Riding Before The Storm!

There is a storm brewing and the forecast is 100% rain for later this evening into the morning hours. This has been the most rain in a very long time this last winter and I have to admit a very cool Spring. I can’t complain about cooler weather for Southern California, especially since I live inland, we see over 100 degrees in the Summer months. Thankfully, we just spike 100 degrees but we can live in the 90’s through the Summer so I WELCOME the cool and I do welcome the rain. I know it won’t rain for long, but I also know I won’t ride tomorrow. So I took advantage of my day off and rode both horses! 😀

I turned around after hanging up my bridle and thought what a neat photo! I can’t believe I caught him with his tongue out! Haha! Funny boy!

I have to thank my best friend Sally for a wonderful trail ride on Miss Chloe! It was very uneventful which is nice as we chatted about her granddaughter, our travel plans to visit both our granddaughter’s next month, FUN times! Yes, we rode around the trails through the neighborhood here in Norco and enjoyed a leisurely walk as our horses know where to turn and take us for our ride. I was thinking I need to ride Zack since rain is coming and I just rode him in the arena. He is settling in to our leisurely rides since he is retired, he has finally figured out it’s not going to be a hard workout. I know I spoil them but in a respectful way as I don’t want them to take advantage of me which they don’t. They are respectful back!

I should count the pomegranate trees at the stables, there’s at least 10 running along the arena outside the fence. The blooms are beautiful!
I have shared other photos of my horses treating themselves with a nibble of these trees!

I had a really nice day off enjoying my ponies. The wind started to pick up, so I was able to finish all my chores and then come home and work on my crochet as I have some zoo animals I am trying to complete. I just wanted to share my day and must say I really needed the riding, it relaxes me so much. I also enjoy grooming and caring for these giant animals. I fed Chloe and got her to look at me for a closing shot. The sun peeking through the clouds to shine on her face a bit! What a beautiful girl! ❤ ❤ ❤

My beautiful trail pony!

Stay dry if you live in California or in other areas that are still having winter/wet weather. And smile big as we are all truly lucky to be enjoying this wonderful life we have, right?

Warmly, feeling blessed,


4 thoughts on “Riding Before The Storm!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your day. And I love the photos. I rode early this morning and was glad I did because the rest of the day was spent with my husband down in the city in one of the big hospitals. He has a detached retina and they were doing testing and in the early evening put a bubble into his eye to get the retina back in place. Long day and any time in a hospital is a reminder to be grateful for good health.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comnents Anne. I’m so sorry about your husband’s eye and yes, that is a long day at the hospital. I recently made an appt to see my doctor for a check-up, I’m neglectful and take better care of my horses than myself…. Funny how that is and I thought I’d better take care of myself too! Hoping all checks out normal. ❤️

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  2. The Homesteaders Wife

    I live for cool weather so I know what you mean! Nothing better than using your time to go on a trail ride. Especially when you have such great company! And pomegranate trees!!! There’s one that we don’t have growing here. It sounds so exotic 🤣😘

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    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, cool weather is too be appreciated!! I feel fortunate the owner of the property where I keep my horses has so many trees as the pomegranates are free for the taking! They are a bit of a project to harvest, but a great addition to salads! 😀🥰

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