My Weekly Smile; Oct. 7, 2019

What makes you smile? This is my weekly smile hosted by my blogging friend Trent! Thank you Trent as I just Love everyone’s Smile!

My weekly smile made me giggle as my husband came home and threw me a new hat. I LOVE hats of all kinds! Baseball caps, wide brim hats, there is just something about hats that I am a bit obsessed. I do not ask people to buy them for me, I usually do a good job buying them all by myself. But sometimes my husband (who has a large hat collection himself) sees something that he thinks I would like, or he likes and thinks I should have, which ever way you look at it this is what I got today! 😀

A new hat for my collection, and it will get well worn!

My hubby tossed me the hat and said here is a new hat for you and as I picked it up I thought why did he get me a camo hat? I actually just said thanks and set it aside. He told me it was new and that he took off the tag and he wanted me to look at it again?? Can you see what I didn’t see? Haha, it made me giggle as we looked over the hat. There are black, gray and white kitties all over this hat. This is my smile and giggle for this week!!

I also haven’t shared in a long while my pups. The shepherd mix we got as a puppy and has a good friend who I adopted from my daughter-in-law when my son got married and they had my granddaughter. So I lost my son but gained a wonderful friend, they are truly best friends these two lovable puppy dogs. ❤

What a funny angle, but she doesn’t sit still for a photo! Silly girl, very lovable and goofy!
He is such a sweety and is a bit older but doing great! They are BEST friends! ❤ ❤ ❤

This is my smile for this week. A new hat, some lovable pups and I am ready for my week. It is a busy week for me, but we always have time to smile, right? What makes you smile? Would love to hear from you, and thank you for visiting and sharing my smiles and giggles with me this week.

Happy crazy hat lady, loving her animal friends!


16 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Oct. 7, 2019

  1. I can do dog smiles any week. There is always something to smile about with them… Great cat-camo hat! I wear a hat. I’m not sure the exact type – it isn’t a fedora as the rim isn’t wide enough. I think a Trilby? (I Googled it, yes a trilby) Anyway, I have three of them, plus kayaking hats and hiking hats and one baseball style hat. Sort of. OK, I guess more baseball than a tractor hat or a trucker hat. That is mostly for lawn work. No cat hats, though 😉

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    1. Haha, I love all your hats. I think if your an outdoors kind of person like we both are then we need to wear hats, at least that’s one reason I like them. To keep the sun out of my eyes, and sun rays off my face. But I truly do love the “look” of hats on people’s heads!! Lol 😀 and thanks, the cat-camo is something I’ve never seen. I like the unusual it uniquel! 🤣😀

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      1. I still have all, OK, most of my hair, but it is a little thinner on top now than when I was 20… that is why I started to wear a hat every day. I always wore them for hiking and kayaking for the reasons you said – out all day in the bright sun, your eyes and face need protection (kayaking and hiking hats are very wide brim and floppy)

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      1. The first one I bought has a very narrow brim and reminded me of Jazz in the late 50s and early 60s. I bought it in New Orleans, so maybe that is why. But I love it and bought two more of the same brand, but different – one is a summer hat.

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    1. Awe, thanks Anne. I’m surrounded by animals! But that’s the way I like it and how it’s always been all my life! 😀 They always make me smile! 🥰


  2. I have an assortment of hats and caps, the sun can be overbearing so one needs sensible headgear..
    My craziest cap is decorated with stitching depicting the cannabis leaves and police always give me strange looks when I pass them wearing it, fun times.

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  3. That new hat is just awesome!! Didn’t we talk about that we both needed new hats a week or two ago? Your dogs are so sweet. The shepherd mix has the same expression that Gretchen has when she looks at me. Beautiful, beautiful smiles ❤ You look happy 🙂

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    1. YES! We were just talking about hats, and always fun to get a new one. And thank you for the beautiful smiles!! I’m very happy, am working on some goals, even if it feels like I’m going at a snail’s pace!! ♥️😉

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