Weekend Coffee Share; Walking, Crochet and Horse Fun

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? any weekend plans?

This is sunrise just coming up over the hills across the street as I walk this morning. It was a brisk 37 degrees and I can’t tell you how good it felt to get outside and walk. I am the hugest procrastinator and I do not really make New year resolutions, but I told myself it is a new year so get out and WALK! I may not exactly be fit but fit enough to walk and am in good health and want to walk miles. I really do, but to fit the time in to walk into my busy schedule is where I struggle the most! I am tired of my excuses, it helps that I share because it makes me feel more accountable even though it is to myself! Crazy, but it works!

My walk ended here and there was slushy ice on the cars windshields in our driveway!

On my walk this morning I checked the temps and have to say was taken aback. I thought brrr, that’s cold. I have made crochet caps and haven’t used any of them yet and thought PERFECT! It was great to wear and kept my head and ears very warm. I love to walk with a walking stick, which I brought with me and my fingers were getting a bit cold. I should have worn gloves but my walk wasn’t that long and the cold bearable. I thought I would share the hats I have made with a few scarfs. I have over the years made dozens of scarfs and given away many. These two are really different and one is an infinity scarf or circle scarf where you can twist it around and go around your neck several times. I probably could have worn one this morning but didn’t think about it as I headed out the door. Can I freshen your coffee or tea? I thought I’d share a photo or two of my crafts! 😀

These are 4 caps I’ve crocheted and 2 scarfs. The 1 red cap is a different pattern and came out huge! Lol, I should find a guy with a big head for that one. The other 3 are all the same pattern but with different types of yarn Interesting how different they look! The light blue scarf is the infinity scarf, it was fun to make! They were all fun to make!
Christmas presents from my daughter and with a gift card I received! Crochet FUN for years!!!

Oh my, I have so many things I want to crochet! I have enough books and patterns to crochet for years and years!! I just love creating all these cool things. I can’t wait to make those cute crochet horses! And my daughter who bought me the box with the horses also bought the cacti crochet. She said she wants some cactus for her book shelves!! So creative and FUN!!

I could go on and on about my crafting fun. I also want to make more Star Wars figures. There are so many people at my work who Love Star Wars and I know they would love those crochet figures. I need to finish the baby blanket first for the new grandson coming in a few months. I am almost done with it and want it completed before I start any new projects. Luckily it is coming together fairly quickly so the end is in sight! I will share a photo of it when I get it completed. It is REALLY CUTE, nice and soft and warm!!

I can’t believe this selfie turned out as it is difficult to do with her big head!

I’ve enjoyed having coffee with you this morning. I am off to the stables to ride my horses and enjoy my morning with my horsey girlfriends! I will then come home run a test with my new Instant Pot I got with the gift card I received from my work. I need to learn how to use it and I am sure it isn’t difficult but there are a lot of buttons to learn and I need to wash it and get it ready so I can cook with it soon. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for stopping by as I enjoyed sharing with you all!

Keep walking, crocheting, riding, cowgirl,


12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Walking, Crochet and Horse Fun

  1. Hi Diana,
    It’s great to start the day with friendly visits. Yes, walking is a great idea, but reading and writing are so much more satisfying for the same amount of time spent. Sorry, I’m not helping much am I? I’ve got one of those larger heads and would try on that red cap. It looks cozy. I also like your selfie with your horse. I’m seeing lots of personality in both of you. I’ve agreed to do a certain black bean dish for our church group tomorrow night and my wife want to use our new instant pot – so I may have a success story for you soon. I’ve made it with our pressure cooker for years so may have to think about what I’m doing this time..
    okay, time for both of us to get up and get some exercise in. Thanks for the visit.

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    1. Thanks Gary for the visit! You’ll have to share how your black bean dish turns out. I’m trying not to be intimated by the instant pot. Lots to learn what it can do! 😃 And I figure even a 20 min walk is better than no walk at all! So much to fit into one day!!


      1. Hello again Diana.
        I’m really pleased with the first produce of out Instant Pot.

        1) I half pressure-cooked the beans in salted water, then dumped and rinsed the beans and set them aside.

        2) With an empty cooking bowl, I half-cooked the ground sausage with some olive oil and garlic powder, but only stirred and broke up the sausage after it was half done. I did not drain anything.

        3rd, I added diced bell peppers of different colors and one diced yellow onion, some more spice to taste (some salt pepper, curry and Italian seasonings) a can of stewed tomatoes, a can of tomato paste and about a glass of red wine.

        4) I locked down the lid and gave it 3 more short cooking cycles so I could open and stir to make sure noting was dying out on the bottom.

        So far, all the family who has tasted it loves it.

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      2. Oh thank you so MUCH Gary for your update on the cooked beans. They sound DELICIOUS!! I’ll have to make them! 😃 I so appreciate your time and well, thank you again!! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Good evening Diana or is it arvo for you now. What a beautiful sunrise watching the sunshine stretch out gradually, such a pretty outlook. The caps & scarf look toasty warm, I can be a bit crafty but never crochet or knit, ya so talented. My Mum knitted me a cow complete with udder & teats, postman pat, jemima puddle duck, Mr squiggle & Big ted(playschool) all my favourite characters, I will keep them forever. There is something extra special about handmade gifts & clothing. Cant wait to see the finished blanket & other knittings or crochetings. Selfies are so hard but that’s great, if I tried it would end in a broken nose for me. lol

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    1. Hahaha! Chloe is definitely compliant to my selfie photos! Not very easy but fun to try. And I’m soooo happy to share and glad to hear the homemade crochet items are fun to see. I have a cow I crocheted complete with utters too and other barn yard animals, including horses! That’s so cool she made them for you! I’ll share more, and thanks so MUCH for your wonderful comments! You make me giggle, so heart warming to hear from you!! Thank you! ❤️

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  3. Antoinette Truglio Martin

    I’ve been walking in the morning as well. It is a great way to start the day. Only I must say the morning temps is a bit more friendly here then where you are. Have a great week.

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  4. It’s amazing how a fresh walk can help clear the mind. It is something I need to do more often! Thank you for your kind comments, and have a great week too! 😃


  5. I too am committing to walking more this year.. Some days with the dark skies and pouring rain it is easy to lose my motivation. Now I have hubby onboard. We have walked in the rain recently. Raincoats and an umbrella worked well for us. Happy crocheting, riding your horses and walking..

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    1. I’m so happy you have hubby walking beside you and yes, raincoats and umbrella work great! It’s funny, it really doesn’t rain that often here but my daughter was here for Xmas and she said we should go for a walk. Sounds GREAT! My husband handed us one umbrella and darn it all it started raining on our walk. 🤣 We had to share the umbrella and we got our shoes soaking wet, and my pants too, Haha, we weren’t prepared and had to turn around but got a short walk in… Thanks so MUCH for your wonderful comments!! ❤️

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      1. One time before we headed out, I thought, oh I should take the umbrella. We ended up walking to an antique store and while in there, it began to pour. We got a little wet too on our walk home. Next time I will be prepared. You are welcome..

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