My Ponies, Up Close Fun Photos!

That grey nose, it is as soft as it looks! I actually photographed a fly right in the center of his head! Lol

I had a fun day at the barn today after a very rainy day yesterday. It was fun to watch them walk around the mini lake in the arena. My horses just love water and they often stand in the rain even though they have a nice shelter.  One of my stable friends asked me what my favorite color horse is and I really do not have a favorite.  I use to love black horses because I grew up reading The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley, such wonderful books and I actually owned a black thoroughbred. My first horse was a registered thoroughbred and was registered jet black!  He was my only black horse, but I LOVE all colors and am learning to appreciate grey horses. They are hard to take care of as you see all the dirt, but my friend said to me one reason she loves grey horses so much is because their beautiful eyes stand out against the white back-round of their face. I never thought of grey horses like that before and wondered what attracts so many people to grey horses?  I think this is one reason why and so I thought about it and she is correct, one thing I love most about Zack is his beautiful eyes! 


I Love his eyelashes as they stand out against his dark eye! He sure got dirty today rolling in the arena, silly boy. Luckily, the wet dirt dried enough for me to groom him and as much as he probably wanted to keep all his dirt I managed to get it all off and he was so soft afterwards. His grey coat is a bit stained from the dirt, but that’s okay. Every winter I clip him as his coat is very long and if I work him he sweats too much and does not dry well. And the sweat is sticky and it is just hard to take care of him with his winter coat. So instead of a hunter clip, I do what is called a trace clip and I shave the hair in all the areas that sweat first and I leave the top hair all along his back and neck so he stays plenty warm in our not very cold climate in Southern California. Here is a photo after I trace clipped him this last Wednesday. I had to give him a bath after the clipping to clean off any blade wash or oils left on his coat from the clippers. So he is still wet on the top-line in the photo

You can see where I clipped him all along the side which includes under his neck and his under belly. It is the same on his other side and he will stay cool when worked or if it is a hot day!

I like doing a trace clip as it only takes me about an hour where if I clip his whole body its a 2 hour job and I am more sore the next day. I use big sheep sheering type clippers that we call body clippers and they are pretty heavy, and with the vibration from the motor my fingers and hands are all tingly when I am done with this job. It is also a very messy job with all the hair going everywhere!! I think I itch just as much as he does when I am all done! 😀 

Miss Chloe has beautiful eye’s too! Look at those eyelashes, she just brings me so much pleasure and joy. I feel truly blessed to have two beautiful horses, and believe me I don’t take it for granted and I appreciate having them each and every day. ❤

If I had a favorite color for horses I would say it is a roan. They are the most unusual color and Chloe is a bay roan which is a roan with bay points.  You can see the bay (brown) color in her head and she has a lot of brown running through her grey speckled coat and she has black socks with a black main and tail. She gets darker with her winter coat and more silver lighter with her spring coat. I think someday I’d like to own more roan horses! Someday!! 

I’ve enjoyed sharing my musing of horse colors and horse photography up close and personal.  I am looking forward to riding Zack more often now that he is clipped so he can get some much needed exercise and I plan on riding him in the arena which will help get me in shape as well. When I ride him English I work on the posting trot and I even canter a bit too. This helps me build my core strength which I am out of shape so we both will benefit with the exercise, I can’t wait!! I have been riding Miss Chloe out on trail as often as I can so she gets plenty of exercise too. I’m thankful to be riding and thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed my up close horse photos, I sure had  fun sharing!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Horse crazy Mom,


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    1. Thank you kindly! Although I don’t have a nice camera, am glad my new Samsung 9+ takes fairly good photos. Definitely fun to experiment and look at things with a different eye! ❤️😊😁

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