Weekend Coffee Share: It’s June 1st!

My roses LOVE the cool weather! Summer is almost here….

It is afternoon and I don’t have a photo of tea only coffee. So I decided to share my rose photo instead! I know rather random but it sure puts a smile on my face as I have some ice tea with some kettle corn as my afternoon snack. What are you doing this weekend? Would you like some ice coffee? tea? hot or cold? Weekend coffee share is to share what we are doing on our weekend, to share with friends old and new. I so enjoy sharing, my photos are all rather random as I don’t have a theme this weekend. I have been busy, so my photos show all that I have been doing these last few days! 😀

I am at the end of my walk up to my house. This is the side view as we live on a corner, our driveway leads to one street and our address is the other street along the front of the house!

I try and walk at least twice a week, I should walk more often but walk a fair amount at work and at the stables. It has been very gloomy in the mornings, the temps in the 50’s which is great walking weather! I wish I walked today, this is my walk from yesterday. The sun has not come out until noon this last week which is A-okay with me as the summer heat I know is right around the corner. I was scheduled with 2 days off in a row. The next photos are all the things I have been working on the last few days on my days off. I felt very productive, what do you do on your days off?

My daughter’s guinea pigs, time to clean their cage! So they are out getting some exercise, or maybe just eating! Haha! Love them! ❤
I have been working on these crochet zoo animals! I am almost done, there is still some detail work to finish up on the Hippo. They aren’t difficult but it has taken me awhile to get them done!
My days off include trail riding! These beautiful purple Jacaranda trees are in full bloom!
I know I’ve shared these blooms before, but they are going crazy! Pomegranate trees at the stables with TONS of blooms!

I have been wanting to try and start a garden but I had so much trouble last year that I haven’t gotten up the energy to give it another try and I probably should have put my energy into it because this year I think our weather would be so good for gardening. This time last year we were battling heat. It was a very hot year last year and even though I know I would still have to water a lot, the cooler weather I think is kinder to growing plants. I know it isn’t too late if I investigate and find what is good to start growing this time of year. I also could buy some starters instead of starting from seed. Hmm… just writing about this is making me think I will give it a try and grow just a little garden. I had gopher problems last year, but I could just stick with my containers. Okay, I think I’ve convinced myself, thanks for listening or reading my ramblings! Haha, writing is so cathartic, I hope I’m not boring!

I found the trick to photograph her sticking her tongue out! Feed her a treat, stand back to take a photo and here you go! Haha, She’s adorable!

I sure am enjoying sharing my tea with you today! I also did some house work, laundry, you know all the usual stuff. Its funny, I am so busy and since I have the horses and my family is busy with their responsibilities we do not plan on very many outings. I did when my kids were young children but since my grown children live in far away places I just plan my outings there, visiting in their towns or cities. So in two weeks I will be driving to Arizona to see my son and family, so excited as I can’t wait to see my granddaughter!! Since I trail ride so much and am outdoors with my horses, my other relaxing outlet is my crochet projects. What do you do to relax? I use to read but have been really bad about reading. I blame that on my horses! ❤ ❤ ❤

Feeling relaxed, weekend FUN,


15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: It’s June 1st!

  1. Thank you for sharing your tea/coffee with me.I love your little crochet animals they are really cute. The rose photo is beautiful. and I love that tongue sticking out and she is such a marvelous color! I think you may know from Facebook that I am spending my weekend in the hospital. I got clear fluids today and move on to baby food tomorrow. I hope it will continue to go well. I think my body has done a good job so far of healing itself but solid food will be the final test. Onwards ever onwards.

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    1. Thank you too for sharing tea/coffee. I appreciate your kind comments. I too Love Chloe’s color. 😊 And YES, I saw on Facebook you were in the hospital. I’m so HAPPY your body is healing well by itself. I too have scar tissue from previous surgeries and worry someday this very thing may happen to me, so far it hasn’t. Praying as you get to solid food you’ll be doing GREAT! ❤️ And yes, onward ever onwards!! 😘🥰😀

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    1. They are for YOU!! Aren’t they cute! I get picky about them, but in the end they are adorable. I’m almost done and will let you know when I need your address to mail to you… I’ll PM you on Facebook soon. Take care my friend and have a wonderful weekend too! 😘🥰😀


      1. The Homesteaders Wife

        Well I kinda thought so but didn’t want to assume 😂. Sounds great….Judah is going to be over the moon….if I even give them to him 😂❤

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  2. Hi Diana. I’ll say you’re busy. I’m very tempted now to lookup those Jacaranda trees to see if they’ll grow in my back yard. We have a spot opening up for 1 or 2 and these look amazing. And why am I not surprised that you figured out a way to capture a photo of your horse with her tongue sticking out. This is what happens when your kids move out I’ve heard.
    For relaxing, I try to both read and write, but have barely had time for either lately. I did get one story done and posted, but only because I’ve been waiting for some information needed to finish it. But I got it’s done. You might like it because it is about a very spunky gal I dated back in the mid 1970s. I could see you doing what she did – but will stand back and hope you come back to affirm or correct me. It’s linked from my coffee share if you’d like a nice short read.
    Blessings my friend.

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    1. Thank you Gary for your kind response! I will check out your coffee share link, sounds like a fun read. Hopefully you’ll get more free time soon for both some reading and writing as it’s nice to be able to slow down and relax. Take care my friend! 😀🙏


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