Weekend Coffee share; Arizona Fun


I am enjoying an excellent cup of coffee and am reminiscing about driving to Arizona in my sons car with his kitties helping them move to Arizona! How exciting and below is a photo of a house for sale in Arizona that is in a beautiful town not far from where my son and family are living. Just up over the hill is a town called Cave Creek, Horse town. Wait, what? did you say horse town? YES, now this is my kind of town! I took so many photos of this beautiful place. I love the area, the elevation is 2,126 ft and its about 30 miles from Phoenix and is where we want to move with my horses. My husband and I have talked it over and this is our plan which will take some months to come to fruition and we have a family of animals, not just horses and my youngest son will move with us as well! I am SO EXCITED! I am so enjoying my coffee today! Would you like a cup? or tea?


This is a house for sale like I’ve mentioned. It really has that Arizona character and it is horse property but does not have any stalls or barns. We would like to find one with those amenities if possible, as buying pipe corals and the like can be expensive. I know, I have an expensive LOVE and hobby and we have seen property turn-key with stalls and even small arenas for sale. We are not ready to buy, so we must wait until next year when we get our house in escrow, basically sold to buy in Arizona. ❤

We were able to drive around while we were there and drove to Cave Creek and what a gem. It is so beautiful there with lots of trees and vegetation. With it located further north the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix which is fine with me and even though it gets hot in the summer months, it is the same heat as where I am currently living in southern California. The only exception to this is I have found photos and videos of snow there and I am sure it melts fast and doesn’t snow often, but how cool is that? I think that is awesome to actually get some weather now and then! I also think it will be drier there and so I am hoping will be better in the winter for my horses with arthritis and for my healed but once injured arm. I already feel the ache of the cold nights here, and it isn’t even that cold, but there is moisture and coolness and the ache in my wrist is present this winter. If not, the winters should not be worse than where we are so I am not worried. I just have to share more photos!! Here are some cool iron horses on a corner in Cave Creek!



This middle photo is my favorite! It’s quite a big scene, such amazing art work with this medium.


I just love these iron horses depicting a battle of yesteryear. I have to be honest and say I’m glad I didn’t have to go through these times in our history. All very scary I would think, but to put this scene all together is AMAZING! AND I love the sky in the photos, the blue with the beautiful white billowy clouds, what a gorgeous day!  I think I’ll pour myself another cup of coffee to have with my toast. I hope you are having a great start to your weekend!  What are your plans? resting? or are you adventurous? I am going to spend time with family and my horses! 😀

There are many stables in Cave Creek and these are photos of two ranches we drove by. The one on the left is a boarding stables that I might board at until we buy a house. The photo on the right is a stable that breeds Arabians. I am not sure if they board, but it is beautiful. Maybe I might buy an Arabian someday from this barn, and then I can do endurance riding right? Cave Creek is right next to a National forest so there are trails everywhere! It’s just a thought……


AWE, Miss Alice my granddaughter on our drive to Arizona. We were chatting while her Mom and Dad were in the food mart getting drinks and a snack. I told her I wanted to take her photo, she is so cute usually saying cheese before I ask and I don’t always ask. Lol – She doesn’t sit still long enough to snap a decent photo half the time but this turned out cute I think!  ❤

I’m enjoying my Weekend Coffee share’s, this is my second one. I find myself thinking about how hard decisions are in this life we lead. I am praying we are making the right decision, which I believe in my gut that we are on the right track moving to Arizona. We have been wanting to move for many years, towards family or in a state where family is living. So the decision doesn’t surprise me, and we have moved many times over the years just not to another state. Just different cities or counties not more than 80 miles from one area to another.

We are in our 6th house in our 34 years of marriage, but this will be our first move to another state! Pretty exciting, but scary and stressful too. I do not have a job yet in Arizona, something I’ll talk about at a later date as it will become extremely important in the coming months. My work knows we will be moving and so I am hoping they will keep me in the “family” and be able to offer me a job in our Phoenix location. Fingers and toes crossed, prayers said, all I can do is to continue to work hard and take one day at a time. I wanted to touch upon this decision-making process as we all have to make decisions, big and small. I know this decision affects many folks, friends and co-workers; my love to all. ❤  (if I could I would make this heart bigger!) Thank you for sharing coffee with me today. Here are a few more hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤

Loving Life, praying for good things to come!


