Weekend Coffee Share – Family and Smiles!

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

What kind of coffee would you like? I can’t drink black so I always have a flavored creamer, the one in my fridge is Italian Sweet Cream. I can get you some tea if you would like? If I drink tea, I like ice tea or green hot tea. I am sooo looking forward to this weekend as my family from Arizona is here visiting. I can’t wait to see them all, especially my granddaughter Alice! ā¤

I started my weekend by a good walk around my neighborhood. It was a brisk 53 degrees, very cool air on my face during my walk. I am glad I wore a pair of jeans because I could feel the cold through them a bit, I don’t like it when it is too cold. I know, I know, 53 isn’t considered cold but for this southern Cali girl it was a bit chilly. Haha, I am who I am and a fair weathered person it is for me here in Norco! šŸ˜€

The view this morning as I walk around a big block!
I live across from the Junior High School. My kids someday if they read this will have lots of memories from this school. Norco, Home of the Bobcats! The last part of my walk home.

I have been living in Norco with my family for 14 years and living in the general area almost 20 years. I have lived in California my whole life, except for the first 2 years of my life. I was born in Suffern, New York and my parents moved our family to Colorado Springs, Colorado and then to Southern California where I have remained. It’s been crazy to see all the growth here, the traffic is horrible. But the weather is awesome, no wonder it’s so crowded! How is your coffee? can I get you another cup? I get off on tangents. But thinking back is making me SMILE, I have so much to be grateful for with a beautiful family and wonderful family I grew up with! Lots of smiles and hugs to all my sister’s and brother and their families. šŸ˜€

My home sweet home. This is at the end of my walk the sun came out to warm me up! ā¤

This is what it is all about right? Family, a home, Love for all which puts nothing but smiles on my face which is what I wanted to share for this weekend. I get so giddy thinking about my granddaughter. She fills my heart and soul with her spirit and her contagious smile! I can’t wait to see her, and its always a little hard for me to say good-bye. One day I will live closer to them, I will figure it all out and make it happen one way or another but for now I’m super duper happy for our visits. ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

I know I’ve shared this photo before, but its so good and fun to see again! She’s a cutie patutie!!

Thank you for sharing some coffee or tea with me this weekend. I hope your weekend will be full of smiles.

Love being Grandma, Loving Life, Hugs and smiles!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Family and Smiles!

  1. This is a great coffee share! And I like the picture of you as Grandma! My weekend is unfolding with some difficulty as my husband has a detached retina and it is not responding as they had hoped. But we go to a hospital in Toronto that is knows for being excellent for eye issues. We are going back again to see them tomorrow to see if the latest thing will work and if not he will need surgery. But I hope we can avoid that.

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    1. I’m so very sorry for the detached retina, prayers they can re-attach and he won’t need surgery. Not a fun weekend for you both, but hoping in Toronto they can fix it! ā¤ļø And I’m glad you enjoyed coffee with me. That’s one of my favorite photos! šŸ„°šŸ˜€

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  2. I’ll go for the tea since it’s late in the day. Thank you! It’s delicious. I enjoyed the walk through your neighborhood. I almost got the feeling that this post was sort of a good bye to California? Or maybe you’re thinking a lot about moving out of state? We had about the same temperature here this morning, but it warmed up to 78. Just perfect! It’s going to be a little warmer tomorrow, but not unbearable. I’ve felt so full of energy this week….which always leads me to look at more horse ads..lol.

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    1. Thank you for sharing tea with me, and we aren’t moving but I’m dreaming of it almost every day. My mother-in-law will be 90 this coming October and is okay but fragile. She is still in her own apartment a mile away but is constant need of my husband’s care and so we decided it won’t be good to move her and she would need to move with us so we’ve had to put things on hold for now. Wow, that was a long sentence! Lol
      I just can’t let my dream of moving, hopefully buy horse priority die, that’s what dreams are for I think, so talking about it keeps it alive!! ā¤ļø
      I’m glad your weather is holding and not getting too hot yet… And you put a huge smile on my face, looking at horse ads!! Yes! I think that’s exactly what you need, if not now hopefully soon! ā¤ļøšŸ“šŸŽā¤ļø Lol!!

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    1. Also, I have family in Colorado. My oldest sister and her son’s family live there outside of Denver in Cenntenial, CO. My daughter attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and so I was traveling there a lot. I wouldn’t mind living in CO someday. It May be where my daughter ends up retiring from the AF. I just wanted to share, and thanks again my friend! ā¤ļøšŸ˜€šŸ˜˜


  3. Thanks very much for the cup of tea and chat. I loved the photo of you and your granddaughter. She seems to look quite a lot like you. Our kids are still at home and in their teens and it’s hard to imagine them moving out, although our daughter is wanting to become a professional ballerina so she could end up anywhere. I don’t want to put blinkers on her dreams so we go with the flow.
    Hope you have a great week ahead.
    Best wishes,Rowena

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  4. Thank you Rowena for having a cup of tea with me! My granddaughter looks just like my daughter at that age, the resemblance amazing. I remember all my children at home in their teens and my how the time flies. Enjoy them all while they are home! And you sound like a WONDERFUL Mom, hope your daughter becomes that ballerina! Thanks so much for sharing! ENJOYED it so much. Kindly, Diana šŸ˜€


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