Weekend Coffee Share: My Ponies Today!

My smiling Rose for coffee share!

Welcome to coffee share, a time for us to share with new friends and old and I am enjoying my coffee this morning and this rose I will be using for a little while since it just makes me smile. Hence it’s name, My smiling Rose! I can’t believe I made it for a second week for coffee share as I often get busy and then miss the whole weekend. I think the weeks coming my way will be challenging to keep up with my blog because I have someone quitting at work, so we will be short handed until I can hire a new employee. I will try and keep up with everything. All part of the job. I forgot, would you like a barista style coffee today? or tea, hot or cold? How is your weekend going? It is warming up, summer is almost here! 😀

If you haven’t figured out yet I believe I am honestly an incurable horse crazy girl. I am completely and hopelessly lost without seeing and taking care of my ponies. Not only are they FUN just hanging around them, grooming them, exercising them in the arena and watching them groom each other. My favorite is riding them, which most horse crazy girls and okay, boys enjoy too (but there are waayyy more girls than boys at my stables). I say girls, but at my stables we are all mostly older women riding and caring for our horses. There is only one man out of almost 30 horses that boards where I ride. So what am I writing about today? Haha, my ponies! ❤ ❤ ❤

I am trying to get them to look at me with their ears up, please? pretty please??
Ah, I got one to look at me, Hi Chloe! ZACK, please pay attention. Haha, he’s so silly!
It looks like Chloe is talking to Zack, “LOOK AT MOM ZACK! Please???
No way man, the flies are bugging me and I am not putting my ears forward, NOPE!
AWE! I am giving up on Zack, he’s silly today. Chloe is always looking at me – probably for a treat or something! LOVE HER SO MUCH! ❤ okay, Love them both!
One more try, I got one ear forward, he’s listening! YAY! FUN Sunny day today!

My photo series in the round pen today. If I have treats in my pocket they are a lot more cooperative at looking straight at me with ears forward. Funny how that’s the way I like to photograph them. It just looks like they are looking into my soul. I do take photos of them just being horses, and if they are grazing and/or eating of course I don’t expect them to have their ears forward and looking at me but when they are looking at me, the desire is for them to be staring at me with their ears forward. It’s just a thing I guess with horse people. I bet non horse people don’t care, or notice. Never thought about that before. And it is crazy that I can write a whole paragraph about how to photograph a horse, or how I like to see photos of horses!! Who knew, but it is a passion of mine, photography and horses! 😀 😀 😀

How is your coffee or tea, need a refill? This is going to be a shorter coffee share as I need to finish so I can head to sleep. I work tonight so I need to get some sleep before work. Yes, I work weekends. I work at a reference laboratory which is open 24/7 and so I have a crazy work schedule. And since I am the supervisor I have to cover shifts so my schedule can be crazy. I try and keep it as consistent as I can but for the most part I work night shift, with rotating days off. It is a veterinary laboratory so we are helping all those sick animals out there. I Love my job and hope we are there to save a life now and again. I know there are losses too, and then there is the wellness checks where everything is A-Okay! I enjoyed sharing today. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! I know I am having a fun weekend with my friends at the stables and my ponies! 😀

Horse Gal Always and Forever,


10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: My Ponies Today!

  1. I enjoyed coffee with you as always. The photos from the round pen are very sweet. Your ponies look relaxed and happy to be with you. I hope you got some good rest, and are having a reta night at work. Thank you for the coffee!

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    1. Your WELCOME!! I’m glad you enjoyed my day with me with seeing those silly ponies as they are very spoiled and happy I think!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ❤️🐎🐴

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  2. Hi Diana, and yes, you are clearly a horse-gal. It’s just another layer of your charm, a good thing. I am not a horse-guy. My sisters had horses growing up and my only involvement was getting stuck chasing them down when they broke through the fencing. I disliked having my schedule interrupted and formed a distinct dislike for chasing them around.

    But such was our lot. We didn’t have our own land or stable but rented it from nearby ranches where fence maintenance was pretty low on the owners to-do list.

    On the other hand, I like reading the observations of someone who does love horses as you will call out things I either have long forgotten or never knew. I also cannot deny that they are beautiful creatures.

    Thanks for the visit.

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  3. Thank you so much Gary! I totally understand where you are coming from as my horse obsession did not crossover to my children. But they have had to help, whether it was feeding them or my daughter bless her heart would ride with me but I don’t think it’s her thing. She enjoys them more than my son’s do, but I’m the crazy horse person.

    I’m glad you can enjoy and hope others do to my ramblings and explanations of this, that and other things concerning horses. If I let myself, that’s all I’d ever talk about. But that’s crazy because there’s definitely other things in life I cherish too. Oh my, I can go on so…. Your kind words are heartfelt and sweet. I hope you’re having a great weekend! ❤️😀


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