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  1. Sagittarius Viking

    A horse town, just perfect 🙂 It would be awesome to find a place with corrals and everything, but I wouldn’t worry so much about it. There’s lots of horse people in the area = lots of used horse material to purchase. As long as you have the land. When I had my place in California, I did part of the fencing myself, (even though that part is nice to not have to do if it’s a lot of land.) The pipe corrals I bought for $1300, of Craigslist, it was very good quality. I like medium gauge pipes, sturdy enough to never be questioned by a horse, but light enough for me to move by myself. You have such an exciting adventure ahead of you!! Please keep posting about it. It’s so exciting!

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    1. Oh thank you Maria!! I’m finally feeling EXCITED! It’s such a huge decision and I want to thank you and others for writing about your moves. You are inspiring!

      You are correct, horse people in that area will equal lots of horse material, I’m not going to worry and thanks for that! ❤️ I like that gauge of pipe corral, good to know!

      I will definitely keep updating on my adventures. It will be slow going, but FUN to write about as I blog about this adventure! ❤️ I’m finally excited, YAY!!


    1. Thank you Kathleen! I’m such a worrier and so am finally embracing our decision with confidence! It will be a fun adventure! You help make me feel EXCITED! ❤️


  2. It is always exciting to look into new areas. It looks like you are a horse person, so a horse town sounds perfect. With the cacti, the house you show for sale is just what Easterners like me think of when we think “Arizona”. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and have a great week ahead!

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  3. Hi Diana, It’s always (well almost always) to do this kind of right by your family and yours looks wonderful.
    I recall when my daughter was a bit younger than your grand-daughter and would wake up each night between 2 and 3am. I determined that my wife desperately needed sleep and that because of my job, it was better that I get up to deal with our early riser. I was always groggy and barely awake myself, but had a system setup where I would lift Tori out of her crib to calm her down, then would kick a well rolled up quilt out from beneath her crib, then a second kick to cause it to unroll across the floor leaving it was laid out like a sleeping bag ready with pillow and folded back top ready for her and I to crawl into. I would then give her a tight snuggle and, if I did this all fast enough, neither of us were so awake that we couldn’t easily fall back to sleep. For the first week or so of this, I was kind of grouchy about it all, but suddenly realized that all my daughter wanted was me hugging her.
    Good Lord! I thought. Where else would I rather be? For the time she wanted this extra attention, it cemented itself into my mind, and hers (even though she does not recall it directly) as one of the best memories I have of her childhood. I have never regretted a second of the time I invested doing this. To this day, she tells me that there is nothing like a dad-hug.
    We only get our family as if on loan from God so you are on the correct course in my mind.
    All the best.

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    1. Oh Gary, what a WONDERFUL memory with your daughter! Thank you for sharing it with me AND you are so right about this life we lead and in my mind why we are here! Everyone that hears my story confirms we’ve made the right decision and you have also helped me feel even more EXCITED!

      Thank you for your kindness! I can’t wait to continue to write about my adventurous! ❤️

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  4. I so appreciate your feedback on this memory. It is one of my favorites.
    I wish I always got it this right. If you’re up for a laugh that your adults kids might also enjoy laughing at, before I was married (or even saved – ugh) I managed to make a whole different type of memory that most moms have a strong opinion about. Most dad’s love it.
    Have you seem my 10 minute account of the time I weaponized a girl friends young child? When everyone takes a break from unpacking boxes and is sitting back with a drink – read them this story and I promise, you will get some fun reactions. Here’s the link:
    God got a hold of me shortly after this took place and I’m not such a clot now… 😀

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    1. Thank you!! I love photography and enjoy sharing! I’m actually at a training seminar and in-between I’m able to check in, so I’ll read your story you sent the link too a bit later. Thank you for sharing the link! Makes it easy to click! ❤️❤️❤️


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