A Work in Progress….

I really wanted to share my husbands project. I started this blog thinking I would mostly if not only write about horses but as I have been writing I am finding that I really LOVE sharing my life and it’s stories. And so I just have to share my hubby’s hard work on his love of cars and his old Isuzu Trooper that we bought around 1992, it is a 1989 so almost 30 years old. It has had a few engines and he just brought it in to his mechanic to fix this that and the other thing so it is in great running condition. It’s the body work that he has been working on, and he calls it version 2.0 this photo is where just the sides are painted. He figured out and created the side metal additions. He had this vision, and I think he did an excellent job! I’ll share the photos I’ve taken of a work in progress.  😀

20180802_134224.jpg The car is only painted along the sides at this point and the rest is sanded as he gets ready to paint. He is putting on a lot of detail work, making sure everything is where he envisions it. He has replaced the rearview mirrors, which are removed in this photo. So much work, it may not look like a lot but he has put in a ton of hours on his car.


I wanted to share the roughness, here he has sanded the paint and he hasn’t finished the back-end yet.


This looks pretty ugly but look what he has done!


WOW! Right? Isn’t this beautiful? He just amazes me as this front end just blew me away when I saw it completed. I can’t see his vision as he takes all these parts off and then knows where they all go as he puts it all back together! I am not a car person, I think he does amazing work and I love his creativity. Here he is getting help from our son on putting the door panels back on the doors. He had to remove them to screw on all the metal paneling work he did. AND I didn’t take photos of him working on the roof, but he had to screw the roof rack on and had to figure out how to do that so it has complete support! Crazy! His arm one day was so cut up, he said the cat scratched him, NO I said, it was his car as he had to squeeze his arm up in-between rough metal places to screw things in and it cut up his arm. Guys just do the craziest things, but it is “his Love” it truly is as he has had so many different cars over the years, he is such a car guy. Love this guy! ❤ ❤ ❤


You can see a “C” stencil as he is adding all these letters and markings on this car.


This says it all! This is now his Air Force car which he is so proud to have served. He served two tours and is a Vietnam Vet. He was in the service before I met him and we are so proud of him and of our daughter who is a Captain in the Air Force currently residing and working at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA.  So thankful she is closer to home. I can’t wait for her to see his Isuzu version 2.0.

I’m having so much FUN sharing this I can’t tell you, as I’m so proud of all he does. I should probably have him read this as he knows I blog but does not read blogs nor is he on any social media. I will post again the completed Isuzu version 2.0 as the back-end and the roof racks are still a work in progress. I hope you enjoyed, do you have any fun projects you are passionate about? I’d love to hear from you, it is fun to see and show each others passions!

Passion sharing Wife,


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