My Weekly Smile; Kitty Swap 2020

We are one week from our family kitty swap! This week my smile is for a smooth transition and for HAPPY CATS! All of the swapped kitties are settling in and all is peaceful which was the goal of kitty swap 2020!

The run down of what happened in case you didn’t read my previous posts. There were 2 kittens available to adopt. My daughter had one brother, Wolfie born last year around May. The other brother went to my son’s house who they named Dublin. They are part Siamese and amazingly look almost the same. (My daughter-in-law had a family member who’s cat had kittens and is how the brother’s came to be available). My son already had 3 cats so Dublin = 4 cats. My daughter’s cat was a handful, so much so (long story) she asked me if I could take him as I had put down my kitty so I became cat-less. I was able to take in cats and LOVE THEM and have always had cats, dogs (and I have my horses too!)

As this was happening my son’s cats were not all getting along. For whatever the reason the dynamics of the 4 cats the spraying and even fighting was getting worse each week. They did try many things to get them all to get along but they were not having any of it and so we came up with a plan. It is working out great and I do not need to find kittens to fill my home as I now have the sister’s! The drive with all the cats went so smoothly. They were mellow, a little meowing but nothing bad as it is a 5 hour drive to and from Arizona. Here are some photos of these pretty kitties, first are the sister’s that now live at my house!

This is Duchess and she is not bothered by anything or anyone. She settled in the fastest like she has lived here forever. She is a solid, calm kitty which helps calm her sister.
It took them 3 days to sleep together again. They have done this since they were kittens with my son and his family!
This is Dinah enjoying the sun! I like how it is lighting up the back of her head! She is a beautiful dark gray and the sweetest of the two of them. She still looks around as she was the one being picked on when she lived with my son and the other 3 cats.
I was going to edit this photo but I really like it as this is my family! My son is drawing a treasure map and his daughter had so much fun with it. My other son is on the couch with the 4th kitty, Penny. This orange tabby was the one fighting with the dark gray Dinah. Silly kitties, wishing they all just get along. We fixed all that!!

Once we arrived in Arizona, Wolfie was kept in the bedroom where my hubby and I stayed. I shared photos already of this in my last post but those brothers immediately knew there was a kitty on either side of the door! They were so cute, playing with each other under the door. They had this low growl – or weird growl they both would make. I can’t say what they were saying to each other but they were playing what we called paws! You would see these long kitty legs sticking under the door, hilarious!! They have since been introduced slowly and are doing great!

The brothers back together again! Dublin is in front, Wolfie behind him. I can tell because Dublin has a spot on the right side of his nose, Wolfie has the spot on the left side of his nose! Aren’t they just the most handsome cats? I Love them!!

What makes you smile? I sure do love sharing my smiles each week. It makes me think of things I love or just to be thankful for as we go through this crazy thing we call life! I hope you are having a wonderful week and I hope you will share something that makes your smile!

Cat bliss Grandma,

~Diana ❤

11 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Kitty Swap 2020

    1. Thank you so much Susie! I kept throwing out different scenarios, but my son and wife knew the best. My daughter-in-law is really missing her kitties but she is happy they are with family! ❤️🥰


    1. Awww, we even played Monopoly altogether on the Nintendo switch! It was GREAT fun and would love to have y’all join us!! Thank you for your WONDERFUL comments. It’s so FUN to share! ❤️🥰😄

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  1. I’m not sure if I got the entire thing – you took home the two sisters that were your son’s and he received one of the brothers, already having the other brother, so he now has Penny and the brothers. Right? Anyway, as long as kitties and humans are all happy 😉

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    1. Haha, you got it exactly right!! My son has 3 cats now instead of 4, brothers Wolfie, Dublin and orange tabby Penny.

      And I have the two sisters (which the orange tabby was fighting with the gray sister). All are doing GREAT! Crazy cats!! 😄

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  3. We have four cats… We have seen a lot of drama and sweetness too. They are entertaining with all of their shenanigans. Our youngest can finally handle the bullying.. the bully has toned it down… Yay!

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    1. I’m soooo happy your 4 kitties are all getting along. YAY!! Cats are so fun, entertaining, good for your health and well being!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so thankful to have kitties in my house again! 🐱😃

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