Pumpkins and Cucumbers!


My garden is growing and I am so excited! I didn’t do very much to prepare for my tiny garden and it is surprising me and to think if I had prepared better or a bigger plot the bounty I could grow, I am thinking more about expanding my garden going into fall. It is more inspiring and I am enjoying gardening more than I imagined! I’ve always enjoyed gardening but have thought I can’t fit it into my busy schedule but amazingly it hasn’t been that difficult to squeeze in the time to garden. I’m getting behind on weeding but we are currently in a heat wave and so weeding my garden will have to wait. It’s all I can do is to be outside long enough to water, and I’m having to water at least twice a day and may water three times a day if needed.  I have to share a few more photos and I definitely have a white pumpkin growing, I planted seeds of both white and orange pumpkins.  🙂


I also have cucumbers growing and I hope the pumpkins don’t over power the cucumbers but they are holding their own.  I’ve seen some very tiny cucumbers and will see how well they grow. This heat which I’ve mentioned already is horrible, but its a little cooler today and we now have cloud cover and we are experiencing some thunder and lightning. Very monsoonal weather, and even though its 106 degrees right now the plants don’t look withered like they did yesterday. I may water a little later one more time as this heat will stay for a few more days. Crazy summer heat! YIKES!



My tomatoes are coming along and getting taller and the heat isn’t bothering them as much which I’m thankful for and the plant on the right of this photo is blueberry. I wanted to move the blueberry to another container but I think I’ll leave it for now and decide later.  These photos are from the last week, and every day I go out to water the vines on the pumpkins and cucumbers get longer and longer. I’m having to guide them a bit but it is so cool to see them grow.  I get so excited over the little things in life and watching something grow from seed is amazing. Here is a photo of the seed sprouts!


Isn’t that just so cool when you compare and see how huge the plants have gotten! Some of the pumpkin leaves are GIANT! Haha, so darn fun. I’m really hoping for some nice looking pumpkins! and some tasty cucumbers!! If you don’t garden, try a container garden and if you are lucky and have lots of room and have a great big garden I envy you as gardening and its yields are very rewarding. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I so enjoy sharing and hope you are enjoying my tiny garden too!  ❤


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  1. NorCal Zen

    Your garden looks so healthy! You are doing a great job! How rewarding 🙂
    You know what, why don’t you skip weeding? It may sounds strange, but you actually don’t have to weed (unless you want too if course.). I don’t. If you add organic mulch, could be sticks, leaves, or any organic material you have access to, it will protect your plants from the worst heat, and keep them moist longer. The more mulch you have, the less watering you have to do. I used to water just like you, 2-3 times a day. I was prepared to water twice a day this year as well, but I am mulching so much that I only need to water in the morning. The mulch keep the plants moist over the day. It’s almost like magic! You have access to horse manure as well. Maybe even shavings from the stable? Be sure to use aged manure. When it’s dry, it’s OK to use. In our temperature it only takes a couple days. It also works as fertilizer for your plants. Your garden is amazing. I love the beautiful yellow zucchini flowers. That alone makes a garden so inspiring. Best of luck!! I can;t wait to see the progress in your garden. Promise to share more photos!


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    1. That’s great to know about the mulching and yes, I do have access to manure mixed with shavings so I can get a bag of it and let it dry out then use it. I have to say I don’t have any weeds where the pumpkins and cucumber’s are they are all around my rose bushes since I’m watering them more the crab grass and other weeds are enjoying the water too… But I can mulch around them too! That’s such great information! I’d love to help my garden by keeping it moist better. And I’ll update with more photos! Thanks for the advice and encouragement!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. NorCal Zen

        Wonderful! Your garden is already looking great. Mulching is going to help even more, and make your job easier. Looking forward to the photos 🙂 ❤

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