My Weekly Smile; Dec. 4, 2019

What makes you smile? This is my weekly smile hosted by my blogging friend Trent! Thank you Trent as I just Love to share and to see everyone’s Smile!

I am so excited about my weekly smile as I have been very lucky and thankful to be smiling as I got a lot of trail riding in this last week. My sister Sharon who lives up in Idaho was here visiting over Thanksgiving weekend! Her youngest son lives here and was unable to go home for Thanksgiving so she decided to come here and we had such a wonderful visit. Sisters just love to chat and we were able to catch up on the happenings of our year, and we were able to catch up with my best friend Sally who is like a sister to us and it was a packed, fun-filled weekend! I am smiling from ear to ear!! 😀 😀 😀

My sister riding Zack. He was her horse for many years and I adopted him when she moved north. It was great FUN to all be riding together again!
My best friend Sally riding Gracie with us and this is after a couple of days of heavy rain which we need but makes owning a horse interesting as we try and keep some dry spots for them in their stalls with partial roofs!
This rain storm was a very cold storm and brought snow down to the 1,000 foot level. Our local mountains you can see in the background are covered in beautiful snow!

We chatted and chatted on our trail rides, so much fun and much like getting together with your friends over lunch. Our trail ponies are so relaxed and trail savvy that we can really enjoy each others company and not worry about our ponies. We do pay attention to our riding, I guess what I am trying to say is we’ve been riding these trails for so many years that the ponies are great and we just have a grand time together! I miss these days with my sister and am so very thankful for her visits and cherish every moment! ❤ ❤ ❤

Best view ever through the ears of my horse!
My best friend with her horse Gracie! How can you not SMILE! 😀
Thank you Sharon for making this Thanksgiving so wonderful! My sister with Gracie, Love my friends and family!

Thank you for sharing my smile with me this week. What made you smile? I am so thankful that we were able to enjoy our trail rides even with the weather. The trails dry very fast and have great footing so we do not have to worry about slippery muddy trails. We can ride the next day even with very heavy rain. My sister made it home safely yesterday and we promised we would stay in touch more often. It is funny how busy we get and how the weeks just fly by. I must say I can’t believe it’s December! I hope you have a wonderful week full of smiles!

Smiling Cowgirl,


10 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Dec. 4, 2019

  1. Great that your sister could visit 🙂 Looks like a nice ride and the snowy mountains in the background are beautiful. We have a few feet of snow not so much in the background today 😉

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    1. Thanks so much Trent! I’m sitting here watching yet another day of rain which will renew the snow on our mountains. I’m planning on writing a Thanksgiving post since it was difficult to write with my sister here. And what better thing to do on a rainy afternoon! Oh and we need to decorate for Christmas, so will be doing that too. 😃😉

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      1. I agree! This blogging is way better than any journaling I’ve ever done in the past. AND the added advantages is I’ve met some absolutely beautiful people!! I’m so enriched, my life is more full because of my writings. I’m enjoying life so MUCH!! 😘❤️

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  3. Wow family fun, horses, food & a view it all just looks so awesome fun. I have been looking for your blog for a while in a non stalker way. 🙂 Its just so nice to connect with kindred people. As soon as I get myself another saddle i’ll post a pic from our happy trails. Be well & have a great weekend..

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    1. I’m so HAPPY you found my blog!! And I agree it’s wonderful to connect with kindred people. Thank you for your wonderful comments! 😃 And I can’t wait to see posts of your trail rides too! Take care, and have a wonderful week/weekend too! ❤️🐴🐎❤️


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