Weekend Coffee Share; Weather, Crafts and Horses!

I am enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee with some cookies. I haven’t bought Girl scout cookies in some years and someone at work asked if I would buy some from her niece so I obliged. I forgot how good they are, and with a warm cup of coffee, blissful. Will you join me for a cup of coffee? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am currently listening and watching it rain and rain and rain. It is one of the wettest winters this year, and for a outdoors person, or more to the point a horse owner, the rain can be difficult to enjoy. I am able to keep my horses dry, the rain keeps us on our toes! As I sit and enjoy the sound of the rain, I also crochet and I thought I’d share what I am working on. It doesn’t look like much yet so I’ll have to post a photo when I am done. 😀

This is the beginning of a Tunisian Croc Rock Cap
My kitty is always near me watching me or sleeping! 

I love to crochet, I also cross-stitch which I haven’t done in a few years. I may have to get back into that but for now I am having fun making crochet projects. This will be a warm beanie or hat. I am almost done crocheting the edge that will fold up around your head for a double thickness. So the next step is to crochet the cap. I love this deep red wine color. As I sit here working on this project, I can see I didn’t complete my last one. It’s a Star Wars figure, almost completed. They are so cute, I have made so many and want to make all the figures in the crochet book I have. I seem to get side tracked, sometimes having multiple projects going at one time. Here is a photo of many I’ve made so far.

I LOVE Star Wars and it has been so FUN to make these characters! 

Since I am stuck indoors, other than housework (who does housework? I do get help from hubby in this area. I will admit, he spoils me when it comes to housework!) I am either writing this blog, or crocheting my crafts while watching my multitude of cooking shows! So relaxing and helps with stress. We all should do things that helps with the stress in our daily lives, especially for those of us who work full-time. That would be me, and my job as a supervisor has enough stress that I need all the help I can get to de-stress or unwind! Are you enjoying your coffee, or tea? I hope you are having a great weekend. It isn’t all bad staying inside! I wanted to share the outdoors from this morning as I did go to check on the ponies and took some photos to share. ❤

They thankfully are dry under their shelters. I will add more shavings as needed.
SO MUCH RAIN! We are saturated, but they just walk around, stretch their legs.
Zack loves to stand in the rain, you can see how he is somewhat wet. 
Miss Chloe says Please?

I take so many photos, they just bring me so much joy. I call to them and they always come over to see if I have treats. So as they beg, of course I went and got them some horse cookies. How can you not with these cute faces. It drizzled off and on as they walked around and eventually scratched each others back. I turn them out every day and ride them often. As I am looking at my weather app it says rain every day until Tuesday. That means 3 more days of rain. I remembered driving home from the stables that I have an Aussie waterproof (oiled) rain coat hanging in my garage that has been there for some years. My hubby bought it for me at a yard sale here in town and I tried it on when I got home and it fits great! So I will ride tomorrow in the rain with my Aussie raincoat! Hopefully it will only be drizzling, right now as I look out my window it is pouring, oh dear, so much rain. We need it but I wish it would space itself out not rain every single day, all day long.

He is so cute, not wanting to miss out on a treat!
My Aussie raincoat. My husband said, FINALLY you will be using it!  Can’t wait!

SO I finally have rain gear. It’s only a coat but it will keep me dry in all of this rain. I can’t believe how hard it is raining and it hasn’t stopped in hours!! I have some heavy leather protection I bought for my Ariat boots that I wear to the barn. I added another layer this morning to keep them moist and dry. The oil I apply helps repel water. Developed by a firefighter, it has kept my Ariat’s in good condition and with all this rain they are surviving which makes me happy. I am trying to enjoy the weather but as you can see it is a challenge with the horses. I am hoping you are having a great weekend, and are enjoying your coffee with me. I am enjoying your company and I sure do enjoy sharing my crafts, my horses and my weekend with you. ❤ I must say it is getting very green here in Southern California. It will be a beautiful spring, and the mountains abound with green grass, and we will get wild yellow mustard grass which will be beautiful to see in a few weeks. When these storms blow through the local mountains will be snow capped, a beautiful sight to see. I should be grateful for the weather, I think I will get another cup of coffee, how about you?

Crafting, relaxing, raindrops on my head!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share; Weather, Crafts and Horses!

  1. The Homesteaders Wife

    You can never say no to giving a snack to your horses 😍. They are beautiful! I too have bought a few boxes of those (awful) yummy cookies….its for a good cause, is what I tell myself 😂. Your crochet star wars collection is amazing. I have to ask….do you do orders??? I can crochet, but not like that!! Please let me know…I’m serious. My son is going through a dinosaur phase and I can see how cute a little crochet dino collection would be ☺❤

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    1. I’ll have to look for some dinosaur patterns. Yes, I’ve made many crochet that I’ve sold for a small fee, a little for me and to help pay for shipping. I’ve made crochet horses for friends and Piglet and Pooh Bear. I can make more of these Star Wars too. I haven’t made a dinosaur, but I know there’s patterns!

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      1. Yes, I’m at Diana Prastka Stuckey on Facebook and then we can connect via messenger. Then I can get your address. I’ll look for a dinosaur pattern book that has lots of dinosaurs – I’m excited, they will be fun to make!


      2. I saw a new message and now can’t find it, maybe with my name you can request friends or resend message? Lol – will get this figured out! Thank you! ❤️😁


  2. I miss my counted cross-stitching. My mother took one of my designs and used it as a quilt block pattern; she gave me the quilt, afterwards. It’s long since worn out. When I got married, my lifestyle expanded to include a house and dogs (all of which have considered themselves to be lapdogs), and so my cloths, needles and embroidery threads sit in plastic trays, untouched for over 25 years.

    I hope that the rains will turn everything beautiful when the warm comes around, again!

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    1. That’s so COOL your mom used your cross-stitch designs as a block pattern! My contribution to my sister’s family tree quilts have been cross-stitching everyone’s name which in turn are put into blocks. I’ll have to take a photo to share as it’s pretty cool. I don’t sew, I really don’t know how so that’s why I contributed with the cross-stitch! Lol

      Thanks for your comments and response, those lapdogs you have are ADORABLE! It will be beautiful when all this rain blows through! I’ll have to share photos of our hills and mountains! ❤️😊


      1. I will look forward to seeing the photo of the cross-stitched signature(s). (I think I would have to draw out the signatures and embroider them. 🙂 Counting the squares for each would, I think, confuse me. Good for you, being able to do that.) And I would love to see photos of the hills and mountains in their full beauty. I look forward to that.

        Yes, our Cocker spaniels are so responsive to affection and a delight to our days. As I was growing up, there were always horses in the pasture directly in back of our back yard (a double lot). I have had only a few opportunities to ride horses –once, herding cattle from one pasture to another on a ranch in Montana and several times on hour-long trail rides in the lakes country east of my home town. Fond memories!

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