Enjoying Cool Weather!

Chloe to the left, then Zack in back and Gracie closest to me. They were all looking at me but I didn’t take the shot quick enough. I’ll have to teach them to pose! Lol

Here in southern California a cloudy cool morning is a gorgeous thing, and a more common occurrence in Spring. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sun and sunny days always make me smile. I think my favorite though is partial clouds and when it is partially cloudy the temperature is usually perfect. So this is my early morning with my friends Chloe, Zack and my girlfriends horse Gracie. It was a cool 57 degrees at 8:30am this last weekend. I was so enamored by the weather, I took a bunch of photos. One of these days I may have to invest in a nice camera. I’ll put it on my wish list. πŸ˜€

This shot I think is cool with the sun behind these clouds. Pretty good for just a phone camera!

This photo really turned out good and I was able to take another one where the sun looks like the moon during the day hiding behind the clouds. I also have some spoiled pony shots as how can I not take photos of these pretty horses! ❀ I also think the photo above is a beautiful shot of the stables I board at and am so fortunate that the owners take such wonderful care of the facilities and my horses are so happy living there. ❀ ❀ ❀

Here comes Chloe, looking for a treat! And what a big low cloud above her!!
Silly girl, I don’t have treats today in my pocket. Cuteness, and Zack is on his way! Photo bomber!
Hi Zack! He is so handsome, but then I’m prejudice being his Ma! ❀

As I look through these photos it transports me back to that quite morning. I had the stables to myself for about 45 minutes and it was so peaceful. With the crispness in the air, it really makes you feel alive. I so enjoy the outdoors, and feel very fortunate to share my mornings and my days with these beautiful animals. They are my therapy, keeping me sane in the busy life I lead. I wish I can thank them, I guess I thank them every day. πŸ˜€

Here is the photo where the sun almost looks like the moon. This is the same morning even though it looks dark, its just a shot into the sun. The clouds just beautiful!
They love the Pomegranate trees! Miss giraffe herself! Haha…..
They both love these trees. They really don’t eat much, just a little bite here and there!

I went to the stables to turn out these ponies and I went early to avoid the stable crowds and to be done early so I could be home for family time. I am undecided which photos are my favorites – trail riding photos? or turn out photos? I guess I love them all equally. This was just such a pretty morning once I started, I could not stop taking pictures. I’m addicted, and so then I just have to share. I know I am not writing some profound post, and I so enjoy sharing my love for these horses but I also have a love of the planet we live on and I wanted to share as the weather will be getting increasingly hot. The heat is around the corner!

My last photo, I love the local Norco hills in the backround! LOTS OF CLOUDS! ❀

I hope I brought you to my world of quite, peaceful, cool, crisp and beautiful cloudy morning. I actually made the horses run around a little bit in between photo shots. Then I attended their stalls. They are cleaned but I add shavings that the stall cleaners do not touch. So I may need to rake them from the sides of the stall, I call it fluffing, haha, like making their bed! My girlfriend and I and others at this stables like to have a big bucket of water even though they have automatic water’s. We have to fill our own big buckets so I cleaned and filled them, this way they can have large amounts of water, just gives us peace of mind.

Thank you for reading my very selfish post about my beautiful morning with my most beautiful horses. I am truly thankful and blessed with this life and I hope this post finds you the same. ❀

Grateful, and at peace….

-Diana ❀

6 thoughts on “Enjoying Cool Weather!

    1. Thank you kindly my friend! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the morning with me and your WONDERFUL comments touch my heart. It’s challenging in a stable or ranch environment where there are no big pastures to let horses be horses. But you can make it work even if it’s just a short time each day, and they do thrive. 😍 I always Love hearing from you, so thankful for your comments! πŸ˜€πŸ₯°πŸ΄πŸŽβ€οΈ

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  1. I enjoyed this post and the photos! Nibbling on pomegranate trees…that is new for me as we do not have them in Ontario. I understand your liking the cooler days. For me the weather at home has been a big contrast to Florida and a bit too cool. Well cold actually. It was only a couple of degrees above freezing this morning and it is April 24!! Good grief!

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    1. Oh dear Anne! That’s way too cold, good grief indeed! I’ll pray for some warm weather for you northerners, and it’s a definite huge contrast from Florida.🌞

      We should be enjoying more cool weather into May and in June we get what we call here June gloom with a lot of foggy mornings. Then the fog will burn off to a beautiful day. Then Summer will hit and we can hit temps over 100 here in Norco but not consistently. We do not have humidity here like in the South- so we have what we call dry heat. Still hot and uncomfortable but very little to no humidity! 😎😊❀️

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    1. Thank you so much dear friend! I sure get excited about the cloudy days, and am glad the photos turned out with my simple phone camera! ❀️ And I’ll keep sharing my horses, I’m so obsessed and are happy to share. 😘


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