My Horsey Friends!



I LOVE all my horsey friends. This is my best friend Sally who owns a beautiful chestnut mare named Gracie. She has had Gracie for over 15 years and Gracie is now 26 years old this year.  I have known Sally since Elementary school, shall we say for over 50 years!! Haha, we are getting old but we are always feeling young when we get to the barn and get our horses out for our trail ride. I am truly blessed and so lucky that Sally shares my LOVE of horses and am lucky she moved her horse out to our horse town of Norco many years ago. We have been riding together like we did when we were teenagers, and I enjoy every minute of every ride together. Here are a few more photos of this day, which happened to be Sally’s birthday! ❤ ❤ ❤

There are many other friends at our barn where we ride. We are all older women sharing our love of these beautiful animals, helping each other out and keeping an eye out on each others ponies while we are at the barn.  I’ve ridden with many people over the years and we have a great group of women at this barn that I am currently boarding at and I feel so lucky that we all get along so well.  As barns go this is definitely one of the best boarding facilities, it is so beautiful with all the grass that is grown to help reduce the dust, and the stalls are huge which can be hard to find. I will say that it hasn’t always been perfect as far as getting along with everyone, but we are all human beings and so there has been some ruffled feathers here and there but am so thankful that we have all been able to work out our differences. We wouldn’t be human if I were to say it has always been nothing but bliss and happiness. We are all very happy now, that is the important thing. I hope and pray it stays that way!!

Here are a few more photos of a ride and Sally is riding my mare Chloe on this ride and our good friend Jane is on her newer horse Irish and I am on Zack taking the photos. Irish is a beautiful chestnut Morgan and Jane has owned him for a year now and they are doing so great together. Jane use to have two Arabs but unfortunately they grew old and have passed over the rainbow bridge as they say and Jane asked for our guidance to buy a new horse. I suggested a Morgan as I had a great Morgan gelding named Ranger and he was the best horse, such a heart of gold and so fun to ride and own! I love Morgans, and Jane has a handsome boy. He is brave and only 6 years old this year but Jane is putting some nice trail miles on him and I believe he gets better every day. I know he is the love of her life as she LOVES horses as much as Sally and I do, its just what completes us and touches our souls.


I can’t write about my horsey friends without mentioning my girlfriend Peggy who is a great author and has recently moved to Yellowstone National Park! Her husband got a full-time job working as a craftsman at Old Faithful Inn. He may have a more prestigious job title, I apologise in advance for not knowing, but I’ve seen some of his work on the Inn and he does amazing work restoring and keeping the Inn in top shape. They will be enjoying their first year there this year including their winters which get a ton of snow. I so admire Peggy and her family and I helped take care of her pony Mel who is pictured here. I love this selfie she took with her pony who was shipped to Montana just a few weeks back. It was a bit of an ordeal for her to have to find a place for him to live or board as she can’t have him at the park and then planning on the shipping with coordinating with the Vet for needed blood work for the trip, We made it all work and I got to meet up with Peggy last weekend and it was so great to see her. I’m so happy to see her dream come true!! She is at home in her Yellowstone and I hope having her pony near her gives her some peace! I met her through her horses and mine many years ago, horse lovers FOREVER and friends FOREVER TOO! ❤


I can’t write about horsey friends without including my buddy, my granddaughter, Alice! She is such a horse lover born with horses running through her veins! Haha, she is just exactly like I was at that age, so we are kindred spirits. I feel like I keep repeating myself which I do, as I keep saying how blessed I am to have so much happiness in all who share my joys! Doesn’t her smile just melt your heart? Oh my, she is such a JOY! And my horses love her, they are so good around her, they just know how little she is and are so kind. Here is another photo of her, yes, she loves Chloe VERY MUCH! ❤ ❤ ❤


AWE, Adorable, She’s in her happy place and so am I.  I hope you enjoyed my horsey friends! I know I enjoy them each and every day I get to be with them. Do you have friends that you enjoy hanging with and doing something special? This is what I live for and it helps keep me sane. Horses are definitely like therapy, and am thankful I can share and I hope to continue to share them with my friends and family.

Horse crazy loving life Grammy,


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