Weekend Coffee Share; Spring is coming!

Wild flowers Bloom!

I am enjoying an afternoon cup of decaf coffee because I will need to take a nap as I will be working tonight. I prefer regular coffee but a cup of decaf works in a pinch. Can I pour you a cup of coffee? or maybe tea or decaf of either? I am super happy that we had a wonderful weekend and the rain passed us by this weekend. We really need a break so we can dry out from all the rain this winter. It was a chilly day, but a beautiful day as I enjoyed meeting up with my friends at the stables for a couple of trail rides. I actually enjoyed 2 rides, one on my girl Chloe and the other on my pretty boy Zack. The birds were singing, it was cool and crisp. These wild flowers are on the trails where we ride. ā¤

Such pretty wild flowers!

I took close up photos above, this is what we ride by on this trail!

I have to say that Spring is in the air, and I think everyone can agree that we are all looking forward to Spring! I have been reading and seeing many blogs and following many people that are still knee deep in snow, or deeper. I have been seeing that so many are still in single digit weather, I can’t imagine to be completely honest. I told myself and I think I’ve written that I would stop complaining of the rain and what little cold weather we experience here in Southern California because it is nothing like what I read or see in the news in the cold northern states. Stay warm, have another cup of coffee! Spring will be here soon! šŸ˜€

She makes me smile! As she is longing for a treat! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

This weekend was picking my youngest son up at the airport as he flew in from spending three weeks in Arizona helping his brother and their family. These young adults are so silly, his first time flying alone he almost missed his flight. Not realizing he needed to be at the airport at least an hour before take-off, he didn’t get there until 25 minutes before take-off. They had closed boarding but he was lucky as there was some delay in the departure and they ended up letting him board. Silly guy, he will do better next time.

I am enjoying my brew, the warmth of the mug in my hands and the wonderful smell of coffee. Don’t you just love the smell of coffee? I sure do, the taste is wonderful too, can I pour you another cup? As I sit here pondering my future and what it holds I am a bit confused. I have grown children living in different locations which I wish I could live near both of them. That is not going to happen soon, and I can’t live by both so I must choose. OR we stay were we are…. I thought I had everything figured out, but I don’t. I can’t see our future path, I know we can’t see what the future holds? I know we can plan, I know we have choices but somethings are just plain difficult.

Even though this is a coffee share, I’d like to say that it takes some strength to put words to virtual paper and to share with the world. I think it can be scary but for some reason I really want to share my thoughts with you all. Don’t you all feel special? YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL, you really are and I do love to share as much positive words as I can but life is full of other things that are less positive. There are disappointments and sad things that affects all our lives, but we see enough of that in the news. That’s why I find it important to keep things up beat and positive. I am human and have sad days, and I have a crazy busy life full of family that have things that are happy and some that are tragic and sad. There have been some sad events in my family and I know they will recover and move past their events and grow stronger and look towards the future.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me this afternoon. Thank you for reading along with my writings as I find writing extremely fun and therapeutic. I so enjoy sharing my world with the world. I so enjoy sharing all my photos, I LOVE photography and can’t get enough of them and I so enjoy hearing from you if you care to comment. It’s okay if you don’t, I still love blogging, even if no one was there I would still enjoy this and I’ve met some wonderful folks. Thank you friends and thank you family.

With loving thoughts, positive thoughts, warm thoughts to all…

-Diana ā¤

13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Spring is coming!

  1. I remember telling someone that sometimes, sharing pieces of ourselves in writing is like taking a naked selfie of our souls… its takes a lot.
    I dont know much about horses except that you must never look a gift horse in the teeth or is it you must only trust the horse’s mouth hahahaha
    thanks for the coffee

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments Beaton! And your introspective words, it sure is like a naked selfie of our souls, never thought of it that way! šŸ„° And I’ll have to look up that saying “never look a gift horse in the mouth” not sure exactly where that came from? Hahaha, but they are my passion and am hoping not horse people will enjoy my obsession too! ā¤ļø Your words are so supportive, Thank you!!

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      1. Okay, so it states – don’t look a gift horse in the mouth means don’t question the value of a gift. Interesting; the proverb refers to the practice of evaluating the age of a horse by looking at it’s teeth. This is also the source of the expression, “long in the tooth,” meaning old. Pretty cool!
        I will say vets are better than I, but that’s exactly how we try to determine a horses age today if you don’t know its age, is by looking at their teeth! It’s kinda like the rings of a tree, only horses don’t live as long as trees! Haha! šŸ¤£

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  2. Hi Diana. Happy Near-Spring to you. Your ride looks wonderful. I laughed at your son almost missing his departure. He was that close to getting another lesson on rebooking to a later flight.

    About sharing and caring. This group seems to be pretty good about stuff like that. I’ve often been helped out with some problem I’m having with my blog.

    If you really like the inspiration that comes with accounts of people helping people, I should share a story with you. Most of my essays are meant to be funny but this one had a serious theme but it has made people cry with joy to know how caring some people can be. It will cost you about 10 minutes of reading time but I think is well worth it. I worked with these folks and many of them remain friends all these years later. I hope it lifts your heart as the event did mine.


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    1. Thank you kindly Gary for your wonderful response. I visited your blog and it was such a touching story, I left a comment there too. I’m finding so many WONDERFUL, caring, helpful people here on WordPress, I feel so fortunate and blessed! ā¤ļø Thank you!!

      P.S. I had phoned my son the day before he left to tell him he can’t take 3 bags on the plane or he’d have to check one bag. So he stuffed everything into 2 bags. I failed to remind him about getting there an hour early though, haha, he’s truly Lucky!! šŸ˜€

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