Too Much Rain for Horses!

My Chloe girl LOVES water! 

My goodness, we haven’t seen this much rain in over a year. I think it was two years ago we had a really wet winter but what is bad about all the rain we are getting here in Southern California is the amount all at once. We are completely saturated and the ground just can’t take any more water. We are fighting with mother nature as we want to have our ponies have a dry spot to eat and sleep. We buy loads of shavings to help dry the stall but we are slowly losing this battle. 😦

As sad as I feel, the rain feels good. It feels cleansing and the air fresh and crisp. I know I should not complain because I know that all this deluge of rain can cause mud slides in mud slide prone areas that are prone to slides because of the bad fires that happened last year. So as much as I would like to complain, I know the sun will shine and things will eventually dry out. For now it’s slogging through the mud to try and get to our stalls and I’m thankful that my horses do not go nuts and can be turned out into our saturated arena. No riding until we see some sun. We have had rain for 5 days straight, something rather unusual for our sunny not so rainy area!

We have a lake in our arena, you can see the water running, we are saturated!
I do not try, but I now have a photo with Zack’s tongue out, Yay! I LOVE IT!

My girlfriend Nancy and I were at the stables today trying to help our horses with a tiny bit of exercise and to put a little bit more shavings under the shelters so they have a dry place to stand and eat and sleep if they so choose. My horses lay down in the wet shavings, can’t control that but it will all dry out hopefully by next week. We will buy more shavings to help the stalls dry out faster!!

He is so silly! This is his way of begging. Yes, for a treat! He did not get one because I did not have one in my pocket. 

I wanted to write about the aggravation of too much WATER! I love the rain, I really do, but I wish mother nature would rain in a more rationed way. Haha, like we can ask anything from mother nature. I guess that is where the old saying comes from “when it rains, it pours!” Because it has been raining, and pouring, then raining some more. It is definitely what we call here where I live a VERY WET WINTER! I know the snow lovers will love all the snow our local mountains are now getting. I lived in the local mountains for one year, that was enough for me. I did not have horses then, I do not miss the snow. I am not a winter snow person, that I know for sure.

How is your winter evolving? I have been getting really wet and funny thing I do not have the correct attire to be out in the rain. I do not own rubber boots, something I wish I had today. I do not have a water proof jacket, something that would be very helpful this week. And I do not have a water proof hat, but my hat kept the rain from getting my glasses all wet. I guess I may need to purchase some rain gear, even though this may be all over with soon and I may not see this much rain again in what, 2 years? We will see.

Water logged in California,

-Diana ❤

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  1. Sagittarius Viking

    It’s almost strange isn’t it? When you all of a sudden gets lots of rain, after a draught. The horses look happy! I saw lots of people out riding their horses yesterday, and felt a pang in my heart..I should be one of them, and yet I was on foot. It just felt wrong.

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