Weekend Coffee Share; Horse Clipping Fun!

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? any weekend plans?

Welcome to my coffee share! How are you today? do you have any weekend plans? or are you going to take it easy and relax? I am going to take it easy and maybe do a little housework (that never ends) and enjoy spending time at the stables. My girlfriend who owns Gracie is out of town this weekend celebrating her granddaughters first birthday! Here’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Andrea, aka Andy. She is so adorable, but then all grand daughters are… I digress, as I have to say I have been so incredibly busy at work that I have had trouble getting to my writing and sharing. My schedule is now back to normal and will hopefully stay that way for awhile and through the holidays! How can it be November? and Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming fast!! CRAZY!

Zack body clipped. We call this clip a trace clip as it just traces along the sides of his body starting at his chin all the way to his rump, and includes his entire belly. I actually went up higher on his body than is normal for this clip but that is because we live in a very warm climate so he can handle a little bit more hair off of his body. He will be much cooler on our hot days as yesterday it was just over 90 degrees. It’s been in the high 80’s, this is SOCAL!

I decided to share my barn stories and since I did not take a new photo of Miss Chloe I decided to have her with Zack as my first Weekend Coffee share photo. It’s all I’ll mention of her, even though she is my most favorite mare I have ever owned in my life ~ this last week is about body clipping and I only clipped Zack as Chloe does not grow a long winter coat. I also clipped my girlfriends horses Sadie and Juan. They both grow long winter hair and I have been telling her that these trace clips are so wonderful at keeping the horses cool AND you do not have to blanket them at night because we leave a large amount of hair all along their top-line. With the warm climate where we live, the horses do just fine and they will be easier to cool off when worked and easier to keep clean from sweat and dirt. I will share photos of my other clip jobs of Judy’s horses!

I wanted to share this photo as you can really see Zack is a flea-bitten grey. That is what they call his color. If you look close, he has black flecks all throughout his coat and you will see a big difference with Sadie who is just grey, and as grey’s age they turn white!
This is Sadie and her mane and tail are still very dark as she was born almost black. As she ages she has turned white. She is 15 years old and is pure white except her mane and tail. She has no little spots like Zack. Thought you would enjoy seeing the difference. She is now trace clipped!
This is Juan, Judy’s other horse. She actually owns 3 horses but we did not clip her other horse. All of Judy’s horses are Tennessee Walking horses. He is black and a big boy, and is very beautiful!

I truly enjoy helping others wherever I can and I have been doing this trace clip on Zack every year for the last 4 years. The first year I actually did his whole body called a hunter clip which leaves their legs hairy. Their legs are the hardest to clip and since he is not showing I don’t bother and they don’t sweat like their body. This trace clip is absolutely perfect and works great in our area. My girlfriend paid me for my service which I appreciate and of course we agreed upon a fair price. Its a messy job as hair goes everywhere and gets blown in your face from the clipper fan as I have a huge pair of shears that they use for sheep, but can be used on horses and it makes the job easy and fast!

I have been body clipping horses going back to the 70’s when I use to show Hunter/Jumpers. I clipped for trainers for 30 years into the 90’s and my sister Sharon and I would clip for several barns and it was a great way of earning Christmas money for the holidays!! That’s why I own a nice pair of body clippers and other smaller clippers to finish the job in any ticklish areas on the horse! How is your coffee? or did you decide on tea? or Orange juice?

I am so enjoying my coffee with you this morning. I will be taking care of my girlfriends horse this weekend along with caring for Chloe and Zack. I am hoping to take mine on a trail ride or two and then relaxing at home. I’m thinking of skipping the house work! Haha, okay maybe I’ll throw in a load of laundry, that’s easy peasy. I really wanted to get this coffee share out as I so enjoy sharing with ya’ll. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and let me know what your doing. If you have a coffee share I’ll stop by and say hello! Thank you to Eclectic Alli for hosting the coffee share!

Horse Crazy clipping girl!

~Diana ❤

16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Horse Clipping Fun!

  1. The horses all look great in their new hairdo’s. I bet they are comfortable now. It sounds great to have a relaxing weekend at home, mixed with some horsey time. Actually it sounds rather perfect 🙂

    We have some organizing to do here, but there’s definitely going to be relaxing, blogging, and reading as well. I was mostly concerned about having to ask my daughter to part with so many of her toys and crafting material, but we finished that yesterday (she donated them to a girl that definitely could need them.) I’m so proud of how she stepped up and committed to our moving mission. Makes my job so much easier.

    Thank you very much for the coffee! ❤ ❤ ❤ Enjoy your day!

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  2. I think they will be so much more comfortable with their new hairdos! I agree! And I DEFINITELY need some R&R.

    I’m so happy your daughter is doing what’s right and helping not only you on your important move, but she’s also gifting and helping other’s. What a sweetheart, she’s amazing and has a big heart. Life can throw us such curve balls and being able to take it in stride is what it’s all about! ❤️

    Thank you for visiting and I loved having coffee with you today! ❤️🧡❤️💙❤️


  3. I’m jealous. Totally jealous. I have ALWAYS been a horse lover but after a serious accident several years ago, there’s no more riding for me until I get to heaven. heaven’s where the horses will not toss you around like a broken tree branch. Those are stunning photos and I appreciated the inside story on the clips, coloring, and more. Awesome. Enjoy your trail ride and forget about the housework!

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    1. Thank you so MUCH for your kind comments and I’m soooo sorry about your accident and how you can’t ride anymore. My heart ❤️ goes out to you as I would miss horribly riding. I’m so HAPPY you enjoyed my coffee share and all the details about the clipping, coloring and horsey info. I’m heading to the barn to ride and I’ll keep everyone who loves horses in my heart as I mosey down the trail. ❤️🐴🐎

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  4. Hi Diana, I can’t believe that I’ve never seen or heard of horse-clipping before. I’ve mentioned that I’ve never been much a horse lover, but I should have seen this among my sisters or friends. The way you describe it though – makes perfect sense to me. It looks pretty cool too.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments Gary!! Maybe you can ask your sisters if they’ve had a need to body clip. It’s definitely something horse owners do when showing, or maybe competitive trail riding. If you ride a lot in the winter time with hairy horses it’s the only way to exercise and keep them clean and cool. I’m glad you enjoyed! ❤️🐴🐎😉


  5. bearmkwa

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of trace clipping before… but then, we live in an cooler area. The horses I worked with back in the day never needed clipped, just brushed well in the spring to rid their winter coats. We used to save the brushed fur and used it to stuff/restuff furniture… in fact, a local gentleman that built furniture used to buy it from us. Now, I occasionally get a few tail/mane hairs to use for repairing historical things as necessary. I hope you’re having as awesome of a week as I had a weekend.

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    1. Thank you kindly! I always thought as all the hair is shedded you could stuff pillows or other items as you say they use to do, that is really neat you’ve seen that in person!! The horses are now very happy with our warm weather staying cool!! They actually would sweat just standing in their stall in our 80 degree days. It should start cooling off and be in the 70’s soon. 😃

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