Spring! It’s April Already…

How can it be April? I can’t believe how fast the last 3 months have flown by and each week just comes and goes busy, busy, busy. But I am SO THANKFUL because I was able to squeeze in a vacation from work to help my family out while my daughter-in-law is on the mend in Arizona. And here it is April 2nd. I am not a big April fool’s person so I waited a day to finish this post that I had started in March.

I have to share photo’s of my cute little granddaughter, she melts my heart. I didn’t really give a whole lot of thought in what it would be like to be a grandma when I was younger, but boy, I can say that it is the most amazing, full-filling time of my life. It feels just as good as when my children were babies, as I absolutely LOVE being a mother and now a grandmother! I know I have written of this often and I love how her gregarious love and sense of humor keeps me laughing for hours. She is so precious! ❤

Having some selfie FUN!
She says, let me make a face! Such a cutie patutie! ❤ ❤ ❤

I know, everyone has a precious daughter/granddaughter or son/grandson, can I say I love yours as much as I love mine? I do, they are all so innocent and to be able to see the world through a child’s eye is truly a gift. If you just spend a few minutes or more to see what makes them giggle or watch them explore things we overlook. I have such great FUN and I had 5 incredible days with her and I am so thankful for this time and I was actually a bit depressed when I returned home as I missed her so, but realized (I’m a big girl right?) that I will return and visit again. I have to figure out my next vacation. Hmm… I’ll have to check the calendar. 😀

What does she see? So ADORABLE!
This is one of several lakes at the park in Anthem, Arizona. Alice and I are watching the ducks!

We went to the park everyday. There are two parks actually, one is a small park and the other is a really big park which is Alice’s favorite. The photos above are all from the big park in Anthem. The weather was beautiful and just perfect. What a super duper fun vacation, I could not have asked for more fun with my sweetie pie. We were together 24/7 as she slept in the queen size bed with me too, oh so spoiled, but I loved every minute!

It might sound crazy, but her and I have a special bond at least that’s how I see it as she really has this special spirit. I know she is going to grow up and be a wonderful, beautiful young lady some day. I am going to enjoy this adventure every day I can and I am having a grand time sharing with you all. I hope you enjoy as much as I, and I would love to hear what melts your heart? Is there someone special? I know my horses are close to my heart as well. OF COURSE I am going to end by sharing what I got to come home to as I missed them while vacationing! Haha, I am always missing someone, or something, so it seems…. 😉

Kisses for my girl! Selfie FUN! ❤
I can’t forget my beautiful boy! Haha, their noses are so up close! ❤

I am struggling with decisions. Should I stay or should I go, isn’t that a song? (Yes! Sung by The Clash! I had to look it up) and it is such a difficult decision and one not easily made as it will not be an easy thing to move if we decide to move to Arizona. (I had made the decision a few months back, but my work fell through and I do not have a job to go to there so that changes everything.) I have lived in California since 1963, pretty much my whole life. Roots are deep…. There is so much to say but I will save for another post. Thank you for stopping by and sharing my vacation with me as I had a blast. I hope each and every one of you have some crazy fun times!! 😀 😀 😀

Crazy in Love Grandma!

-Diana ❤

6 thoughts on “Spring! It’s April Already…

  1. Diana! Although I don’t know you, what I do know is you are such an amazing person with such a love for life. Your blogs are so cheerful, I love reading them. Thanks for sharing and I hope you can just be still for now with decisions that are unsure xo

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    1. AWE! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve really been stressing so much, and you speak words of wisdom as I need to stop fretting. I’m so thankful you enjoy my blogs, it’s nice to hear those calming words. Thank you my friend! ❤️

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  2. I’m so happy you got some precious time with your granddaughter. It is hard to live far away from your loved ones. I understand there’s a lot think about when it comes to making a big out of state move. (As I have made a few big moves myself.) Change can be scary, especially if there’s some questions that’s till needs answers. My daughter and I are planning a vacation to Arizona, and our future homestead property in May. I’m super excited about that! I enjoyed your photos very much!

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    1. Awe, thank you dear friend for your kind and even encouraging words. It is way more difficult to prepare and figure out a big move out of state and I admire you and those that have made it happen. I also was so HAPPY I got to spend precious time with my granddaughter! ❤️ Oh and that sounds so awesome you’ll be visiting your future homestead and I didn’t know it is in Arizona! So COOL! I’m thinking is it North Arizona? Anyways, you are so sweet and am glad you like my photos, so fun to share!! 😀❤️🥰

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