My Furry Friends, Kitty and Horses!

She was the best kitty I have ever had and someday I will have another kitty! ❀

What a crazy month, October. I had a birthday and I was crazy busy working way too many days at work covering for a few vacations. My employees need vacations and so I didn’t mind and they are very thoughtful about taking them too. Meaning they will work with me as I can’t afford to have more than one employee off at one time, so we all work together figuring out who takes what days or weeks when. I am trying to avoid talking about the pretty kitty that I had to send to kitty heaven at the end of October. I kept wanting to write a Weekly Smile, but was too sad the last few weeks to participate but as my heart heals I am needing to get back to writing and sharing. Rest in Peace Mara, aka, mini kitty. She was all of 6 pounds, a small white with a splash of orange domestic short haired cat with a personality twice her size. She will be greatly missed. LOVE HER SO!

I’m getting better each day. We’ve had kitties all my life, we do not have any now but I have my pups so we are not without our furry friends!

As I am finally feeling a little better and always try and keep a smile on my face even if I am feeling sad inside this post is going to be all about what keeps me sane. I have in my mind all these thoughts but what helps me through each day is what I really want to share. I will just keep this simple as these next set of photos make me smile and these giant animals amaze me and really have a way of healing my soul.

Chloe on Monday. It’s been pretty hot in the high 80’s and this was after a nice relaxing trail ride! She was eating when I called her name she looks up at me!
Zack got a really good bath Monday. I am planning on clipping him to help him stay cool. I will share a photo when I am done with the trace clip I’m going to do tomorrow!
Zack eating his grain and hay. They get lunch most every day!
I couldn’t get my girlfriends horse to look at me with ears up! She has rolled in her shavings after her bath!

My horses are so darn sweet. I am so truly lucky to have them and even though they are not 100% sound, they are serviceable sound and can be ridden on the trails and lightly in the arena. My girlfriend who owns Gracie has been struggling with some health issues with her and bless her heart we are finally seeing some positive results with her issues. She has been having skin issues and we were able to get her moved to a different stall at the barn. We think this should help as we don’t know if it was the tree or other issues in the stall where she was living, but we feel strongly that this move will help. This is a photo of her in her new stall! She is near and dear to my girlfriends heart, I totally understand. She is in her late 20’s so every year she is here with us we cherish. I help care for her, so I am very attached to her as well. ❀

After I made them exercise lose in the arena I sat on a mounting block in the middle of the arena. My horses came to me on their own, visiting as I sat and took in their kindness. Or are they just looking for a treat? Haha, either way the attention I adored!
Haha, he had been drinking water so his nose was wet and the sand in arena is sticking to his nose! What a silly boy, this is how he entertains me and himself!
Chloe was standing right next to Zack, as he entertains me – she was nuzzling me as well. This is up close and personal! They never left my side!
I am sitting as I take this photo. I am not sure what she sees? But I like this photo. I rubbed their face and we chatted. Yes, I talk to my horses. Mostly I ask them what they are thinking and I think out loud they are most likely looking for a treat which I eventually got up and did exactly that. Gave them a treat!

Thank you for sharing my furry friends with me. I use to not like calling my animals my furry friends. I don’t know why but I’ve warmed up to calling them that or thinking of them in this way. I know that we out live our furry friends and as I see it we need to enjoy every moment we can with them and be thankful for them in our lives. As we lose a small piece of our heart with each one that passes, I always hope that someday we will all meet again.

I am glad I take as many photos as I do as I love to have the memories. I have been printing photo books and am planning on having more printed soon. I hope you have enjoyed my photos as I think you can see their personalities, a little bit anyways. I sure enjoy sharing and will continue to share as it brings me much joy and happiness!

Feeling better each day, crazy animal lover,


14 thoughts on “My Furry Friends, Kitty and Horses!

  1. Here’s to finding smiles in furry friends and to healing…
    What do the horses think about ? Good question: Horse-whisperer wanted hahahaha they must probably think we kinda silly not being furry and moving around awkwardly on two limbs but hey we bring snacks ha!

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    1. Thank you kindly B!

      You make me giggle!! Laughter is the best medicine. They must think we are strange looking and once they figure out we are not to be feared, they love a GOOD back scratch or belly scratch! But DEFINITELY they think with their stomach. Snacks are the best!! Haha! πŸ˜€πŸ΄πŸŽβ™₯️


  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve had several cats over my lifetime and loved them all, but there was one who crept into my heart and still lives there. I still miss her after all these years. Right now I have a cat that has been my fur baby for seven years now. I cannot even think of life without her. She has me completely wrapped in her paws. I simply cannot go there – it’s too painful to consider. I love your photos. They certainly brought smiles to my face – thanks for that.

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  3. Awe, thank you so much Carol! That’s exactly how my mini Kitty was to me. She waited at the door for me when I came home, slept with me, followed me around the house and slept in my lap. Sooooo hard to lose one so close to our hearts! This post was very cathartic and healing. Glad it made you smile too! πŸ˜€β™₯️πŸ₯°


  4. AWE ❀️ aren’t they the best. I’m so glad you enjoyed and that you have experienced this too with your horses!! Chloe and Zack do surprise me with their company, and their funny faces! β™₯️🐴🐎β™₯️ I shouldn’t be surprised, I sure do feel Loved! πŸ₯°

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