Weekend Coffee Share; Reflecting, Family and My Loves!

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? any weekend plans?

Welcome to my coffee share and I am enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee with my sweet Italian cream. I looked back and I have missed a few weeks as they just fly by at record speed these days. Here it is the middle of October and my birthday is right around the corner, another year gone and Wow, turning 29 again and again suites me fine! Haha, 29 as I reflect back I had 2 new babies only a year apart back then. The memories, but I digress. Can I get you a cup of coffee, hot or iced? or maybe tea or orange juice?

I wanted to thank you all today. I can’t tell you how much my life has changed when I joined WordPress and started blogging. I look forward to reading as many blogs as I can and respond in kind when I can and I am learning so much through blogging. I have had such great advice from you all in one way or another and I also have grown so very fond of all of you and enjoy all our interactions with one another, AMAZING!!

I had no idea what I was doing but I strive to be here one way or another trying to write interesting posts but find I am just sharing what I LOVE and with an audience that I never knew would be so warm, caring, sweet, heartfelt, compassionate – I am running out of words but I think you get the idea. I can say from the bottom of my heart I am humbled and thankful for my blogging friends, and may I meet many more! ❤ As I reflect this morning, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to sharing and writing my blog! I’m thinking of joining the 100 word count writing prompts. I love the imagination and writings of these posts!

My son sent me this photo of Miss Alice in Montana! They visited there a couple weeks back and it snowed! Her first time seeing snow! ADORABLE! My new home screen photo, of course!

Family is just so important to me, so much so that my youngest son and I had a conversation about where we should live. I have really good friends and family that have had life long dream places they wanted to live, and they’ve made those dreams come true and have moved away from family to live at those destinations. I however do not have that “favorite” or “dream” place. I can’t think of one place I would die to live, and the thought of moving further away from family is just not going to happen and too sad to think about. That’s when my son said your destination is your family. You will live anywhere close to them, at least one of them since I can’t be by all of them all at the same time.

It made me think about my future plans, which are on track still to move to Arizona. I will be visiting there to help my family move from a house they’ve been renting, to a townhouse they will rent. They will be able to save money for a house by moving into the townhouse in November. I LOVE seeing Alice’s face every day on my phone! She makes me smile! 😀

My LOVES as I enjoy a day at the barn. I can’t share enough of my horses!
My girlfriends redhead mare! They have a reputation these chestnut mares of being a handful and she lives up to this reputation! Gracie is 27 years old and going strong!
Chloe and Zack. I so love this photo of these pretty ponies!

I want to be true to me and so I will always continue to share these pretty ponies. I try and share different sides of them both in photo and in the written word. I have so many posts about them, the history of us together and how I got into horses. I have loved horses since I was born, how can you say that you think? I truly believe there is something we are born with that is hard to explain, probably in our DNA. My Mom and Dad found me loving the rocking horses at Sears. They surprised me for Christmas when I was 2 years old. They said I knew what was in the box, jumping up and down and once opened and assembled I rode that pony every single day singing, “A horsie, a horsie” as I rocked back and forth. The perfect babysitter I was told! Haha, here I go digressing again. I guess I am in a reminiscing mood this morning.

I so enjoyed sharing coffee with you this weekend. I keep forgetting to share that the weekend coffee share is hosted by eclectic alli – oh gosh, I struggle with links but I want to give her credit for hosting this wonderful share each week! If you visit her sight you can find the link to where you can share your weekend coffee share if you are blogging one. Thank you for visiting and I SO ENJOYED having coffee with you this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend!


26 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Reflecting, Family and My Loves!

    1. Thank you kindly Trent! My birthday is October 21st so I’m always just thinking birthday month. Lol 😀 I usually don’t want to make a big deal about my birthday but the cat is out of the bag!! It’s a short weekend for me as I’m working an extra day this week and next week. I guess I should really celebrate as I’m done covering vacations my birthday week!! Woohoo!! 😜😉

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      1. Funny as it is a long weekend for me! (Columbus Day). I am also an October birthday – the 31st. As is my wife – the 15th. And one of my sisters – also the 15th. I guess October is a great month for birthdays. Hope you don’t work too hard and get a break when all of the vacations are done.

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  1. Hi Diana, and happy BD my friend. I recall you talking about moving to Arizona and how hard that’s going to be. But your family will be there and you’ll be more able to travel (I think) so the rest of family will be seen and hugged more often too.

    I was thinking of you and a peer friend from our coffee shares because I finally posted a story, a short series of memories from Death Valley. If my memories are close to correct, you aren’t far from that special place and perhaps have some fun memories from there yourself.

    And, BTW, it’s been fun getting to know you and your ponies via this blogging channel. It does make each Saturday something special. I always look forward to lifting a virtual glass with you.


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    1. Thank you Gary for the birthday wishes. It’s on the 21st so I’m celebrating a little early but this next week will fly by and then it will be my birthday! Lol 😀

      I’ve never been to Death Valley, and it’s about 5 hours away North from where I live. There’s so many places to visit, it’s just not been on my bucket list but from what I’ve seen, I’ve added it to my list.

