R.I.P Baby Pumpkin…..


I made a discovery yesterday after struggling this last week with my pumpkin and cucumber garden. I kept watering and watering and watching the leaves droop like they were thirsty. I looked and looked and could see many ants, a large amount of them, teeny tiny ants, I believe they are Argentina ants and so I thought they must be hurting my garden and so I went and purchased some safe ant/insect dust for my garden and before I applied the dust I finally got a good look at the ROOT of my problem! Something is EATING MY GARDEN!! The roots are gone on many plants.  😦

As I watered I found a deep dark hole in the ground, grrr… a gopher or gophers. We have lots of gophers, but since we let our grass die out for many reasons, but mostly the bad droughts we were having here the gophers have mostly moved on to other houses in our neighborhood. But clearly they are not far away! I lost 4 good pumpkin plants and 2 cucumber plants. Oh my heart is heavy as I watch my garden die an untimely death. I feel like I’m planting and spending my time in my tiny garden to feed the creatures that make their home in the Earth. Sigh……


I took this photo of the better side and you can see what I had to pull out, all dead. I still have a healthy amount if I can keep the gophers at bay or hope they are caught (my hubby is the gopher catcher) or they move on as we set the traps in their holes. I will have to keep a vigilant eye out for the holes. Unfortunately I don’t have enough other vegetation for the gophers to eat so they are dining nicely on my fresh green garden! So I had to gather up my thoughts about all this as I felt very sad and frustrated. I clearly can live without seeing a mature pumpkin, and I am getting cucumbers that I will harvest this weekend so I will be able to sample some cucumbers soon. AND I still have my tomatoes in my container!  🙂


SO I told myself not to be too sad and to focus on a new crop of veggies, a small crop that I am going to plant in my 2 containers I bought that are gopher proof! I will take a photo once I get them planted, but I feel I need to realize that gardening is not always easy and it has its perils. I am thinking we use to have bunny rabbits come in through the fence and dine on our grass when it was fresh and green. No more grass so no more bunnies. There are ground squirrels in our area but none on my street or at my house, so very thankful. And we have no deer to worry about so other than the bugs and insects these darn gophers are my headache! Here is a photo below of a good pumpkin still alive that if I’m lucky may grow up. I have more than one vine left, so maybe I’ll get 3 or 4 pumpkins. I’d love to get at least one so that I can give it to my granddaughter for Halloween.  ❤



As I am out in my garden I have about 8 rose plants and only one is blooming right now. It’s a beautiful tea rose that is loving my attention and so it puts a huge smile on face. Its colors so beautiful. I won’t give up, I just won’t and I know the containers will be much easier to maintain. I have grown pumpkins here before when we first moved here around 13 years ago and they grew fine with no gopher interference. But I had a ton of vegetation on my property so either the gophers weren’t around? or they prefered something else.  They have eaten at the roots of one of our small palm trees, it is pretty much dead and a nice hole near that tree. Life with rodents and wildlife sure can be challenging. Do you have many challenges in your gardens? I’d love to hear from you, and thank you for reading my plight. I have to laugh, as I’d rather laugh than cry. I know I’ll survive but I can tell you I have been spending EVERY DAY in my garden grooming it and loving it with all my heart! ❤

Silly me,


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  1. Gardening can be such a challenge and sometimes so discouraging. This year chipmunks ate all of my oriental lily bulbs. They have been in for several years and usually deliver a gorgeous display and a beautiful scent. All gone….I was furious. It seems we have an overabundance of chipmunks this year. However yesterday my husband saw a fox trotting down our driveway so that may cut down the chippie population.

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    1. Oh those darn Chipmunks! I would be upset as Lily’s are so beautiful! Gardening definitely has its challenges, thank you for your response as I know I’m not alone in my frustrations. And you do make me giggle as I’m sure the fox will do it’s job with the food chain! ❤️

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    1. That’s a lot of rodents, ants are such a pain. We get lots of insects too, aphids, and stink bugs and when the tomatoes get going these tomatoe worms arrive, so ugly! Haha, hope my Seven dust helps with the insects!


      1. I haven’t seen any stink bugs since I was a kid, but I sure remember that smell!

        I have a barn with dirt floor. These critters like to burrow underneath and sometimes have their babies there. Many have since moved out and gone who knows where.

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      2. Haha! I haven’t actually seen a stink bug in years. But yes, can’t forget the smell. We have a lot of skunk here and boy, when one gets hot by a car or skunks a dog or something, whoa, so smelly!!

        Glad your rodents have mostly moved out. A barn cat would help keep them out! Lol

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  2. Susan Russell

    Sorry for your pumpkin loss. We have grown pumpkins here in Texas many times. I love to grow them. The last time we did it was a wild pumpkin that had come up voluntarily. It was loaded with young pumpkins. We had a storm at our house it broke a lot of limbs. My husband had to call a tree trimmer to help us out. One tree was real bad so they suggested taking it down. Problem was it was over our wild pumpkins. Needless to say there were no more pumpkins when they finished. Maybe I will grow some next year. Hope you catch your gophers.

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    1. Oh the trials of growing gardens, and what dumb luck the one tree happened to fall on those wild pumpkins. I didn’t know there were wild pumpkins, so sorry you didn’t get to see them grow up! They are actually really fun to grow and I love to carve for Halloween. My kids are all grown so I’ve gotten away from Halloween decorations, but now that I have a grand daughter I’m wanting to carve again! Thanks so much for sharing! 🤠

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      1. Susan Russell

        I didn’t mean it was a real wild pumpkin. Sorry about that. It just came up on its own from a pumpkin that we had thrown away. We just threw it out for the critters to enjoy.

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  3. NorCal Zen

    Awe, damn gophers..you’re doing right by focusing on what you have. Containers are great, I’ve experienced less losses in my containers compared to the rest of the garden. I had to pull some of my corn our, due to ants. Best of luck with the rest!

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    1. Thanks friend! I’m thankful I planted as many pumpkin and cucumbers seeds as I did so I still have 1/2 of it left at least! I did a lot of grrr…. This last week but my spirits are still high. Very fun to share my adventures with you all too! I know I’m not alone! Haha!

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