Trail Riding Adventures!

Love this view!! Looking between the ears of my mighty steed!

I started writing this blog because of my love for my horses! As the title states I definitely want to share my life but I don’t want to forget about my horse stories and so I wanted to get back to sharing my beautiful horses. I have a fun story to share, it really wasn’t scary, I suppose it could have gone awry but my calm and well trained horses took everything in stride. And the key to a great outcome is I didn’t get nervous or show fear, I was more like “really? did this just happen? “

I was out on the trail with my best friend who was riding her horse Gracie. I was riding Chloe and Zack was at her side as I was ponying him on this ride. We crossed a busy street and as we were walking along the trail and talking, I noticed that the lead rope on Zack had slipped under the front of my stirrup and went under my leg back to his head. He was walking by Chloe’s side (on my right side) and I thought this is not good, as I now have no control over his head. So I told Sally I have to stop to fix this rope and I said “Whoa” to Chloe and pulled back on her reins. As I pulled the reins, SNAP! my left rein just pulled off of her bit and I now had only one rein controlling her head!! OH NO!

Zack walking along and you can see the blue and black lead rope which went under my right leg on the stirrup of my saddle!

As I pulled Chloe’s right rein to stop I hopped off of her as fast as I could because I had no control to speak of, just turning her would not last and I have Zack to think about also. Oh dear, as I look at my rein I could see right away what happened. The leather that keeps the reins attached to the bit is called a “water loop” and the small leather pieces that ties it onto the rein had come untied! As Sally sat on her mare watching me work on the rein, she told me Zack is lose on the other side of Chloe! “What? Oh no!” BUT he just put his head down close by her and was eating some weeds and grass. I went to the other side of Chloe and took the lead rope which fell from behind the stirrup and I put it around my saddle horn. I just looped it around a couple times because I wanted to get that darn rein tied back onto Chloe’s bit!

This is a photo to show the reins coming from her bit. They are tied on and I never thought in a million years that these leather pieces would come untied! THEY DO! This is not from the day in my story as I had no time or inclination to take any photos as things unfolded!

I was very thankful that I had not lost the leather piece that needed to get threaded back through the holes in the reins and retied. I checked the other side and sure enough it had come untied once. These leather pieces are in triple knots and over time these knots loosen and come untied! YIKES! I am learning, CHECK YOUR TACK before you ride. I purposely do not have these screws that can hold your leather together. In western gear, these screws are called Chicago screws and once they come unscrewed and fall, they can be hard to find. I suppose you could carry extra, but then you would need to carry a screw driver to tighten them. English gear just has buckles, very small like how you would buckle a belt around your waist, but they can break too…. I have had a thin leather english rein break riding Chloe years ago, same scenario only I was just riding her and did not have another horse with me.

After I attached the rein, I lead the horses to a fence that runs along the trail so I could step up on a rail to get on Chloe. She is tall so a little step up is nice if one is around. As I was walking my girlfriend says “Zack is lose again!” DARN IT ALL! the rope which was just looped around my saddle horn slipped off and he was just walking over to eat again! Haha, I have to laugh, because in the end it was rather comical and I am so thankful nothing bad happened. I slip knot tied his rope back on the saddle horn, led Chloe to the fence and once on we just rode down the trail like nothing happened!! I know all the non-horse people out there may not be able to picture what happened, but I am sure thankful for very calm trail ponies!!

She is the BEST EVER Trail Pony! Miss Chloe is so calm, I LOVE her so much!
Chloe and I, my girl, she is the sweetest horse I have ever owned!!!
I rode Zack the next day!
Zack is so silly, he would not open his eyes! He probably didn’t like the rim of my hat. HAHA! I have to share anyways!
He is a goof ball. This is him begging for a treat! Silly boy!

I enjoyed sharing my trail fiasco as anything can happen and am very thankful my girlfriend was with me as I was so busy attending to Chloe and the reins I could not keep an eye on Zack. I may have been more nervous or upset if I had been by myself when all of this happened. I just know that remaining calm in a sticky situation is key to a much better outcome! How do you handle problems that arise that are out of your control, until you can get things back in control again?? Haha, that was a really long question. I hope you enjoyed my trail story. I have SO MUCH FUN with these horses. They bring me much joy and happiness. ❤ ❤ ❤

They melt my heart!

Crazy horse loving cowgirl!


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  1. hahahaha, bein a horsey chic the amount of times I’ve tangled myself I can totally picture your dilemma. hilarious, isn’t it funny how we get completely flustered & the horses are just like, “what’s wrong? yum grass” .I used to always carry an extra lead rope or a length of twine & wear a leather belt in case anything needed replacing. so funny. thanks for the laugh. Love the photos.

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  2. I’m soooo glad you enjoyed my crazy trail ride!! Hahaha, and you are right, this isn’t the first time nor I bet the last where things get tangled or fall apart and the horses are so funny, like what? What’s going on here, let’s eat!! 😃 I’m planning on taking some extra reins or a lead rope, it will make me feel a bit safer!! ❤️🐴🐎❤️

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  3. Well as a non horse Erm expert most of this post went over my head as I tried to figure out what could possibly go wrong I mean all they did was stop and go yum grass hahaha well I am glad all’s well ended well without anything serious injury broken limbs, bruised body parts, severed limbs, headless horsemen…. Erm…. OK 😂😂😂😂 restless mind whoa 😂


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    1. Hahaha! I know to a non horse or horse expert this would be a bit hard to grasp. Here’s an analogy; your driving down the road and your left tire falls off, you try and steer your car straight, but you can’t! And you veer off into a ditch. That’s what happened to me, except instead of losing a tire, I lost my left rein! It totally pulled off or fell off my steering ability! And that would be her head – directly her mouth which has the bit…. You are too funny!! Hehe!
      Anyways, thankful you got the jest, calm horses = no broken bones or headless horsemen!! 😁🙃❤️🐴


      1. Ooooh now I get it great analogy actually it’s not a great analogy its an Ok analogy see if the tyre fell off it would be akin to losing either a horseshoe Hehehe or a horse’s entire limb and you trying to control the horse or car so you don’t overturn or get thrown off depending if you in car or horse 😂😂😂

        Losing your left rein would be more similar to losing a bolt in the left steering rack column of your car and so totally impairing your steering ability as you try to get it to not veer off the road

        I have almost visualised what happened except for one tiny detail…
        You lost your left rein correct? Which direction would that cause the horse to go to pull to? To the right or to the left???

        Hahaha also it would be like this happens while you are towing a second car and the tow bar comes loose too right????

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