˜€

I know I am not completely done but am so excited to be finished with the main piece. I just have to figure out the border. I could leave it like it is but I think it would be just a little bit bigger and look more finished with a nice crochet border! I am so happy with how it turned out. It is soft and very warm and will be a nice baby blanket for my grandson due in a couple months. I am so excited and am smiling with the work I have been able to complete! YAY! πŸ˜€

Thank you for visiting my smile this week. I think these smiles are so WONDERFUL! What makes you smile? I think it is fun as I head into each week to think about what makes me smile. Sometimes its just the sunshine on my face, or a pet or hug on any one of my many animals. Maybe its a kitty who now snuggles or wants kitty scratches under the chin. Maybe a smile is a completed craft, or a nice walk, or the exercise that keeps you fit! I was suppose to walk this morning, but will walk this afternoon instead, trying to keep myself motivated! I hope you all have wonderful week.

Smiling, crafting Grandma,

~Diana ❀

27 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Jan 15, 2020

    1. Thank you Trent! I felt like I had a deadline, so glad it’s almost done before the birth.
      Yes, I hate driving in fog which happens to me driving to work at night. I was off last night, so was lucky this time to see it out my window! Lol 😊

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  1. the start of your blog lol…..I love the fog, I love as it rises, every now & then you see it move across with a breeze, I imagine we are in the clouds, it is a fascinating & beautiful thing to watch. The blanket is just gorgeous it looks so soft, do you ever do them in grown up size. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Haha!! I just write like I see it! 🀣 Fog is a very interesting weather event!

      Yes! I have made grown up crochet blankets but not this style. This blanket is corner to corner stitching and the first blanket I’ve made like this and it’s really fun and easy to make. Comes together pretty fast! In the pattern book I’m using they have other designs for cool lap throws. I may have to make a full size blanket one of these days too. I’m enjoying learning different techniques. I made a granny square throw blanket (I’ve shared in a post already) I’d like to make more of those as those are fun and really pretty too! I maybe should make them and sell them! Or I could give them away for a good cause. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜β€οΈ

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  2. Wow that’s some interesting fog… We never get any that thick it’s very rare….
    Oh and it seems like we are in thunderstorm season, which is a knew season since we never used to get frequent storms met department says it’s cause of the hot weather…

    Can one get lost in the fog?

    Wow love the blanket how long does it take to do one?


    PS I hope the weather is better now cheers to the weekend

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    1. The fog here can get REALLY bad, super thick, so bad that it makes driving very difficult! There’s been numerous car pile-ups on highways here due to the thick fog over the years and am thankful when I can see just enough getting to and from my commute when I work and it’s foggy. . Usually the thickest is near the coast which makes sense since the cold ocean waters, or is it warm ocean waters…..

      Well, I went to look up fog and it’s formation and went down a rabbit hole, haha, suffice it to say we have meteorological and topographical conditions for some amazing thick as pea soup fog!! I think one can DEFINITELY get lost in the fog!!! You can’t even see street signs, let alone traffic signals sometimes! YIKES!! Haha!

      And thank you for the kind comments on the blanket!! Let’s see, I started it about 3 months ago, but I only work on it a few hours a day. So I bet if I squashed all those hours into a week or three (like if I was retired) than it would stitch up pretty fast!

      So sorry, I feel like I’m really having trouble coming up with concrete answers! πŸ™ƒπŸ€ͺπŸ˜ƒ This blanket really went together fast compared to others I’ve made!! I want to make more. (There’s more babies due in the family, 2 nieces are having babies too but I’ll never finish 2 more by their due date! ) 😁❀️
      I wish we had a thunderstorm season! I actually REALLY enjoy thunderstorms! πŸ˜„


      1. Maybe it’s where cold ocean water meets warm current hahaha

        It’s fascinating when you look up something and down the rabbit whole you go…. That’s happened to me when I was looking up something about thunderstorms since my latest blog posts have had references to those and now I know some totally random things like, wearing thick rubber shoes will not save you from a lightning strike its much too powerful to be stopped by a layer of rubber a few inches from the ground, even car tyres aren’t what keep you safe, it’s the whole car having metal to dissipate the lightning so a soft top convertible is totally not safe, or a plastic car nope you don’t want that one…. But I digress

        Oooh I can knit a plain pearl stitch scarf hahaha


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      1. I’m 59 years old. This year is the big 60! Haha, I don’t feel a day over 20 right? Except my feet hurt at the end of my shift at work. I still work full time night shift! But I enjoy my job, working as a supervisor in a veterinarian laboratory. Helping animals!
        I worked for a horse trainer out of high school, horses are in my blood, almost became a horse trainer but it’s a tough job. I’m liking the path I took. And yes! I’m one of 6 kids, my parents, my Mom especially was the glue that binded us… There’s 5 girls one boy. We are all in different states and with texting and social media we stay in touch as family but not like what it was.

        My family is everything to me so I totally know I’m the glue that keeps the heart of family beating!! Love being Grandma too!! ❀️❀️❀️

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      2. I am a 1954 model. Rodeoing and horseshoeing kind of took a toll on the ole body. Your job sounds interesting. I love πŸ’— photography, the river and kayaking. You can’t beat the Missouri Ozark streams.

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      3. Oh yes, a tough business to be in for our bodies, that’s for dang sure!!! And I too LOVE photography! I should invest in a good camera but am thankful the phone cameras have come along as it’s always in my pocket!! Better than no photo! Haha! ❀️ And you are my sister’s age… Nothing wrong with that! The Missouri Ozarks sounds BEAUTIFUL!!

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      4. WOW! I bet! I’m usually working at 2am! πŸ˜„ I’d love to move to Arizona to be closer to my grand kids. Am working on that but it may take awhile. Then I’d like to get horse property or be out of the the city lights. I bet that campfire and the stars are just AMAZING!!

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