Horse Therapy for Me!

I think everyone should have some outlet to unwind and for me the best place to unwind and de-stress is at the barn with my ponies. I know many people enjoy hiking, walking, maybe spending time with a good book. Maybe you live near the beach or a lake to relax and unwind. How do you like to unwind? I know sometimes weather does not permit outside activities as I also enjoy crochet and baking to help me relax. I absolutely love crafts and I know some enjoy sewing and quilting. I also think many find cooking and/or baking as a go to therapy session. Is there something that helps you with the daily stresses of life? Back to horses……

I believe most horse owners like to call even big horses ponies, it’s an endearing way to call them and they bring us much love and therapy. It was a beautiful sunny day today, no wind and not a cloud in the sky. My girlfriend and I had a most excellent trail ride, temps in the 60’s (I did not take a photo of that ride, I wish I had) I would categorize this day as a perfect day!  ❤

My Chloe girl after a beautiful trail ride!
Selfies are difficult with these huge animals! But fun to try! 😀

I had so much fun taking my photos today as I tried to take a selfie with each horse. I’ve tried before with the same outcome. I think they are cute even though we both don’t fit into the photo very well. Hehe, they make me giggle! I had a really tough day at work yesterday, the stress from my job can sometimes get almost unbearable as I was pulled so many different directions, trying to put out fires and answer questions…. I would have to say one of the most stressful mornings that I have had in a long time. I went to work Monday night shift at 12:45 am and because of unforeseen circumstances of one of our other lab sights needing to send us lab work to be completed at our lab, I ended up staying into the next day to 2:30 pm. I worked 14 hours straight, no lunch, and we couldn’t even finish the job when I just had enough and had to go home. My legs were so sore from standing and just a very long shift. After such a long arduous day, to be able to have the most fabulous relaxing trail ride with my girlfriend -we have what I call therapeutic talks – this day with my ponies just filled my soul. I feel so lucky and blessed! ❤

My selfie with Zack! ❤

After my trail ride on Chloe I had time on this day to ride Zack. I’m thankful I had the day off today. He is my second horse that I adopted from my sister who moved to Idaho. I have many posts about my horses, and I just had to write about them today. One of the reasons this day was so good is because the rides were just perfect. Each horse walked on our trails here in Norco which has trails all over town, absolutely perfect. Not one spook, sometimes there is a little something to jump or spook at, all horses do as they are horses. It could be as simple as a plastic bag on the trail, something Zack would look at, or a dog hiding in the shadows to jump out and bark at their fence as we walk by. Both horses have gotten barked at and shy away or jump a little, its expected and they come right back and continue walking on like nothing happened. All in all they are excellent trail ponies with tons of trail miles!

Zack and I walking on the trail! ❤
The sun felt so good on my back today, the shadows are amazing!
I took this shot because I LOVED THE SHADOW!

I felt like a kid again noticing my shadow! The sun was in such a great location high in the sky for perfect shadows. I have to say that I so enjoy the outdoors with these beautiful horses. Did I say how lucky I am? I know I say it often, lucky and blessed. I’ll say it all day long. I would much rather share the FUN even though I have bad days, I so enjoy sharing these wonderful days. I hope you all have had a great day, or even better a great week. I am hoping for less stressful workdays, boy, yesterday does not need to be repeated any time soon. Here is to therapy for a happy life! I hope you all can do things that you enjoy and that bring happiness, relaxation and much needed therapy to your life! ❤

Thank goodness for the good days,


15 thoughts on “Horse Therapy for Me!

  1. I LOVE selfies! Those wonderful muzzles and nostrils. I could just reach out and pat them. And I’m happy you do not clip of their whiskers. I don’t either. Thanks for sharing this day. I wish I could come and ride those trails with you.

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    1. Thank you Anne! I use to clip them off years ago and then found out how important they are, and so they are as it should be, I’m glad you don’t clip them and you show dressage!! I would love to have you join me on a trail ride, at least you can enjoy it virtually or with my photos! ❤️

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      1. That’s VERY interesting, I didn’t know it was banned in Germany! Know wonder I use to clip the whiskers since I grew up showing hunters/jumpers. Wish we could educated and get them to STOP! Thanks for this info!

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  2. The Homesteaders Wife

    So true! I can’t count the times I have healed my heart with time spent with our horses. Nothing takes me out of a bad mood, or a sad time like being out with them in the pasture. They are such a blessing in my life. I couldn’t live without them now! We are lucky!

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    1. Shoot, I meant to reply back to you and just posted a separate response! Thank you for your WONDERFUL comment!! They are truly AMAZING, our horses! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. They really can put a smile on our face and bring us out of those moods and put such LOVE into our hearts!! I didn’t know you had horses!! So awesome! ❤️❤️❤️


      1. Amy Aylmer

        you’re very welcome, I blog about animal therapy , still new to wordpress , but if you’re ever in teh mood for a read, take care and best of luck ❤

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      2. I would love to read about animal therapy! I just tried to go to your sight but it says the author has deleted it, is there a different place or home page you can direct me too? Good luck to you too! I’m thoroughly enjoying blogging, I’ve been actively writing for one and half years now and it’s definitely something that takes practice, at least for me and I’m finding out what my nich is if I even have one, but it’s all about positivity and sharing the world through my eyes. I do enjoy reading others posts too! I’m Meeting some super nice people, including you!! 😊

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  4. No worries Amy!! Thank you for the link! I love what you wrote, I left a comment. I love the purple background and the photos you used are BEAUTIFUL! I’m following you now and don’t be embarrassed, I’ve gotten some WONDERFUL help from other bloggers here in WordPress who have helped me with my blog posts. I didn’t know about using tags which help people find my posts, so useful I had no idea. It’s great fun to help each other and I so enjoy this community!! ❤️❤️❤️


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