Hanging out with my Horses!


This is Miss Chloe looking for a treat! She is such a sweetheart. ❤

I am enjoying my morning with these fine animals. My horses desperately need exercise but we have had more windy days in the last 2 weeks than not which makes it difficult to get them out and moving. I usually take them out on the trail which is fun for us both and less boring than just riding around in a circle in the arena! And of course it is great fun to ride with a partner when we can, having so much fun talking and riding on the trails. But it can be dangerous riding on these windy days for many reasons. Not only is there flying debris, the horses can spook at any number of things and we ride on trails that go along the streets so we don’t want to end up in the street from a spook. So we wait until the wind subsides, one more day and hopefully the wind will stay away for a long while.  Fingers crossed!


I really like this photo of Zack. I was having fun taking photos today. I tried some straight on shots I will share too that I am not sure if I like as much as these side shots. 

I worked them loose and I usually make them trot and sometimes canter. With the wind they usually do not use the whole arena staying at one end in a smaller circle. I also have my girlfriends horse loose with mine, her name is Gracie. I had them exercising for so long that they ended up just walking and as they were walking they ended up walking in a circle and it reminded me of a merry-go-round, silly ponies. But they really need to move as they all have arthritis or stiffness of some sort. So we were out there walking and walking and me playing photographer! Haha, I try. I thought I would try some straight on shots and I will just group the photos together. I think when I look at them it looks like one eye is not open or their eyes are closed, I can’t decide.  😀 😀 😀

Miss Chloe, Gracie and Zack face front! I think this is goofy and FUN!

I had fun today trying different angles! Can you tell I was bored? HAHA! it is so windy you can’t even hardly groom them. I did a little, but there really isn’t much to do other than making them go around in a circle in the arena. My stalls I usually groom with the rake or pitchfork but all my shavings are blowing away and I don’t want to touch what I have left. Believe it or not there are still some left in my stalls. BUT a lot of shavings are blowing away and are out in the aisle way or further. I’ll just buy more when the wind stops, if it stops, it will stop, eventually. I also want to share my LOVE of these ponies with a photo of my granddaughter who came for a quick visit this last weekend. They had business to attend to, her mom and dad and then they had to return to Arizona. Of course I took Alice to the stables for a quick ride on the ponies. Here she is on Chloe and Zack! Her and I definitely share the love, we are HORSE CRAZY! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


She is SO BEAUTIFUL! But then I am biased, my granddaughter on Chloe! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


How can this not make you SMILE! Adorable, I think I need to print and frame these! ❤

I so enjoyed sharing my horses with you all today and I hope you enjoyed my photos. I had so much fun taking them and I am feeling warm, happy and blessed. I am thankful for everything we have and definitely appreciate this fun-filled life of mine.


Grateful, humbled, loving life –



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