My Weekly Smile; Aug 27, 2019

My weekly smile goes to my husband, Dave. He has been working so hard this last week (actually the last few weeks) going through his Mom’s apartment to get ready for her move to our house. You see, his Mom is 89 and will be turning 90 this coming October. She has dementia and unfortunately is in decline as she approaches 90. She can’t care for herself like her feisty self once could as she is as independent a woman that I have ever known. As the months have gone by, she has needed every day care and after researching assisted living (VERY expensive) we made the decision to have her move into our home. Bless his heart, he has made our guest room into her room hanging family photos and putting familiar items in the room to make her feel at home. ❤

Martha’s (Mom) new room, our guest room. ❤
He will hang more photos, but these photos were all at her apartment. Her family photos!

We want her to feel welcome and at home. She has not lived with anyone in probably 52 years as my hubby moved out when he was 18 and joined the Air Force. She was already living by herself at that point and to my knowledge she has not lived with anyone since that time. That is A LOT OF YEARS by yourself! I can’t imagine as I have NEVER lived alone and I am 58 years old. So this will definitely be an adventure of sorts figuring out all of us under one roof. She has pretty bad short term memory loss, so this will be interesting having her here 24/7. I know I am going on so, but that’s just because it is one thing to have a relative move in which I have no problem with, it’s more her care and what all will be involved with her. She has a doctor’s appointment first week of September, so we will be getting any extra care we need if we need to hire help to come to the house. We will see how this all goes…. CRAZY days! I feel like saying, what next??

This will now be our guest room, which is a nice area in our sun room. Bed is ready for guests!

Thank you hubby for making a new guest room in our back sun room. It is totally enclosed of course, and even has doors to close it all off for guests. My daughter often comes to stay with us so we wanted to make sure she has a nice place to sleep. Anyone else who wants to visit is more than welcome, we always make it work and I am hoping make everyone feel at home. I know my hubby makes every effort to make one happy, he just makes me SMILE! 😀

My Kiity LOVES sleeping in the sun room, because it is sunny back there!

I turned around after I took the photo of the bed and found my kitty sleeping. She woke up enough for this photo, meowed at me, I wonder what she said? she is getting old, my cute little kitty. But she always makes me smile. A double smile for today, haha, for my kitty and my hubby! What makes you smile? I really wanted to share a smile this week and this is close to my heart and my husband has been working so hard with this move. I LOVE him so much and he brings a huge giant smile to my face.

Smiling at family changes! 😀


10 thoughts on “My Weekly Smile; Aug 27, 2019

  1. The room for Mum looks lovely and I think it is so nice you have all the photos there for her. This will help her remember. I love your kitty! And my husbands name is also Dave. I always call him David but most people call him Dave. He did a nice job!

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    1. Wow, how interesting your husband’s name is David too! Such nice coincidences, makes me smile! Thank you, we took her in there and she was naming everyone in the photos. Tonight will be her first night here at our home. I’m sure she’ll be fine, he’s a sweet man indeed. ♥️

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  2. 72 years by herself is a long time, though you may want to redo the math 😉 (I don’t know how old your husband is, but it might be closer to 52 or 42 years, still a very long time.) It is a good smile, the dedication your husband is putting in to his mom. I hope her transition to your place goes well.

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  3. Haha, the math was totally wrong. In my semi-sleepy state yesterday I did not do the math correctly so THANK YOU for letting me know as now it makes more sense. It has been 52 years, which like you say is still a very long time. So far she is a bit confused but that is just because of her memory. It will definitely be an adjustment for all of us but so far so good. We have the next few days to finish emptying out her apartment. 😀


  4. I think it is a very beautiful thing to do, to invite an aging parent to live with you. Her room looks very inviting. I understand that it will be a big change for all of you. Life changes, that is the only thing that is constant 😉 How are YOU doing?

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    1. Awe, thank you Maria for your kind words. So true, life changes sure are constant! Lol 😀 I’m okay but worry about my hubby, and an not sure how this will all work out with my mother-in-law’s health issues, specifically her dementia. I’ll be pressing my husband to hire help because we are not experts with this disability. I can equate it to having a 90 year old 5 year old. The brain sure is strange as it’s weird you revert to acting like a little kid. I’m going to keep a smile on my face and help where I can, but I’m busy with work and my horses. Thank you for asking. I have negative thoughts sometimes, who wouldn’t? (Mostly, how will this all work?) but I push those aside as I want to be positive for the family! ♥️😘🥰 You’re the sweetest! ♥️😍

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