Rain Update and Horses!

She’s busy eating, I LOVE her dabbles as she sheds her winter coat!

It has rained and rained and rained some more. I have not seen this much rain in years. It was so incredibly wet and muddy and rained so much I could not turn out the horses today. So I just groomed them in their stall and gave them their lunch. I am very thankful that my ponies stall under the shelter has stayed dry, I feel very fortunate. We buy our own shavings so I do what I can to help keep them high and dry!

She is busy eating some lunch. At least she is dry under her shelter. ❤
A photo from above as I held the camera over the top of the fence! She’s so cute! 

Chloe does not grow a very long winter coat. She is shedding as Spring approaches and I love her dapples. Zack has been standing in the rain off and on as the days go and since he has gotten limited turn outs, and not wanting to roll in the saturated mud he is actually really clean. I have enough shavings in the stall that if they sleep they don’t get dirty as it’s just very wet shavings. As I brushed him today, he was so very soft. It looked like he got a bath, it’s a rain water bath! I just had to take some photos as he is so white. He won’t stay that way as it slowly dries, he will eventually roll in the wet sand in the arena and get pretty dirty brown. Once it dries, it does brush off thankfully!

AMAZING he is so clean in this wet muddy weather! He’s very soft too!
Such a character as I reached over the fence to take this photo of Zack! Silly boy!

The clouds have parted, the rain has stopped this afternoon after 5 days of rain. Its nice to see the sun shining as I gaze out the window as I write this blog. We all miss riding at the barn. We are not use to ALL THIS RAIN! I know we need rain, it just makes life at the stables a bit of a challenge. I know there are tons of incredibly flooded stables, unless you have an indoor arena it will take some days to dry out. Today was the last day of rain until maybe next week and I am not going to miss it as we all need a break in Southern Cali!

Water logged, horse owner, rain go away until another day!


11 thoughts on “Rain Update and Horses!

    1. Thank you kindly Maria! I feel privileged to own a roan as I don’t think it’s a common color! I love the color changes through the seasons with her too. Not as drastic as some but definitely gets darker in the winter and more silvery in the spring and summer! ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Zack is SO clean for a white horse! Amazing. Lucky he does not like mud rolls. Chloe is a wonderful color and the dapples show she is in very good health. Thanks for sharing. I hope you will get dry weather soon.

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    1. Thank you so much Anne for your kind comments. Zack will find the mud eventually as we dry out. But am so thankful he’s staying so clean. I try to keep them well groomed. I can’t seem to help myself, comes from my old showing days, grooming to bring out that shine and oil in their coats! 💖

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      1. Well they will like that. Even Biasini who does not always like to be groomed loved having a good curry and brush yesterday on his day off after showing. Some years back I had a white horse. So I know about the mud baths!

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