My Weekly Smile; Sept 3, 2019

My weekly smile this week goes to my huge furry friends who make me smile everyday I see them. To anyone who reads my blog it won’t be a surprise that I am talking about my horses. Yes, I talk about them a ton, blog about them as often as I can and take a million photos of them because I just can’t help myself. I sometimes try and change things up and share other things which are important to me, which I think is okay since this blog is about My Life, but it’s also about my Horse Stories. I won’t stray for long away from my pretty ponies! Whenever I am feeling down or sad, it never fails when I am at the barn they ALWAYS pick me up and make me smile! πŸ˜€ And of course, I look forward to my daily visits when I am happy too! ❀

My beautiful bay roan, Miss Chloe! She melts my heart! ❀

What I noticed today is how beautiful their coats are as summer is waning, and fall is on it’s way. They will soon be growing their winter coats and I am thankful Chloe does not grow a very long winter coat at all, but Zack turns into a fuzzy bear! I plan on clipping his coat to make it easier to groom him and keep him exercised. Her beauty just makes me smile!

This is my handsome boy Zack. His coat is still nice and short and he is nice and clean! ❀

As they were lose running around I noticed their shine. My photos didn’t capture the shine as much as in person, especially Zack as a grey horse doesn’t glisten like darker colors. He is doing really well, a very happy boy and I am totally enjoying him this summer. He is a funny horse, lots of personality and of course Chloe has personality too. They are both so different since she is a mare and he a gelding, it is fun to see how different they are. Zack loves to chew on things and always tries to nip or bite. He knows not to bite us humans, but still sometimes tries. Chloe is much better and does not have that oral fixation. Its a guy thing for most geldings.

Horses being horses! This makes me so HAPPY! They LOVE to groom each other! ❀

I Love how they groom each other. I’ve written and talked often about the herd dynamics. Chloe is an alpha mare, totally in charge of the herd even if it is only 2 or 3 horses (I often turn out my girlfriends horse with these 2 which I did today but I didn’t take a photo of Gracie). Chloe is definitely the boss lady, is totally in charge and makes sure the herd stays safe! She is as solid as they come, and brings much calm and bravery to the herd. I can’t express how much I love this horse and she and I have mutual respect for each other. It is the most AMAZING bond between human and horse, hard to describe but we are so connected her understanding me and vice versa.

I can say that Zack and I are more bonded then when I first got him and he has learned with Chloe’s help that our group is a wonderful thing and his confidence is growing. But he still gets scared of things on the trail and his fear and flight brain sometimes jumps out but Chloe and I can keep him in check and in control. He’s fun, different and keeps me always thinking about how horses think and feel. They are all different with different personalities.

Thanks for visiting my #weeklysmile! This is hosted by a blogging friend Trent. I think it is so fun to share what makes us smile! What made you smile? Your comments are always welcome and I hope you have an amazing week.

Always smiling with my beautiful horses!


7 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Sept 3, 2019

  1. Great introduction to your horses. I know I’ve read about them before, but not a “This is Chloe and this is Zack” type of post. I can see why your special friends make you smile. πŸ™‚

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  2. I am so happy for you that you have your special friends, as I know exactly how special they are! Without exaggerating I can say that horses kept me away from drugs (at times when the majority of my so called friends had huge challenges,) helped me work through the grief of my mother’s death, helped me through a divorce, and many other challenges I’ve encountered. Horses are amazing healers, friends, and a fantastic medium to a positive “free time”. Thank you for the smile πŸ™‚

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    1. Awe, thank you so much for your wonderful sentiments as they have done exactly the same for me as well. Through highschool they kept me out of trouble ( different horses of course) the grief of losing both my parent’s and they are at my side through these current challenges with an aging parent. You said it best, they are amazing healers! I’m so HAPPY you enjoyed my smile! πŸ˜ƒ


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