Weekend Coffee Share; Travel and Cats

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? any weekend plans?

I am here up North about 3 hours from my house visiting my daughter. My son came along to see her new apartment and I always LOVE our little trips as we usually visit some local cool places. We ate dinner in Solvang which isn’t too far away. It was a wonderful dinner and the evening was brisk as we walked around before our reservations. We went to a book store there, one of my daughter’s favorite stores. It is mine too, I love books of all kinds and usually my daughter and I end up in the cooking section perusing through cookbooks trying to figure out which one to buy! We both have quite a collection of cookbooks, haha, but neither one of us have time to cook like we would like! We both will be trying to cook more, as it is probably cheaper and a healthier way to sustain ourselves! Dang, I forgot to ask you would you like coffee or tea? my apologies, as I ramble on here I have cold ice tea as well. I try very hard to not drink soft drinks, I think I lost a pound or two removing them from my diet, hehe, I try where I can!

All decorated for Christmas in Solvang!
To the right is a park and they were playing live music. Love this little town!
Goofy photo of the three of us! Haha, I only took this one and decided to share!
Dinner, sea bass with rice and veggie. Delicious and thank you my sweet daughter!

While visiting my son and I have been helping my daughter build some furniture she ordered. One of the bigger items was a couch frame. She just loves the 60’s look, it is called boho (bohemian) and I love her spirit and eclectic artistic style! She had bought these big long cushions that are for a couch frame but she just had them on the floor. After a few months living with these on the floor with a bunch of pillows she realized that having it raised would be more comfortable. It was fun to build the couch frame and it is really comfortable now and the small coffee table she bought from Ikea is now the right height near the couch! She will be hanging some tapestry, I can’t wait to see it hung up on the wall! It will look really COOL! But we can’t hang it while Wolfie the kitty is here as he will tear it down, or try too… How is your coffee or tea? Need a refill? I just refilled mine and am eating some homemade cookies we got from the Christmas party last night. We went to my daughter’s work party, what FUN and it was cowboy themed! Yeehaw, my kind of party! I wish I brought my cowboy hat, but I had boots on and a flannel cowboy shirt and jeans. Fun times!

I didn’t take a photo of the couch, but I also put together 2 stools from Ikea! They were really fun to put together. They are very sturdy and will be an addition to her kitchen table with 2 chairs. Eclectic all the way, I just LOVE IT!

On to cats, we just LOVE cats but cats can be a handful and a 6 month old kitten who is very mischievous living in a small apartment who’s mom is very busy working very long hours is difficult and since my dear sweet kitty has gone to heaven, I am catless. I just made up that word but it makes sense to me. But the cat story gets a bit convoluted and crazy because we are going to do musical cats! You see my son has the brother to the cat my daughter has and when they took home this brother kitten 6 months ago, it made the total cat number in their house 4 and it seems with this number things have gone awry, and one of their cats is spraying or marking (because of stress, most likely) and they had never done this before. My son and family realize now that 4 cats overall is just too much, so here is the plan.

My son and family have 2 cats that are sister’s and these litter mates will come to live with me and my hubby. When they bring these 2 cats they will take Wolfie, the brother of the kitten they have. So the 2 sister’s will be in the house by themselves and then the brothers will be back together again. My son has one other cat which gets along with Dublin the other brother. I am bringing home Wolfie and the exchange will happen next week when my son drives home from Arizona before Christmas. That is one reason why I am up at my daughter’s to bring kitty home for the exchange. We will go from no cats to two cats. My daughter from one cat to no cat and my son from 4 cats to 3 cats. Haha, are you following along? Did you do the math right? Are we in school with a math problem? how many cats do I have? 😀 😀 😀

Wolfie the obnoxious but absolutely loveable kitty. He loves his cat toys!

As I write this my daughter is making cinnamon rolls. I am hoping for more coffee to go with my cinnamon roll and I am wondering what this kitty pictured above is going to do to my Christmas tree at home! YIKES! I am sure he will try to climb to the top! And am praying he won’t knock it over, I think my coffee share next week will be very entertaining of what this cat is going to do to us for the one week he will stay with us, maybe he will surprise us and not cause to much damage or wreckage or upheaval – what ever word to describe it. I purposely did not put any of my really pretty ornaments that could break on the tree this year. I don’t think it will fall over, but you never know. Think the worse and hope for the best? isn’t that a saying?

Thank you for having coffee with me this weekend. What are you up to this weekend? Shopping for Christmas? Oh dear, I’m behind on shopping and gift buying. I am going to be a last minute shopper this year for sure, I already know this!! Just always busy and the harder part, what to buy? Sometimes just small things from the heart is all you need, usually that’s what I do. I will try and put in a link to the coffee share’s here. And ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

Cat wrangling grandma!


9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Travel and Cats

  1. I didn’t quiet get how many cats there are 🙂 Many! It’s always a pleasure putting IKEA furniture together. I don’t know how many hundreds? or is it thousands? of hours I’ve spent putting together IKEA furniture for myself and my friends..I bet there is going to be some more soon. So happy you got to spend some time with your children. The town Solvang looks lovely. Have a wonderful new week ❤

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    1. Haha, I think there is maybe one too many cats but they are all now part of our big family and will be happier split up, and together in a different way. My daughter said she may want Wolfie back at her next base, wherever that may be in the future!
      It’s bittersweet because she loves him but it’s been difficult caring for him with her busy schedule.

      I absolutely LOVE IKEA and their furniture. I Love all the food they sell and everything they sell actually and at such good prices!! And thanks so much for the kind words, I’m in Mom heaven spending this time with my children! ❤️❤️❤️ Have a wonderful New week too!! 😃


  2. Gold stars & a well done happy stamp on your maths. I cant do maths, but I love cats & food & family & IKEA….(:
    ikea the grown ups toy shop, The shop is huge & bright & everything is smooth & shiny or fluffy & colourful & there’s little stuff & big stuff & you take boxes home with things in them & then you put things together like a big jigsaw puzzle. Our nearest ikea is 7hrs away, so I’ve only been twice with friends they had fun watching their country friend go nuts, like a hen let out of the hen house.
    Love the street lights, best family selfie, you all just look like beautiful fun.
    Have a wonderful week.

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    1. Thank you so VERY MUCH!! We got Kitty home and he was amazingly calm with just little meowing here and there on the almost 4 hour drive home to my house. He actually slept part of the way, good Kitty! He’s checking out my house, he’ll be here for one week. Then off to my son’s house in Arizona.

      You said it best, IKEA is a grown ups toy shop!! I’m lucky, I work right next to one so we go there often. I bet it was great fun watching your country friend go nuts there!! Super fun place to shop and eat lunch too!! You can spend a whole day there! Haha! We had such a WONDERFUL time together! Have a wonderful week too! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Diana – this is a trick question, but I’m on my 2nd mug of Darjeeling so am up to the challenge. Here’s the fully answer which brings in your sneaky hidden factor:
    (x#) of cats to start with
    – (y#) of outgoing cats
    + (z#) of incoming cats
    x (>0) Christmas tree(s)
    = easily predictable CHAOS

    Ping us a bit later so we know you are still alive please. . . .

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    1. Hahaha! That looks a little like upper division math for me but if I read between the lines I think you got it PERFECT!! 😉 So far the tree is still standing but I only have 1 young cat and for now he’s ignoring it! And I love the equals = easily predictable CHAOS! What am I getting myself into? 🤣🤣🤣


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