      And thank you for visiting and sharing with our virtual coffee shares. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as well, it is something special so I do thank you kindly!! 😉🥰♥️


      1. I too have enjoyed getting to know folks via this group. You know Jellico (also goes by ‘Bear’) For reasons I can’t recall, I offered her a funny story I wrote about Mannequins and about died laughing when she came back and told me that she was one in school. She even pulled a version of the trick that one mannequin pulled on me.
        She had me laughing so hard. . .
        My story was funny on it’s own, but her comeback was hysterical.
        Yea – this is a great group.

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      2. I agree 💯% this is a great group!! What a funny story and yes I’m now following Jellico – Bear! She’s so FUN, such great people! ♥️ I’ve added many more I’m following too thru Bear and others. I’m having a grand time, I Love blogging! 👍😀


  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of Miss Alice, and that 27 year old redhead and of course, Chloe and Zack. It is the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so tomorrow we go to out daughter and son in law for the overeating festivities. HaHA! Enjoy your weekend.

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    1. Thank you so MUCH Anne for your wonderful comments. ♥️ It brings me much pleasure to share. And Happy Thanksgiving for Canada! Enjoy your time with your beautiful family. Overeating festivities, I have to remember that phrase, haha, exactly what we all do! 😀

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  3. Sweet post.. If I could I would have a cup of coffee with you and maybe try some of your sweet cream. I have not yet indulged in any cream yet, as there are too many to choose from… Anyway, I am wondering if any smoke has come your way.. My heart goes out to all..and prayer too. Being a wannabe cowgirl, that I was once upon a time, I would daydream about riding.. I wrote a silly poem about it a long time ago.. WordPress blogging has been an enjoyable experience, very much a blessing. Have a wonderful time celebrating your Birthday… xx

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    1. You are so kind and sweet, and am glad we shared coffee this morning! The fire was too far away, so no smoke near me. There were two separate fires both probably over an hour drive from us, one North West of us and the other South East if us, am thankful for that. The winds didn’t last all but a day which makes the fires manageable. Last year’s winds were relentless, fueling the fires for days on end. Anyways, I’m sure another wind event is in our future, it’s that time of year. I’m so glad you enjoy my cowgirl ways and pony photos!! Have a wonderful weekend! ♥️

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      1. Good afternoon! I am glad that there is distance between you and the fire action. Yes, it is that time of the year. I recall the windy area of Palm Springs, when the wind would blow and it felt like it could blast the paint off your car. I do enjoy your cowgirl ways and feel the love you have for them and your family too.. Thanks so much!

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  4. I loved horses. Learned how to ride in my dreams, and so the first time I rode on a horse, it was like I’d been doing it forever. Across the back fence, there was a pasture with younger horses. Gradually, I became allergic to them, but I still wish that I could ride, again. Love looking at the pictures.

    I miss family get-togethers. Visits, conversations, telephone calls. I miss the togetherness most of all things.

    Best wishes for your week!

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    1. Thank you kindly Liz for your WONDERFUL comments, even in ones dreams they are a love that never goes away. I’ll keep sharing, I can’t help myself as they are just so fun to photograph and share!! 🐴🐎♥️

      And I have to say it’s the togetherness that I long for as my house is nearly empty. Growing up in a big family, we had so much FUN together. Sure, there’s always a bit of drama, but mostly the love and caring of sharing. Then I had my own little family, my heart aches to see them. We do the best we can and travel and visit often!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 😉🥰♥️

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  5. bearmkwa

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hear you about the comraderie here on wordpress. I was first introduced to the medium by a prof at college who suggested that I might enjoy Rochelle Wisof-Fields writing challenge “Friday Fictioneers”. At the time I was trying to re-learn how to write, talk, communicate… basically, how to live. Over the years that followed, I found a support system here that I’d never experienced in my life. Got great advice that wasn’t judgemental. I’ve gone from the shy girl who hid and rarely spoke, to this babbling, happy woman. Oh, I almost forgot, here’s a link to her page, you might enjoy the challenge, too. https://rochellewisoff.com/

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    1. Thank you so very much Bear for the happy birthday!! I’m so loving the comraderie!! ♥️ AND thank you for the link, sounds like a FUN challenge. I hope you have a great weekend, what’s left of it and I know you are counting the days till your move. 😀♥️

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  6. Happy almost Birthday ! 😉 It made me so happy to read your post this week. The blogging community is almost like an extended family. It definitely keeps me motivated to write, and go out there and take photos. I am convinced that it contributes to my wellbeing, especially reading about friends who works towards their dreams, and at the same time face the same challenges that I face. It seem to me that the majority of the blogging world don’t participate in a pretend world where everything is perfect, it is OK, and even encouraged to simply be human. I like that!

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  7. Thank you so MUCH Maria for the birthday wishes! And you know, you’ve described the blogging community so well. It isn’t fake or phony, such WONDERFUL support even on days you may be feeling blue. I think you are right, it is contributing to my well being as well as others I’m sure. And definitely we can feel each other’s challenges, and know we are not alone. I feel so fortunate and blessed to know and share with you all. ♥️♥️♥️


      1. How else would we be able to wish you happy birthday if you do not have the post lol and they get so much love you wold wish everyday was a birthday the way people are just extra nice, its almost like bein a celebrity for a day

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