Weekend Coffee Share -Training


What a long week it has been and am I glad it is finally the weekend and I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee. How was your week? Mine was very busy and it was a week for training which I attended for my job learning a new instrument my company bought to replace old instruments that will be decommissioned and removed to be sold. The company that we purchased these old instruments from do not support them any more so we bought the newer model which is its replacement. It is basically the same instrument, just newer technology and more importantly updated software. It’s the software that is really different but user-friendly and now that I attended training we will start to use this new instrument at work. It is all a good thing, it is fun to learn new and updated instrumentation, but the training schedule was hard because it is not the hours I normally work!.


I took this photo one of the mornings I got to training with the sun trying to peek through the coastal clouds. You would think it would be great to be on a day shift schedule and I can tell you that I actually hated it, I know a strong word but I really did hate it! I work night shift and although it was nice to sleep at night, it’s not like I could sleep into the morning hours. I was up at 4am to get ready for training, showering, eating my breakfast to get on the road by 6am to drive 25 miles in morning traffic. That is why I say I hate day shift – the morning TRAFFIC! IT TOTALLY SUCKS and it took me almost 2 hours to drive 25 miles every morning to arrive by 8am. Where I live there is just too many people. There was never a morning where there were no accidents on the freeways as I looked at the map on my phone! I really feel so very, very sorry for everyone who has to deal with morning and evening traffic as I had to deal with that too. I shouldn’t complain because I only had to deal with it for 4 days, but I MISSED MY HORSES SO MUCH! I went and visited them in the evenings and my best friend took care of my horses during the day for me so I just checked on them and groomed them in the evenings. This was a very long week for me and here is a photo of my evenings this last week, the stables where I board! ❤


I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I have worked night shift for the last 35 years with a break from night shift here and there but believe it or not I actually prefer nights! I have all day to see my horses and I have worked it out that I sleep from around 3-4pm into the evening until 11pm or so and I get a healthy dose of sleep and then when I get up and eat my breakfast I head to work on nearly empty freeways with NO TRAFFIC! ❤

I am so happy I am back to my schedule, I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things with my horses and work. I am really enjoying my coffee this morning, a relaxing day ahead and am thankful this week is behind me, finally! I hope you do not have to sit in too much traffic, or do not have trouble commuting to and from work. Maybe you work from home? that would be awesome, never have done that before. I am okay driving to work I just know it is better to work either swing shift or night shift at least while I live here in Southern California. Thank you for joining me for coffee, I hope yours tastes as good as mine!  😀


Happy the week is over!



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  1. Sagittarius Viking

    You survived! Wherever home is, it is challenging to be away for more than a little while. I’m glad you get to spend time with the important ones in your life this weekend. I loved the photo if your granddaughter and your horse I saw on Instagram.

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