Weekend Coffee Share; Trail Riding Success!

Weekend Coffee share is a time for us to take a break out of our busy lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)! Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? any weekend plans?

I am completely enjoying this month as we move into fall. You can smell it in the air as we cool down especially at night so the mornings stay fairly cool for many hours. The nights will start to dip down into the 50’s soon a very welcome reprieve from the summer months. I often mention how time flies as we get older, it just goes by faster each year so it seems. I really do try and savor each day. I have dreams for the future that sometimes feel out of reach, so instead of getting frustrated I try and concentrate on each day to each week. It does make life more fulfilling this way in my eyes! How is your coffee this morning? I had a delicious cup with my oatmeal and english muffin. Or maybe you are drinking tea? I have been having a wonderful time this last month trail riding on my horses, and it took some experimenting but I figured out a way to pony Zack next to Chloe with little to no biting. I’ll explain!

Miss Chloe and Zack, I ride Chloe and have Zack follow on the lead line. This is SO DIFFERENT for me and my youth training of riding Hunter/ Jumpers. This is a whole new discipline of riding that I am enjoying very much! ❤
I ride Miss Chloe with a short rein that is easy to hold, since I have to hold Zack’s lead rope as well. I am getting very comfortable with them both. TONS OF FUN!
I bought a trail riding muzzle, not very successful! He can still be annoying!

When I started on my trail rides ponying Zack I started with just his blue halter with a stud shank (the chain that is attached to the halter) and the lead rope. For those of you who do not know horses, the stud shank chain adds a bit of strength for us puny humans. Most horses weigh around 1,000 pounds give or take 100 pounds. (Zack weighs about 1,000 pounds, Chloe weighs just over 1,200 pounds. We use a tape that measures their height on one side of the tape and measures their weight on the other side that goes around their barrel/belly and approximates how much they weigh. We use it for treatment purposes, as I have to watch Zack’s weight because he has Insulin resistance a metabolic syndrome older horses sometimes acquire as they age. It is nice to have if you want to see how tall your horse is too!)

Zack knows his strength and my sister and I have had him just put his head down with us holding the lead rope while we lead him and he would trot off pulling us on the other end! He is too strong and he knows exactly what he is doing and so we have to let go or be dragged. I have been working on his ground manners with GREAT SUCCESS! And he hasn’t tried to “run off” like that in some years. But I do not want to lose him on the trail, should he shy or spook at something I want as much control of him as I can while riding Chloe. This chain works PERFECT! It goes over their nose and up the side and they have nerves on their nose which when pressured applied, they will comply. It doesn’t hurt him unless he tries to pull away. He actually LOVES Chloe so he stays pretty close, but that’s where the biting comes into play. He just nips and bites her butt, side or my leg as I ride! He is such a brat!!!

He can actually bite the lead rope through the muzzle I bought him which I show in the last photo above. He can grab the lead rope with the muzzle and lead rope in his mouth and then pull and pull on my arm. UGH! He then bumps Chloe trying to bite her through the muzzle which after awhile she gets VERY ANNOYED! STOP IT ZACK!!

I decided to try a bridle with a bit and I took off the reins. Low and behold he is so much happier with the bit in his mouth. He has an oral fixation and just chews and chews on the bit and rarely tries to bite as we ride along. I finally found a solution to my problem as the trail rides were getting more and more annoying with all the nipping and biting. I was about to give up, but it is absolutely the best thing I started doing because I can exercise both horses at the same time and he really needs the exercise! It is usually 30 up to 50 minutes of walking depending on the trails we choose to ride on any given day.

I am a happy cowgirl, thankful for my ponies and the fun and joy they bring to my life. I was asked on my weekly smile to share a photo of my haircut. So I will share what I took here. 😀 weekly smile

I didn’t share because I thought it was a little blurry in the background. I love my color as it always comes out great. Thank you Preference by L’Oreal! Hehe!
I can barely braid it now that its cut, but a small braid is better than none. I like a braid for the stables as I ride with a helmet. So now I have a short braid, better than no braid at all! Haha!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by my weekend coffee share! I am heading to the stables and am thinking this will be bath day for my ponies. Zack is starting to grow his winter coat and each year I always pray it won’t grow to thick. I know I am hoping for a miracle because he just grows a super thick coat like he lives in Alaska or something. I will just shave the hair off once November arrives. It is just to hard to manage in this warm winter climate here in So Cal. Chloe does not grow a long coat, Love that girl! ❤

Happy trail riding Cowgirl!

~Diana ❤

12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Trail Riding Success!

  1. Thanks for describing the challenges of the leading so well. I have never done it but I can imagine it could be a real challenge. As for the weather we have gone back into summer temperatures.But it does cool off a bit at night. So we have gone from stable blankets to just cotton sheets and now nothing on horses at night. Finally I love your hair. Such a nice braid.

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    1. Oh I’m so glad my explanations are understandable. You may understand better sense you work with horses. Hard to know sometimes how much detail I should include. Glad it makes sense. It is a challenge, and am glad I’m having success. Thank you for your kind comments on my hair, you are so sweet! 🥰😀🤗


    1. What a wonderful compliment dear friend!! Thank you kindly, and yes, so many things to be grateful for and I feel truly blessed! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too! ♥️🐎🐴♥️


  2. bearmkwa

    Awesome! Beautiful ponies! I used to care for a neighbor’s pony that had a biting issue. Every time I’d go to clean his hooves he’d reach around and grab my shoulder really bad. Mom saw it one day, and told me what they used to do at the track. A vinegar soaked sponge. So, I started tucking one under my bra-strap and when Pete reached around to bite me, he got vinegar instead. It didn’t hurt him, and he soon learned not to bite. I’ve since done the same with nipping dogs, and even with milk cows…always works.

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    1. Thank you for the kind comments!! I think their beautiful too. 🥰 And thank you too for the helpful advice! I’m going to get me a sponge and some vinegar! What a great idea. Zack is such a stinker, he’s all ears forward and acts nice when you face him at the hitching post, but you turn to walk away and he’ll try and bite you. Most of the time I’m just out of reach and he bites at the air. The other day I was a little too close as I turned he bit my lower forearm and I had a nasty bruise for a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to try this, boy I’m excited! Thanks again for the handy tip!! ♥️🥰🐴

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      1. bearmkwa

        Another thing Mom used to use was cayenne pepper (it worked for the pups)… but I think that’s kinda mean as she’d take up their water so they couldn’t drink after getting a mouthful of cayenne. One pup we had howled for an hour before Mom gave in and gave him water. It worked, but that’s not one I’d do.

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