My Weekly Smile; Nov. 12, 2019

What makes you smile? This is my weekly smile hosted by my blogging friend Trent! Thank you Trent as I just Love to share and to see everyone’s Smile!

I am finally able to share a weekly smile! I am excited because I have been wanting to share and for one reason or another it just wasn’t possible to share my smiles for the last few weeks. I actually have 2 smiles I would like to share. I’ve been saving one of these smiles as I have completed what I am going to share a few weeks back and I am making progress on the new project. You will see here what I am talking about. Have I perked your interest? I am enjoying my projects immensely, I hope you enjoy!

I have completed my granny square blanket! I am smiling ear to ear as I am SO HAPPY with the way it has turned out. Other than the pattern for the squares which I followed – the color scheme was all my own. I wanted it to look very colorful, I think I accomplished that!
It’s very soft and warm!!
On to my new project which is making me smile too! I have a lot more done as I took this photo last week. I included in the photo the pattern I am doing. For grand baby number 2! ❤

Any one who follows me knows I can’t help myself when it comes to my blog posts. I love to share my craft projects which at this point in time is only crochet projects and I would share other crafts if only I had time to do them. It’s all I can do working full-time fitting in crochet and my horses. Nice flow into the subject of horses, haha, see how slick I am? Because that is my second smile this week! I am SMILING big because my horses have rescued me from a stressful few nights at work. I come home very stressed as my instruments gave me trouble and I had to call service. I get it all done but to have the ability to go to the stables and unwind and escape is beyond words. It is my stress reliever!! Thank you Ponies! 😀 😀 😀

This is where I want to be, looking between the ears of my mighty steed!! Thank you Chloe and Zack for a wonderful trail ride! My other smile for this week!

As I rode today around the corner of the block I was on I didn’t need to look down to far when I noticed an amazing shadow of Zack being led next to Chloe and I. I feel like a little kid, but what a PERFECT SHADOW! I have written and shared before shadows that I have taken while riding. I suppose since I am sitting up so high and if I am out with the sun at the perfect place in the sky (this was taken around 11:45am) the shadows are just so cool. I know it’s silly, I am clearly easily entertained. My shadow and me, my shadow and Chloe and Zack! I just think it is really cool and it made me SMILE!! What makes you smile? it can be something really simple – like a shadow! Thank you again to Trent who hosts the Weekly Smile and I will stop by and read your smile. I hope you join in if you haven’t, I think it is fun to share! (Here is the link to the smiles!)

Happy smiling, crochet and horse crazy gal!


13 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Nov. 12, 2019

  1. Your crochet is fabulous! I used to crochet and made some baby things for my own babies and then also for the arrival of my grandson. But now I dont have enough time to do it so thanks for sharing your accomplished crochet for me to enjoy looking at. And your trail rides. I would love to have a nice sandy sidewalk to walk along with Biasini. I can completely understand how your horses are your therapy. It’s the same for me!

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    1. Oh thank you Anne for your kind comments! I’m so happy you enjoyed my projects and you have made keepsakes for your family! I’m truly thankful for my therapy horses, we are truly lucky! ❤️

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  2. You and your shadow, Chloe and her shadow… So, do you live a neighborhood that has “sidewalks” for horses? Glad you could ride and relieve some of the stress. Also great blanket. We have a few, but I don’t they were made by anyone we know personally. I hope you have a great week 🙂

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    1. Yes!! I live in Horse town USA and we have horse trails as side walks, over 100 miles in our town of Norco!! ❤️😉 It truly is my dream town. And you’re very kind, hand made quilts are great! Have a wonderful week!! 😃

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  3. Those shadows are really cool! Your granny square blanket is fabulous. My daughter, with some help..finished her scarf last week. Nothing fancy like your beautiful blanket, but still crochet. Best of luck with your next project. Thank you for sharing your beautiful smile. They made me smile too 🙂 ❤

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