Weekend Coffee Share; Middle of June ~

My smiling rose! Because it makes me smile!

Welcome to my coffee share where we share coffee with new friends and old. Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea? I am having a cup of mango tea, so very sweet but good. It is already the middle of June, can you believe the year is half gone? The time flies so fast these days, and so much has happened in these last 6 months. It always amazes me how time flies. I know I have written about this often and they say the older you get the faster it seems to go. I think I have to agree! do you? I am enjoying a short visit with my family in Arizona. I have to say this has been a wonderful trip and it has helped me see my vision of moving here someday in the future. I am thinking maybe sometime next year, we will see! 😀

We went in some model homes. This is a view from one of the new homes, wouldn’t it be fun to buy a new house? My son and family are hoping to buy one next year!
My son in the model home! How fun to look right?
Little Alice fell asleep in the car, we are going to get lunch!

We are having a great time together and we went out looking at some open houses and model homes. It sure is fun to look and my family here is planning on buying a house early next year. It makes me think about what we would like to buy someday once we get everything taken care of where we are living in California. I have talked about this before. I had set in motion moving here earlier this year, but we had to set our plans aside because I did not have a job to go to in AZ. I am going to have to work on that and we need to work on our house to sell in CA so we have plenty of time and do not need to rush. In the meantime, it means visits here which even in the heat is totally enjoyable with this lovely family of mine. I am super blessed, and I am going to share some photos of this cute patutie, my granddaughter! ❤ ❤ ❤

She is so beautiful, like a little angel to me!
Having fun blowing bubbles as she pops them! Haha!!

We have so much FUN together! She asked me to blow bubbles as she watches and pops them. She is so silly and a little to young yet to teach how to blow herself. One day I will teach her how to blow bubbles! It will be so fun. She was so excited asking every day when I was arriving. She then asks me every day what day I am leaving. It is definitely hard to live so far away and I know I am not alone in this world having to live miles apart from family. It does tug super hard on my heart as she is my only granddaughter. She is such a special little girl and definitely a driving force for me wanting to move. I also do consider the change as we have always lived in California. I think a new beginnings would be great fun even though saying good bye to what we know will be sad, exciting to say hello to the new chapter. I am writing about this because I want to keep the dream alive! I think that makes sense. Can I get you more coffee or tea? I have one more photo to share. 😀

Love her smile! I say this often, she melts my heart! ❤

She sure makes me laugh, such a bright shining star! I hope you all are having a great weekend. I know this is Father’s day weekend so Happy Father’s day to all those father’s out there. Mine is up in heaven, I love him so and I am thankful I was able to be here for my son in wishing him a wonderful Father’s day. ❤

Love being Grandma! Blessed and Happy!


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  1. So happy that you get some family time! I love the view from the model home! No other houses, just the beautiful landscape. ..and the landscaping in the backyard is beautiful too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out to the best for you, with the move. I totally understand that being away from family is difficult. Enjoy your weekend ❤

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    1. Thank you sweet friend! And yes that view is amazing and is extra of course but the prices here are so good compared to CA homes. Totally affordable! It’s important to help the dream stay alive as I’m sure eventually this will all work out. Just so much planning needed. And I know you are doing the same 😘😉 Enjoy your weekend too! ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Colline!! She REALLY does melt my heart and touch my soul. She’s one special little girl in my eyes. I just have to stay steady and strong to achieve my goals 😀 kindly, Diana ❤️

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  2. Hi Diana,
    My daughter finished her undergrad work at UA in Tucson almost 2 years ago and I miss our visits there but, ugh, even though I love the freedoms residents enjoy there, I could not bear the heat. I don’t yet have grandchildren (none of of 3 young adults even have spouses yet) so I don’t know if that would change my mind.

    Your grand-daughter is lovely and teaching her stuff must be a daily joy.
    I hope to follow you in one sense soon though. California, almost weekly, has fewer and fewer attributes holding me here and I certainly can’t afford to retire here.

    Your visits are always a treat.

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    1. Hi Gary!
      Thank you for your thoughts and comments. I’m finding that the summer heat is way drier than here in California and being North of the city and in the Foothills of Arizona helps with the intense summer heat. Maybe we will buy something with a pool, that would be nice! I agree, California is too expensive to retire so definitely why we are pulled to AZ, among other things! 😀

      Someday you will so enjoy being a grandpa 😊 and I am glad you enjoyed my post with that cute little Alice, my grand-daughter!! ❤️


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