For the Love of HORSES!

This weekend is my younger sisters birthday. Actually her birthday was Friday 9/14 and she was born in the best month as fall approaches, I LOVE fall, probably my favorite time of year. It’s a toss-up between fall and spring with the other two seasons right behind. I would not mind living where there were more distinct seasons, a colder winter, maybe even a little snow. It would be great fun to live where the pace was slower, a bit more relaxed and not so crazy like it is here where there are just waaayyy too many people in Southern California!

Happy Birthday Sharon! As I ramble on about other things, how my mind does that as I try to put thoughts down, and I do it in person as we were changing subjects today when my best friend and I were enjoying each others company at the barn. We ramble on from one subject to the next and then back again! Haha, I think it’s a girl thing, so I apologise to those who find my writings crazy or off topic sometimes. I do edit, and try to fix it if it’s too off topic but I haven’t written in a while so I have lots of stuff ruminating in my mind! My sister Sharon and I have had a love story for horses, I know she misses me as much as I miss her and we shared so much together and one of the biggest things we shared were our horses!! So I dedicate this blog to my sister Sharon as I envisioned her on our beautiful trail ride today with my best friend Sally. The weather was amazing, sunny and just right and I want to share with you the photos I took of this blessed day in the saddle!Β  πŸ˜€


I just stare at this photo, the LOVE for my girl Miss Chloe is hard to describe. It is a lot like owning a dog, as they display unconditional love like dogs do and the bonds you form are the same as they see you walk onto the property they whinny for you as they walk around their stall anxiously waiting for you to take them out for what ever you will be doing with them for that day. They are so willing to please, and consistency is so important with these large animals. She knows we will go to arena for a turn out or a turn out and a trail ride. Today was trail ride day, she knows I have apple treats as she reaches for one in the next photo!


She is so adorable, fun, trusting, pretty as a princess! Her and I are like peas and carrots, knowing each other like we can read each others minds. Actually, they can read your body language, very, very well. So we head out on the trail and Sally and I on her pretty mare Gracie walk along our trails as we catch up on our busy week we had. We talked about how many trail rides we have been on over the last 40 years we have known each other and we figured it to be something like 5,000 trail rides!! That’s just so awesome!Β  ❀

I have probably written before about how I have adopted Zack and today I rode him on the trail by myself as I have two horses and Sally only has one. Occasionally, I am able to hook up with another rider at our barn, but the timing didn’t happen today so I just went on a second trail ride alone on Zack. I did not go as far on Zack, but I took some photos as I thought it would be fun to share and since it is my sister’s birthday weekend, he was her horse for many years. I adopted him from her since she moved to Idaho. She didn’t want to bring him for several different reasons one of the biggest was he was diagnosed with EPM. He is all healthy now as he has been treated and is doing great! He and I have formed a nice bond too. It will be three years soon that I have owned him and Chloe and Zack are best friends too!!


He is such a handsome boy, he is looking for treats too. Okay, I know I spoil my horses but they are easy to spoil. I do it in a way where we still have mutual respect for each other. Here he is looking like he is winking at me, I think he chews the side of his tongue and lately a lot of my photos I’m catching them with them blinking. Oh well, I’m going to share anyways! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


For the love of horses, they are amazing animals. I absolutely love everything about them. I can groom them for hours, I love the smell of the barn, the hay, the leather in the tack room. I could be there all day, cleaning tack, cleaning stalls, I am not there all day but I can spend a good half a day there on my days off. I could easily get back into competitive riding, but I do not own horses that are able to compete. I know I have that drive in me, but I am also very happy that I am able to do what I can with the horses I own and trail riding and light arena riding is doable and absolutely FUN. They truly make my life rich, and I feel like I am living a dream. Thank you for reading my fun-filled day with my ponies and my friends at the barn! I know my sister is having a wonderful birthday weekend enjoying it with her family up in Idaho. LOVE you sister, love to all my family who live all over these United States. I hope you all had a great weekend too!  ❀

Loving Horses forever,


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  1. Hi Diana. I don’t think we’ve met, even for virtual coffee before, but it is a pleasure to review your blog. I’ll admit that I’m not much of a horse person. My sisters had them when I was young and I was always pressed into service whenever they broke through their fences and roamed the neighborhood tormenting everyone. One even bit me as I was leading it back to our field. Looking back, most of my foul mood towards them was my own fault and a better attitude from me would have made a big difference. Anyway, I hope you stop by my coffee share and get to know at least one non-horse person. With a bit of maturity, we’re not all that bad. Warm greetings. Gary.

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    1. Hi Gary, it’s very nice to meet you and thank you so much for the very WARM WELCOME!! Your horse story made me giggle as I’m sure that’s why that horse bit you, but you were sure kind to help out when needed back in the day. There is a lot of other things I enjoy other than horses, so I’m sure we will have some things in common! Haha, not sure what I mean, but it is so much fun meeting new people and reading new blogs. I hope I can keep up and am looking forward to my first weekend coffee share this coming weekend!! Kindly, Diana


  2. Sagittarius Viking

    I loved this happy post so much!! Horses are just the best. I feel your love, and know exactly what you are talking about! I’m going to at least get some of my horse cravings taken cared of next week, as I am going to (watch) the Andalusian World Cup. I look forward to that very much.

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      1. I was talking to a horse trainer that rides at my barn. I’ve taken lessons from her before, her name is Lisa Scebbi and she is leaving tomorrow for the Andalusian horse show finals there in Vegas! She rides a horse that looks almost like a cremelo color. She told me it’s Champaign color. Anyways, we were talking at the barn today, I wished her luck, she should place high. It’s not her horse but a customer’s. I wished her good luck and had to tell you since you will be there this weekend. Such a small world! Even though I haven’t met you in person, I feel like I know you well through your blogs. Just had to share my thoughts with you. Enjoy the horse show, it should be so FUN!! – Diana πŸ˜€

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      2. Sagittarius Viking

        How awesome! I’ll look for Lisa, and maybe I can get a picture of her and the Champaign colored horse 😊 the horse world is small indeed 😊 and big at the same time.

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      3. Awe, wish I could! But I’m scheduled to work this weekend. Next time I’ll have to take the weekend off. Vegas has a famous horse affair near Christmas called cowboy Christmas. I think it involves rodeos, you can probably Google it as many horse people where I live attend for all the vendors selling stuff!! Not so much for the rodeo. It’s probably some end of the year event for rodeos I’m thinking! 😁

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